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Phrack Pro-Phile on Shadow Hawk 1

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                 Volume Four, Issue Thirty-Nine, File 3 of 13

                              ==Phrack Pro-Phile==

                               Written by Dispater

                          Created by Taran King (1986)

     Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile.  Phrack Pro-Phile is created to bring info to
you, the users, about old or highly important/controversial people.  This
month, I bring to you the one of the earlier hackers to make headlines and
legal journals due to computer hacking...

                              (_>Shadow Hawk 1<_)


             Handle:  (_>Shadow Hawk 1<_)
            Call me:  Herb
       Past handles:  Feyd Rautha, Captain Beyond, Mental Cancer
      Handle origin:  Stolen from the name of an 8-bit Atari 800 game that
                      seemed to be written in the language RGL (anyone got it
                      for the IBM? ;-) ).
      Date of Birth:  August 6, 1970
Age at current date:  21
             Height:  6'2"
             Weight:  190 lbs.
          Eye color:  Gray
         Hair color:  Brown
           Computer:  386/Linux


     I started working with computers in the 6th grade with an Atari 800 and
a cassette drive.  I added a modem and a disk drive and started researching
other computer systems [checking out other hacker's conquests ;-) ].
Eventually, I decided that UNIX was to be the OS of choice.

     As a child, I was always curious about stuff in my own reality, so
naturally, when computers became available...

     I first owned an Atari 800, then an Atari ST 1040, followed by a short-
lived Unix-PC 3B1, and a lame 20MHz 386.  Currently, I have a 33MHz 386.  Most
of my hacking-type knowledge came from a text file that listed a few Unix
defaults; I used those to go and learn more on my own.  Other OSes, I just
hacked at random 8-).

     I started out with systems that had already been penetrated and I built up
my own database of systems from there.  I wasn't too clever in the beginning,
though, and lost a few systems to perceptive sys-admins.

     I specialized in Unix, though I enjoyed toying with obscure systems
(RSX-11, Sorbus Realtime Basic, etc.)

     In the hack/phreak world, I used to hang out with The Prophet, The Serpent
(Chicago), The Warrior, and others for short periods of time, who shall remain

     As far as what were memorable hack/phreak BBSes, I'd have to say none...
Not that there weren't any, but I have just forgotten them all.

     My accomplishments in the phreak/hack world include writing a few text
files, typing in a few books, getting in lots of systems, and learning a bit
about the Unix OS.  Other than that, absolutely nothing; my life is computers!

     I _was_ associated with the J-Men a few years back, but that's the only
hack/phreak group that I ever had anything to do with.

     I was busted for overzealousness in penetrating AT&T computer networks and
systems. I stupidly made calls from my unprotected home phone.  I got caught
trying to snag Unix SysV 3.5 68K kernel source.

     I had already given up the practice of sharing information when I realized
how quickly systems went away after  their numbers and logins were posted 8-).
After I got busted, I decided it might be best to limit my hacking to those
strata of reality on which it is not (yet) prohibited to hack ;-) .

     In real life, I originally was going to be an EE/CS major in school, but
now, I'm leaning towards math/modeling/nonlinear dynamics.  Work when necessary

     I'm into making music, drawing strange pictures, and exploring the nether
regions of physical reality.  Occasionally I am seen at sci-fi conventions in
various forms and personages.

     I feel seriously against taking things too seriously.  If you can master
that, you've got it all beat!


 (_>Shadow Hawk 1<_)'s Favorite Things
        Work:  Nihilist Ontologist.
        Cars:  Fast & Loud.
       Foods:  I like a little of every cuisine, except those involving large
               amounts of horseradish, beets, raw tomatoes, etc.
       Music:  Ecumenical.
     Authors:  R.A. Wilson is good for kicks; other than that I haven't read
               much fiction lately.  Lots of non-fiction.
       Books:  Illuminatus, Stranger in a Strange Land, Man or Matter, Godel
               Escher and Bach, The Book of the SubGenius.
  Performers:  The people at NASA, the U.S. government beings at Washington,
               the nightly news.
         Sex:  Yes.

 Most Memorable Experience
 Coming home to a house full of Secret Service, FBI, NSA, DIA, and AT&T agents
 after getting really stoned with some neighborhood friends, and then having
 them take everything electronic that didn't appear to be a household appliance
 EXCEPT the obviously stolen/dangerous items:  a digital power meter, a He-Ne
 laser, and jars of chemicals for making bombs.  HUMOR AT ITS FINEST!

 Some People to Mention
 o  Thanks to Bill Cook for leaving no stone unturned in my personal life!
 o  Thanks to "my" lawyer, Karen Plant, for leaving MANY stones unturned in
    helping to decide my fate!
 o  Thanks to the U.S. Federal Justice System for sentencing me to a 9 months
    in a "juvenile facility" (as well as confiscating thousands of dollars of
    stuff, some legal & some not) while allowing burglars, politicians, and
    virus-authors to go free with a slap on the wrist!
 o  Thanks for Operation Sun-Devil, without which, the venerable Ripco BBS
    would still be in its first incarnation!

 A Few Other Things
 I'd like to thank all the great beings at Lunatic Labs for not removing my
 account while I was sight-seeing in South Dakota.  HI! to all my TRUE friends
 (you know who you are) and all the FALSE ones too!  Where would I be now
 without you?  Thanks to all those who love me enough to want to control my
 mind.  And, of course, THANKS to the hack/phreak community in general for not
 only becoming, as most countercultures do, decadent and passe, but also for
 still bugging me after all these years!

 The Future:  well, if reality doesn't cave itself in TOO badly with all of the
 virtuality that's on its way, it should be a great time for all to play with
 the "net!"

 eaerlyeaerlyeaerlyeaerlyeaerlyeaerly... the gwampismobile shall ride again!


     Of the general population of phreaks you have met, would you consider most
phreaks, if any, to be computer geeks?

     Well, as far as geeking goes, all are free to pursue their interests.  It
is important to remember that social evolution and mental evolution do not
necessarily occur simultaneously, or instantaneously (usually).

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