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Smoke Bombs

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                                < Smoke Bomb >
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    Saltpetre (Potassium Nitrate)
    Alcohol (100% is best, but plain rubbing alcohol will work)
    Gunpowder (or some ground-up rocket engines)
    Matches (Get a box of 50 packs -they can be very useful.)
    Coffee can

Combine the sugar and saltpetre in a 3:1 ratio (Sugar:saltpetre) and heat
over a low flame until the mixture has thoroughly melted together. (It will
look like sticky white lumps when ready) You need to stir this continually
while heating, and remove it from the flame at the very first sign of smoke. I
had a batch go off in my face once, and the workroom was filled with smoke for
a good half hour. It is easier and safer to work with smaller batches.

Now, dump all of this "smoke powder" into a coffee can, add some match heads,
moisten it with a little alcohol, and add gunpowder until all the smoke powder
is coated. Now tape a cigarette between the match heads in an unopened book.
Imbed the book into the mixture.

Light the but, and walk casually away to find a nice alibi within 5 minutes.

You should be able to find some Saltpeter in a local drug store.

All of the gunpowder, match heads, and alcohol is simply to insure good
ignition. You can omit them, but if you have them, mix them in for
reliability's sake. For the fuse, you can either use the one listed, or either
some canon fuse, or a rocket igniter and an electrical system.

A quarter pound of this stuff is supposed to fill a city block. I'm not sure if
that is accurate, but it sure fills a public bathroom nicely.

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