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Profile of MAX Long-distance service

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                     Profile of MAX long distance service
                          Written by Phantom Phreaker
                    Presented by The Alliance  618-667-3825

 MAX is a long distance service that is part of Lexitel. Lexitel is soon going
to merge with Allnet. MAX is also going to be a Carrier when our area gets
Equal Access, along with GTE Sprint, SBS, US Telecom, ITT, AT&T, and a few
 The MAX dialup local to me is not in a CCIS area.
 First off, you will get the dull tone of the extender when you call.
 If you don't input any touch tones for 15 seconds (approx.) MAX will go to a
recording telling you 'We have received insufficient digits to process your
call. Please call customer service.'. I believe that MAX dialups all use the
same recordings.
 Input a 6 digit code, followed by Area Code,Prefix and Suffix of the number
you're trying to reach, plus a four digit accounting code which can be any four
digits. If you have an invalid code, a clear ringing will be heard right after
you input the last digit of the Suffix, and will go to a recording 'You have
dialed an invalid authorization code. Please call customer service.'
 If you have a good code you won't hear this ringing after the suffix and will
be allowed to enter the four digit accounting code. If you make an error in
typing in your code, you can hit either the # or * keys on your phone to return
to the initial tone. You can only abort back to the start while you are
entering digits, not after you hear the ring going to recording.
 2600 Hertz can be used to kick back the extender, thus after getting a bad
code, send 2600hz, and you'll be back at the initial tone, (similar to Sprint)
and can try more codes. After getting a code on a MAX service don't let the
call go through. If you don't hear the ringing going to recording then hang up
and save that code for later use.

 Some notes on MAX:
 If you wait at the initial tone more than 15 seconds, it will go directly to a
recording 'We have received insufficient digits to process your call. Please
call customer service.'.
  MAX cannot be used to Blue box unless the dialup you have doesn't return to
the initial tone after sending 2600 Hertz.
 MAX cannot be used to reach certain exchanges such as 976 numbers, 800 INWATS
numbers, and Dial-it 900 numbers. Also certain exchanges belonging to the telco
cannot be reached through MAX.
 International dialing is not possible through MAX as far as I know at this
 To identify a MAX dialup, enter 6 digit authorization code+700+555+XXX+XXXX.
 You will then get a recording 'Welcome to the MAX long distance Network.'
 All recordings on MAX begin with 'All XX dot YY'. In my area the first XX is
always 13. The second YY is a number assigned to the error you have made.
01='All XX dot 01. You have dialed an invalid authorization code. Please call
   Customer service.'
02=Unknown at this time
03='All XX dot 03. We have received insufficient digits to process your call.
   Please try again or call Customer service.'
04='All XX dot 04. Your call cannot be completed as dialed. Please check the
   number and dial again.'
09='All XX dot 09. I'm sorry, we are unable to complete your International
   call. Please try again or consult your local phone book for dialing
10='All XX dot 10. Welcome to the MAX long distance network. Thank you for
   using MAX.'
 After dialing a number that cannot be reached through MAX you will hear a dull
tone for approx. one second then the ring to 'All XX dot 04' recording.
 Note each recording will be played twice, then you will get a re-order.
 Autovon tones A,B,C and D entered at the initial tone will automatically go to
recording 03.
 No MF tones break the initial tone, except for 6.
 The information in this file cannot be guaranteed 100% accurate. MAX dialups
may operate differently in different areas.

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