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Introduction to Phrack 34 [Crimson Death & Dispater]

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                Volume Three, Issue Thirty-four, File #1 of 11

                              Issue XXXIV  Index

                               P H R A C K  3 4

                               October 13, 1991

                           ~Technology for Survival~

     Welcome back to Phrack Inc.  From now on, the editorship will consist of
Crimson Death and Dispater.  We have decided to join both our forces and pool
our assets to make Phrack even better.  We will have accounts at various
Internet sites, however, all file submitions should be mailed to  If you do not have access to the Internet give Free
Speech BBS a call.  Crimson Death will take it from there.

     Special thanks this month goes out to Night Ranger for being great help!
Also thanks to Inhuman and Laughing Gas for taking the time to submit material.

     Phrack has never really had a distrabution BBS, but you can always get it
on the Internet at EFF.ORG or CS.WIDENER.COM.  Off the Internet, the BBS
distribution will be from Free Speech BBS.  Below are a list of a few other
boards that carry all the Phracks.

                     Free Speech BBS     (618) 549-4955
                     Blitzkreig BBS      (502) 499-8933
                     Digital Underground (812) 941-9427
                     Pyrotechnic's Pit   (407) 254-3655

     We would also like to thank the nameless numbers of BBS's out there that
carry Phrack Inc. without their names being listed here!

     In this issue of Phrack Inc. we are starting a "letters to the editor"
section called "Phrack Loopback."  Any questions, comments, corrections, or
problems that you the reader would like to air with Phrack publically will be
answered there.  Loopback will also contain information such as reviews of
other magazines, catalogs, hardware, and softare.  With Loopback we hope to
make Phrack Inc. more interactive with our readers.

     This month we had an oportunity to interview one of our "hacker hero's",
The Disk Jockey.  We are also trying to "liven up" Phrack World News a little
by adding some editor's comments about recent news topics.  If we get a
positive response, we will continue doing this.  Hopefully you will respond
with your views as well.

Your Editors,

               Crimson Death                          Dispater


                        Phrack XXXIV  Table of Contents

 1. Introduction to Phrack 34 by Crimson Death & Dispater
 2. Phrack Loopback by The Phrack Staff
 3. Phrack Prophile of The Disk Jockey by The Disk Jockey & Dispater
 4. The AT&T Mail Gateway by Robert Alien
 5. The Complete Guide to Hacking WWIV by Inhuman 6. Hacking Voice Mail Systems
 6. Hacking Voice Mail Systems by Night Ranger
 7. An Introduction to MILNET by Brigadier General Swipe
 8. TCP/IP: A Tutorial Part 2 of 2 by The Not
 9. Advanced Modem-Oriented BBS Security by Laughing Gas & Dead Cow
10. PWN/Part01 by Dispater
11. PWN/Part02 by Dispater

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