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Fun with Lighters

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                    Volume One, Issue Six, Phile #4 of 13


             "How To Have Fun With a Bic <or generic> Lighter"

                               by The Leftist


       First off, let me say, that I am not responsible for any personal
       damage done by the use of the information in this file.

Shower of sparks from nowhere:

This trick is done usually with an empty lighter.  Disassemble the top, being
careful not to loose the flint, and the spring, which are under the striker
wheel.  Throw away everything else, unless there is still some fluid in the
lighter, which can be used for some of the other things in this file.  Save the
flint and spring.

Ok, now take the spring, and pull on the end a little, and stretch the spring
out a little longer than the flint.  Next, take the flint, and kind of wrap the
end of the spring around it.  It should look sort of like fig. A.  Next, the
fun part.  Take the spring, and hold it by the end that doesn't have flint on
it, and heat the flint till it glows.  Don't worry, the heat won't burn your
fingers.  Then, throw it flint first at victim, pavement, or whatever.

         Fig. A
                        /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\------ <- heat this end
                             ^                     ^
                             |                     |
                           spring                flint

What to do with leftover lighter casing:
Light one of the striker wheel supports, and lay it upside down in a corner and
run like hell!  This will blow pretty good.  You can also take the casing and
wrap it loosely in a paper towel, light the towel, step back, and shoot it with
a BB gun.  Fun.  Experiment, but don't ever puncture the lighter, while you're
holding it, that would be foolish.
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