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False Identification

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                    Volume One, Issue Four, Phile #3 of 11

                             False Identification

                                 Forest Ranger

   The objective of this file is to teach one to change his or her current
drivers license to make one 21, without taking apart the drivers license
itself. This will be taught to you in a quick, inexpensive, easy to understand
process. The materials used are laminated sheets (easily obtainable from a
school supply store for around a dollar to two dollars for a number of sheets),
pair of good scissors, and a copy machine.

   The first step in the process calls for the copy machine (a copy machine at
the supermarket works good). Make two copies of your drivers license. Take one
copy and search for a digit on one of the copies that will change the current
year on your license to one that will change your age (21). Once you have found
the digit on one copy cut it out so just the digit is there (a square segment
with a little trim around the edges is a good cut). Then take the other copy
and cut out the current last digit of the year you were born in basically the
same shape as the last. Put the cut out digit under the copy that you had cut
out your current digit of the year you were born. Now having a little trim
around the cut out digit from the first copy will assist you when lining it up
under the second copy when you put it in the copy machine. Now that you have
the new digit from the first copy sitting underneath but showing on the second
copy place it in the copy machine and make a copy so that you will have an
original of the new base part of the license.

   Now since most copy machines are black and white you will have to cut away
the states license on the top of the license (e.g. Illinois License). Now place
the new base of the license with the cut away license name over the old base of
the current license. The new base might not match up like it should but line it
up as a good as possible. Now place a piece of the laminated sheet cut out to
configure the license on top of the new base. Cut away any overlaps of
laminated paper and iron over the license with Mom's good old iron.

   Notes: This process has been proved to work. If you are the type of person
that looks very young then do not bother to make an ID. You will just get
caught and get into a lot of trouble. Also, be very careful at well known bars
and over 21 hang out spots. The employees at these places tend to flash a flash
light underneath the card to see if it is transparent. It is supposed to be.
With this process it is a little hard to see through the ID so be careful with
it if you do go to a place such as this. If you are pulled over by the police
then take a corner of the license and rip. It will not affect your original
license though it maybe a little sticky but, that should not be to big of a
problem. If any bubbling occurs just iron over it and let it sit for a while.

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