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The AT&T Mail Gateway

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                          || The AT&T Mail Gateway ||
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                          ||   December 19, 1990   ||
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                          ||    by Robert Alien    ||

The Internet Gateway
The Internet Gateway provides Internet e-mail users with a method of
communication to AT&T Mail.  The Interconnect consists of various private
email networks and uses an addressing format better know as Domain Addressing
Service (DAS).

A domain address consists of a user name, followed by an @ sign and/or % sign
and a domain name, which is usually the system name.


Sending Email to Internet Users
To send email from the AT&T MailService to the Internet community use the UUCP
addressing style.



Translates to:


If you are sending e-mail to an Internet user whose e-mail address may be in
the RFC 822 format (user@domain), you must translate the RFC address before
sending your message to an Internet recipient.

        username@system.domain (Internet user's address)

        internet!system.domain!username (to a UUCP address)

        username%system2@system.domain (Internet user's address)

Translates to:

Sending Email From The Internet
To send email to the AT&T Mail Service, Internet users can choose either the
RFC 822 or UUCP addressing style.  The Internet recognizes as the
domain identifier for AT&T Mail when electronic messages are sent through the
gateway.  Although many Internet users choose to send e-mail using the RFC 822
addressing style, the UUCP style is also available on many UNIX systems on the
Internet, but not every system supports UUCP.  Below are examples of both
addressing styles:

RFC 822 Addressing:


UUCP Addressing:!username


Although email can be sent through the Internet gateway, surcharged services,
such as Telex, FAX, COD, U.S. Mail, overnight, urgent mail and messages
destined to other ADMDs connected to AT&T Mail are not deliverable.  If you are
an Internet e-mail user attempting to use a surcharged service and are not
registered on AT&T Mail, you will not be able to send your message, and will be
automatically notified.  Below is a list of surcharged services that are
unavailable to Internet users.

*  FAX
*  Telex
*  COD
*  U.S. Mail
*  Overnight
*  Administrative Management Domain (ADMD) Messages

Sending Email to Bitnet Users
To send email to BITNET users from AT&T Mail, enter:


Sending Email to UUNET Users
To send email to UUNET users from AT&T Mail via the Internet Gateway, enter:


Internet Restrictions
The following commercial restrictions apply to the use of the Internet Gateway.

*  Users are prohibited to use the Internet to carry traffic between commercial
   (for profit) electronic messaging systems.

*  Advertising and soliciting i.e., messages offering goods or services for sale
   or offers of jobs.

*  Provision of for-profit service, other than electronic messaging to Internet
   users, is permitted (e.g., database services) if such service is used for
   scholarly research purposes and its costs are borne by individual or
   institutional subscription.

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