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Phrack Pro-Phile on Aristotle

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                 Volume Four, Issue Thirty-Eight, File 3 of 15

                              ==Phrack Pro-Phile==

                               Written by Dispater

                          Created by Taran King (1986)

     Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile.  Phrack Pro-Phile is created to bring info to
you, the users, about old or highly important/controversial people.  This
month, I bring to you the original of the controversial New TAP Magazine.


             Handle:  Aristotle
           Call him:  Kevin
       Past handles:  Ed, Bob, Bill, and a multitude of other lame handles.
      Handle origin:  Humanities class in high school.
      Date of Birth:  April 12, 1970
Age at current date:  22
             Height:  5'10"
             Weight:  145 lbs.
          Eye color:  Blue
         Hair Color:  Red
           Computer:  IBM-PS/2 55SX
  Sysop/Co-Sysop of:  ALL PAST:  Digital Underground, Blitzkreig, some board on
                      a major packet switching network, a board on MIT's FSF
                      machines, and a bazillion other lame boards that I don't
                      care to mention.


     I was one of those people that played with phones for as long as I can
remember.  I guess you could say I started phreaking a few years before
WARGAMES came out.  After the movie, I found out that other people were
interested in phones too.  Due to the influx of "elite hackers" after the
movie, information became extrememly available.  This lead to my existence in
the real world of hack/phreak.

     Eventually I ended up writing articles for both 2600 and TAP.  In the late
80s I restarted TAP with help from some friends and we started to revive one
of the first hack/phreak magzines that ever existed.

     Having TAP helped us gain a special insight on how the system really
works.  Some of our issues were cool enough to actually be censored at certain
institutions where avid censorship still exists.  Also, we were allowed to see
how far you could go in expressing your opinion until some bigshot noticed.

     Believe it or not though, running a periodical without any income is a
major pain.  It was well worth it though as I got to meet a lot of cool people
and also was able to do something for the computer underground scene.  If you
currently don't support magazines like 2600, etc., please do.  They are doing a
lot of work for the community and without them, there would be a major gap in
the press regarding the truth about our community.

     I exited the hack/phreak world when things got a bit hairy and Craig
(Knight Lightning) got nailed.  I simply decided that a hobby is not worth
going to jail for and that it did not pay the bills either.  Anyways, most old
hacks eventually reach the point where everything they see seems old and
boring.  This is where I currently am.

     Today I am employed at a computer lab at a large university where I am
working on a degree.

 Aristotle's Favorite Things

       Women:  Karen (To be married soon)
        Cars:  REAL Cars:  '86 Mustang GT, '86 VW Golf, various Porsches.
       Foods:  Anything that you cannot get at a drive-thru.
       Music:  Metallica, Bach, Danzig, Anthrax.
     Authors:  All the posters of Alt.Sex
       Books:  The Art of War
 Outdoor fun:  Snowboarding

 Most Memorable Experiences
 o  Getting engaged
 o  My first blue box call
 o  Watching some guy die after wrecking his car
 o  Being interviewed by the FBI for something I did not do and then pissing
    them off by allowing them to prove that they were wrong.
 o  All of the SummerCons and other assorted h/p meetings.

 Some People to Mention
 o  Bill from RNOC : Getting us kicked out of the museum at the Arch.
 o  Cheshire Catalyst : Help with restarting TAP.
 o  Slave Driver : For his hospitality and the infamous "Guess who/what died in
                   the couch" game.
 o  The Mentor : For the BBS and his non-snobbish attitude.
 o  J.R. "Bob" Dobbs : All the cool blue box info.
 o  The Not : All the help with Unix
 o  Taran King : For being an exception to the "Hackers are all geeks" rule.
 o  Knight Lightning : For sending back the pictures and generally being a cool
 o  Dispater : For having the no-bullshit attitude and actually getting the job
 o  Nite Ranger : For helping me realize that lamers will always exist (not you
 o  Predat0r : All the experiences.
 o  All the Legion of d0oDs : For adding to the entertainment at PartyCon.


     Of the general population of phreaks you have met, would you consider most
phreaks, if any, to be computer geeks?

     Of the general population, I would consider about 89.9% to be nerds.  I
would also consider 65% of the entire population nerds and/or strange.  Phreaks
may be geeks but each usually has his/her cool qualities as everyone does.
Most are socially lacking though.  Keep in mind that a hacker/phreak is ALWAYS
better than the average GIF viewing geek.

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