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MCI Working With BOCs
PacBell and MCI have combined forces to make the Security Pacific Data
Transmission Corporation.  Also it has been announced that field trials are
currently being held for Project Victoria: an integrated voice-data-video
service for homes and small businesses.

BOC stands for Bell Operating Company, and it refers to the small companies
that were formed after the breakup of AT&T.

2600 Magazine Vs. Computel                         Wednesday, February 26, 1986
The following post was seen on Stronghold East Elite on the above date.
We're seriously thinking of taking some action against those nasty people at
Computel.  We published a letter this month which implied that the whole
operation was really a fairly sophisticated FBI scam.

We need to know as many facts as possible. Please contact us on Stronghold East
thru e-mail, in person, or call (516) 751-2600.  If we're not around, leave a
message saying when you'll call back and we'll try to be there.

Tell us if you've had personal experience with Computel or if you know others
who have. If anyone has cancelled checks or the equivalent, let us know!

Also, if anyone can send us a Computel ad, which somehow everyone here at 2600
managed to miss, it would be helpful. Send that to:

                                   PO Box 99
                            Middle Island, NY 11953

Note: That's not our subscription address.  Subscriptions are at PO Box 752.

We may not be able to get these people prosecuted, but we can sure raise one
hell of a stink trying.


Let it be said that hackers and phreaks will never stand aside
and be ripped off!
At this time we at Phrack have been able to uncover nothing more about the
Computel situation.
                      Information provided by (of course)

                                 2600 Magazine

Mister Carding Busted
Mister Carding first started in the profession of which his name comes forth in
the summer of 1984.  Since then he has accumulated roughly $45,000 worth of

He was caught once before in the summer of 1985 by Federal agents.  However, as
the investigation went on, they didn't have enough material and dropped the

Somewhere around the fourth week of February he was caught again, this time by
local authorities.  Here is how it all started:

"Two months ago, I had tons of stuff coming in and had another guy picking it
up.  One night two weeks or so ago I had him go out to pick up a 20 meg 3 1/2
inch hard drive.  It was only the second time I had used that place as a drop
spot.  Unfortunately, he walked right into a police stakeout and he was
followed, first to my house and then to his own."

The next day the police went to the house of the friend and arrested him.  He
willingly signed an affidavit stating that Mr. Carding was the mastermind
behind the whole operation and that he was just an accomplice.

The court date has not yet been set but his crimes are as follows:

-  Fraudulent use of a credit card.
-  Possession of stolen merchandise in excessive amounts.
-  Computer Invasion (Hacking).

On March 6, 1986:

- The police confiscated his modem.  It had been carded.
- He had a meeting with the detectives, in which he had to take a lie detector
  test.  They asked him if he was lying about any part of the case, if he
  hacked into computers, and if he was using one specific person's card.
- He failed the test.

The police believe he hacked into the computer of a bank in New Jersey, Mr.
carding denies all of it.  However it is the truth.

Most people didn't know it but Mr. Carding was one of the better hackers around
and should be remembered.

He is pleading innocent to all charges and has signed a reverse affidavit
stating that the other guy was the mastermind.

He, as of this writing, has not been arrested but expects to have full charges
brought on him within the next week.

                    Information provided by Mister Carding

Boston Strangler Caught Scanning
The Boston Strangler was caught scanning, he wasn't scanning an extender, he
was scanning a prefix in his home town. The phone company shut his line off and
now Boston Strangler may have to go to court, he claims he is under 1XB but
this is doubtful.

An employee of the phone company actually called him and told him to not use
the phone because his supervisor was checking for trouble on the line.
Apparently Boston Strangler scanned the entire prefix and once he was finished
the phone company called and said that he was in a lot of trouble.

                        Information provided by taRfruS

AT&T Suing The BOCs
American Telephone and Telegraph is allegedly filing an 80 million dollar
lawsuit on the Bell Operating Companies.  They filed a complaint with the FCC
in January 1986 that claims that certain BOCs owe AT&T 80 million dollars
because they failed to perform specific duties which were part of their billing
and collection contracts.

It is not known how much each company owes with the exception of Northwestern
Bell who owes $2 million.

                     Information provided by Jester Sluggo

Speed Demon Elite; Will It Return?
The rumors are true, Radical Rocker did forget to pay his phone bill, and as a
result Speed Demon Elite was shut down.

Any talk about SDE being busted for having credit card information on the board
should be ignored as it is completely false and only one phreak's
interpretation of past events.

Radical Rocker has stated that everyone should expect Speed Demon Elite to
return in the near future.

                               Speed Demon Elite

                    Information provided by Radical Rocker
                Thanx to Investigative Reporting by Taran King

Private Sector Damaged/Returning
The Private Sector, which was supposed to have been returned by the 16th of
February, 1986 had been damaged in the hands of the authorities.  According to
them, "one of the cards blew up."  They say that this happened before they had
the chance to erase the two "illegal" files they found on the hard drive.  So
now then they had to hold onto it a bit longer.  Naturally 2600 Magazine
suspected intentional foul play and stepped up the pressure on them to return
Private Sector. 2600 suspected the card they authorities were referring to was
the hard disk controller. They wouldn't stick another controller from another
machine in and they wouldn't let 2600 Magazine even look at the machine.  What
an outrage!
On Friday, February 28, 2600 Magazine announced the following.
Private Sector has finally been returned, and is in the process of being
repaired.  It will be back up in the near future at the same number as before;
201-366-4431.  Call 2600 Magazine at 516-751-2600 for more details.

At the current writing of this article, Private Sector is up and running.  Only
time will tell if it will ever be the great bbs it once was.

                     Information provided by 2600 Magazine

The 1986 TelePub meeting (originally planned up by Sigmund Fraud) was held on
the second floor of the Days Inn Hotel at 440 W.57th St. New York, NY.
Supposedly the first Telepub meeting since 1980, when one was held in
Washington DC.  The meeting room was called by some "The Colosseum."

There was a $10 admission fee to the meeting room.  Supposedly Chesire
Catalyst's girlfriend (who some said was blind and had a seeing eye dog) was
collecting the money and handing out the name tags.

Some say there were about 25-30 people there in total, but Broadway Hacker
stated that there was only 23.  This included:

Broadway Hacker
Chesire Catalyst + girlfriend
Dr. PHATE (P>hreaks H>ackers A>nd T>elecom E>nthusiasts)
Karl Marx
Lou Dolinar (reporter from Newsday Magazine in Long Island)
Ninja NYC
Private Sector + girl (Incidentally the programmer of the NEW Private Sector
Sammy Junkins
Scan Man
Sigmund Fraud + friend
Slave Driver
The Bootleg
The Cracker
The Lineman
2600 Magazine - Tim and Paul

Most noted for not showing up were TUC and TWCB Inc.  Since this meeting was
generally supposed to be about the revival of TAP Magazine, it was VERY
surprising to some that TWCB didn't go. To others however, this was expected.

Their reason (excuse) has something to do with late plane arrivals and legal
problems (probably dealing with restrictions due to their probation. Supposedly
TUC's phone number was posted on the board at the front of the meeting room for
those who wanted to get in touch with him.

There was basically chit chat until around 11:15 am when Chesire Catalyst began
talking about CCIS (Common Channel Inter-Office Signaling).  His speech really
told nothing new but the best part of the discussion came out of the many
questions that were asked by the audience. Also around 11:15 is when Tim and
Paul from 2600 Magazine showed up.

A little later, Scan Man and The Bootleg started to discuss the possibilities
of satellite phreaking, and up & down linking.

A little later, Private Sector appeared and with him came an ad from Personal
Computing Magazine.  The ad was from none other than Computel.  Computel, the
supposed and almost definite fed operation magazine was discussed for quite a
long time.

Chesire Catalyst began to distribute the final issue of TAP.  It was issue #91,
Spring 1984.  It included articles about credit agencies and UNIX, from BIOC;
Hacking Western Union, by TUC; Phreaks and hackers Morality, by Big Brother;
Passport check sums, and Bell Pie, among others.

2600 Magazine gave out their latest issue, February 1986, Volume 3 Number 2 as
well as other promotional items.

Sigmund Fraud was giving out older issues of TAP.

Among other things, BBS numbers were passed and there were all sorts of
telecommunication magazines lying around.

There was a break for lunch.  When they returned Scan Man started in on Chesire
about the money that MANY had sent in to TAP and never received the magazine or
their money back.  Chesire replied, "It went to pay my bills."  He also made
other remarks about how he hasn't spent it all and how he may send it back but
he really didn't ever answer the questions that Scan Man put to him.

       Much of this information came from Slave Driver and Sigmund Fraud

Metal Shop Brewery
There is a NEW member to the Metal Shop family, thus completing the Metal Shop

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-  Epson LQ-1500 Printer
-  Total of 448k of RAM and expecting 2 Meg soon
While Metal Shop Brewery is mainly an IBM Pirate Board, it also has interesting
message bases.

Some of them include these topics:

- New Users
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- Things that go BOOM! (Anarchy)
- Hacking
- Phreaking
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