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                           ==Phrack Inc.==

              Volume 0x0b, Issue 0x3f, Phile #0x02 of 0x14

|=----------------------=[ L O O P B A C K ]=----------------------------=|
|=-----------------------=[ Phrack  Staff ]=-----------------------------=|

    Wow people. We received so much feedback since we announced
that this is our final issue. I'm thrilled. We are hated by so many
(hi Mr. Government) and loved but so few. And yet it's because of the few
what kept us alive.

"Phrack helped me survive the crazyness and boredom inherent in The Man's
 system. Big thanks to all authors, editors and hangarounds of Phrack,
 past and present." --- Kurisuteru

    [ ... ]

"Guys, if it wasn't for you, the internet wouldn't be the same, our
whole lifes wouldn't be the same. I wish you all the best luck there
is in your future. God bless you all and good bye!!!!! --- wolfinux

   [ I hope there is a god. There must be. Because I ran this magazine. I
     fought against unjustice, opression and against all those who wanted
     to shut us down. I fought against stupidity and ignorance. I shook
     hands with the devil. I have seen him, I have smelled him and I have
     touched him. I know the devil exists and therefore I know there is a
     God. ]

"you're the first zine that i ever readed and you have a special place in
 my heart... you build my mind!! Thanks you all !!!!" --- thenucker/xy

  [ This brotherhood will continue...]

|=[ 0x01 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

I'm hoping the site isn't being abandoned because of pressure from Homeland

   [ I do not have a homeland. I do not believe in governments that scare
     the people. I do not bow for anyone. I do what I do best: I spread
     the spirit. ]

|=[ 0x02 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

Could you please remove my personal info from this issue?

Thanks in advance.
Itai Dor-On             [ <--- him. signing with real name. ]

    [ We are not doing phrack anymore. Sorry mate. Ask the new staff. ]

|=[ 0x03 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

Are you interested in one "Cracking for Newbies" article?
Or maybe about how to make a Biege Box?

    [ y0, psst. are you the guy that travels through time and tries to
      sell wisdom from the past? wicked!!!!!!!!! You are the man! ]

|=[ 0x04 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Joshua ruffolo <>

A friend referred me to your site.

    [ smart guy! ]

I know nothing much about what is posted.

    [ stupid guy! ]

I don't understand what's what.

    [ this is loopback. ]

Apparently there is some basic info that should be known to understand, but
what is it?

    [ reading happens from the left to the right:
      from HERE  -->  --> --> --> TO --> --> --> --> --> --> HERE ]

|=[ 0x05 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

During the spring quarter 2004 I took the Advanced Network Security class
at Northwestern University.

   [ Must been challenging. Did they give you a Offical Master Operator
     Intense Security Expert X4-Certificate and tell you that you did
     really well?  Bahahahahahahah. ]

And I worked on a security project that has gained the interest of the
CBS 2 Chicago investigative unit.

   [ Oh shit! the CBS is after you. Oh Shit. OH SHIT! I heard they
     got certified 2 years before you! THEY ARE BETTER. I'M TELLING YOU!

By pure accident I compromised a large City of Chicago institution over the
2003-2004 Christmas break. 

   [ These accidents happen all the time. Ask my lawyer. ]

During my research for this project I have compromised other large
Chicagoland institutions.

   [ Rule 1: If you hack dont tell it to anyone. It's risky. Especially
     in the country where you are living. ]

For now, I would just like to know if anyone out there has penetrated the
following networks and obtained any confidential data or left back doors to
the following networks. Chicago Public Schools, City of Chicago, Chicago
Police or Cook County.

    [ Rule 2: Dont ever tell anyone what you hacked. ]

Christopher B. Jurczyk


|=[ 0x06 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

BTW I noticed has no reverse DNS. Deliberate?

   [ anti hacker techniques. ]

|=[ 0x07 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: tammy morgan <>

Ok i know you hate dumb questons.

    [ I love them. They make my day. ]

Being new to this world cant read mag issues. Am subscriber got list
from bot must have key.

    [ Am editor. Dont get you saying what. Hi. ]

But which one do i use to unlock and read. Soooo "LAME" sorry sorry i am,
but could you take pity and just tell me how to open and read issues?

    [ ... ]

|=[ 0x08 ]=--------------------------------------------------------------=|

From: Joshua Morales <>

This is really stupid question. can i subscribe to
your publication.

    [ This is a really smart question: Who gave you our email address? ]

|=[ EOF ]=---------------------------------------------------------------=|

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