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Phrack Pro-Phile of Broadway Hacker

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Five, Phile #2 of 12

                            ==Phrack Pro-Phile II==

                       Written and Created by Taran King


         Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile II. Phrack Pro-Phile is created to bring
info to you, the users, about old or highly important/controversial people.
This month, I bring to you one of the most controversial users of our times and
of days of old...

                                Broadway Hacker
                                ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

         Broadway Hacker is the sysop of The Radio Station, a phreak/hack
bulletin board in Brooklyn, N.Y. (718).
             Handle: Broadway Hacker
           Call him: Mike
       Past handles: None (except his sysop handle, "The Program Director")
      Handle origin: Thought it up while on Compu-Serve
      Date of Birth: April 22, 1965
Age at current date: 20 years old
             Height: 6'2"
             Weight: About 150 lbs.
          Eye color: Green/Hazel
         Hair Color: Brown
           Computer: Commodore 64 with 3 disk drives and 300/1200 baud modem
  Sysop/Co-Sysop of: The Radio Station, The Night Stalker
         Broadway Hacker started out in the BBS world in late 1983 when
he first got his modem.  On March 23, 1985, The Broadway Show, his first
bulletin board, was launched into the BBS world.  It started on 1 disk
drive at 300 baud and has upgraded incredibly.  It was originally a
phreak board as it currently is also.  He had originally gotten his C-64
computer in early 1985.  Various members of the elite world including
King Blotto, Lex Luthor, and Dr. Who got on his board to make it the
memorable board that it was before the format change.  His phreak
experience began in 1981 through CB radios when a CB'er gave him a code
over the line.  Some of the memorable phreak boards he was on included
Blottoland, The AT&T Phone Center of 312, and Dark Side of the Moon of
818.  He gives credit for his phreak knowledge to conferences mostly.
The Radio Station became an existing board on February 1, 1986.  The
Radio Station is never down for other reasons besides work on the board
or calling other boards.

         Mike works at a very large radio station.  His phreaking is
unknown at work.  He's not particularly interested in programming beyond
modifying The Radio Station.

         Broadway Hacker hasn't the time for hacking now.  Broadway
attends the Tap meetings in New York occasionally, but in the past he
was a regular.  He attended the 1986 TelePub meeting in New York which
was to decide the fate of Tap magazine.  Broadway has met various
phreaks in person including BIOC Agent 003, Lex Luthor, Dr. Who, King
Blotto, Cheshire Catalyst, The Sprinter, The Saint, Micro Ghoul, 2600
Magazine People, Paul Muad'Dib, and TUC.  There were others, but he
couldn't remember at 9:00 AM EST.  He has made it a point to not become
a member of groups, but he has been, in the past, invited to many.


        Interests: Traveling, radio, telecommunications (modeming, phreaking),
                   trashing, meeting other phreaks, BBS'ing, and running The
                   Radio Station.

Broadway Hacker's Favorite Things

       Women: No names mentioned but yes...
        Cars: Fieros
       Foods: Ray's Pizza (West 11th and 6th Ave.), Steve's Ice Cream
       Music: Any top 40 groups in general.

Most Memorable Experiences

Getting almost kidnapped by a gay bellhop in Denver
Getting stranded in California

Some People to Mention

Sigmund Fraud  (an up-and-coming phreak who has learned a lot in a short time)


         Broadway Hacker wishes you all to know that he does not conference at
all any more because conferencing has depreciated from the old days and that
they have become mostly a place to gather for gossip.


I hope you enjoyed this phile, look forward to more Phrack Pro-Philes coming in
the near future.  ...And now for the regularly taken poll from all interviewees.

Of the general population of phreaks you have met, would you consider most
phreaks, if any, to be computer geeks?  For the most part, Broadway says, "No".
Thanks for your time Mike.

                                            TARAN KING
                                   SYSOP OF METAL SHOP PRIVATE

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