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A New Anarchy Toy

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue Five, Phile #6 of 12

  |\_______________________ A new Anarchy toy!____________________________/ |

                   <otherwise known as "Know Your Hardware">

   Written and typed by the Leftist.

 This new "bomb" isn't really all that destructive, although I would hate to
be nailed in the head by a flying piece of it.  Use it to scare dogs, and to
just raise hell.

Materials: You will need- 1 nut, fairly large in size, 2 bolts, both the same
size, which will both be the correct size to fit in the nut.  You will also
need a box of strike-anywhere wooden kitchen matches.

Design: Ok, you got all your stuff?  Let's begin.  Take one of the bolts and
the nut and screw it about 1/4 the way onto the nut.  It should look like this
<sort of>
                        ___                       |---|
                        |  |______________________|   |
                        |   _|_|___|__|__|__|_|___|   |
                        |__|                      |---|
                                  bolt ^               ^
                                       |           nut |

 Ok, take the matches, and there should be a 2 colored tip on the end.  Well,
cut the top layer off (this should be done with a razor blade) carefully, as to
not set the matches off.  Ok.  Got that?  Good, now, take about, oh, four or
five heads, or if you're feeling kind of dangerous, and can fit them, try six.
Put the heads <white part> into the space that is between the other side of the
bolt and the nut.  Now, carefully, take the other bolt and screw it down kind
of tight onto the other side.  You now should have the 2 bolts connected by the
nut, and the matches in between this whole hardware contraption.

Now what??!?

Take this thing, and throw it at something solid, and hard, like the street,
for instance, and be sure you throw it kinda hard, and kinda far.  These can be
a lot of fun, and only take a second to build.

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