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Phrack Pro-Phile of Scan Man

                               ==Phrack Inc.==

                    Volume One, Issue 7, Phile #2 of 10

                            ==Phrack Pro-Phile IV==

                       Written and Created by Taran King


         Welcome to Phrack Pro-Phile IV. Phrack Pro-Phile is created to bring
info to you, the users, about old or highly important/controversial people.
This month, I bring to you one of the most influential users of our times and
of days of old...

                                   Scan Man

         Scan Man is the sysop of Pirate 80 (P-80), a telcom enthusiasts'
bulletin board in Charleston, West Virginia (304).
             Handle: Scan Man
           Call him: Scan Man
       Past handles: None
      Handle origin: Thought it up while writing a scanning program.
      Date of Birth: 8/30/53
Age at current date: 32 years old
             Height: 6'1
             Weight: About 225 lbs.
          Eye color: Green
         Hair Color: Dark Blond to Light Brown
          Computers: 2 TRS Model I's (one of which the BBS is run on), Tandy
                     Model 1000 (IBM Compatible), a 132 Column Dot Matrix, a
                     132 Column Daisy Wheel, a Model 100 Portable, a TRS Color
                     Computer, and a backup 80 Column Dot Matrix Printer.
  Sysop/Co-Sysop of: Pirate 80 (P-80)

         Scan Man started out in the BBS world about 7 years ago when he first
got his modem, a 300 Baud Auto-Answer/Auto-Dial Micro-Connection Modem (made
by Micro Peripheral Corp.) with tape input and output.  Pirate 80 went up 4
years ago this Halloween, which consisted of a TRS Model 1, 3 40 track, single
sided, double density floppies, and a 300 baud modem (which held up until 6
months ago).  At the time of arising, the board was put up for interests in
phreaking, hacking, as well as pirating.  Within the first 6 months to now,
Scan Man had gone through 6 BBS programs, and is quite satisfied with the
current one.  First, he started with a pirated version of TBBS 1.2, then an
upgrade to 1.3, pirated again (occurred and at the same time a hard drive was
added after a number of disk drive changes and modifications).  Scan Man,
through his BBS (which was in the first 5 all phreak/hack BBS's to ever go up,
and is the oldest phreak board in the country), has met or talked to what he
considers "anybody who is anybody".  At 11 years old, he found a few old
phones, took them apart, and got them working, which was when his interest in
telecom arose.  He was led into the phreak world when he became aware that he
could phreak (articles he read such as blue box articles).  At the time, BBS's
and personal computers did not exist at this time.  The first board he called
that involved phreaking was the old Pirate's Harbor.  An anonymous message
posted there had a few alternate long distance service codes posted.  He was
very excited that he had stumbled upon this thrill and he spent the first year
or so calling around finding exactly what everyone was into and from there
forward he started manufacturing various devices with the Researcher.  They
worked together and learned together.  Because so much information posted was
inaccurate, they did this to make it accurate and found out what was the real
stories.  The more memorable phreak boards that he was on included Plovernet,
(and all pre-Plovernet), L.O.D., AT&T Phone Center, Pirates of Puget Sound, as
well as a few others which he couldn't remember offhand because it was so long

         Scan Man's work is as a computer consultant (systems analyst).  He
checks security as well as enhancements, improvements, and debugging.  He's
been doing this for about a year now.

         Scan Man's hack and phreak interests are unknown to his employers.
has attended various things including sneaking into a seminar on the DMS-250
Digital Switching System, and before that, TelePub '86, and he's sneaked into
other various telcom/computer security seminars.  He starts one project at a
time and does things step by step.  He's very concentrated in his projects.

         Scan Man frowns upon groups and says, "If you're any damn good at
you're going to get a reputation whether you like it or not."


        Interests: Telecommunications (modeming, phreaking, hacking,
                   satellite scanning), white water rafting, snow skiing,
                   dancing (he used to be a roller skating dance/disco
                   instructor), and boating.

Scan Man's Favorite Things

       Foods: Junk food, or an expensive restaurant once a week or so.
      Movies: He's a movie buff, and goes regularly, by himself even.
     Animals: He's an animal lover.
Pyrotechnics: They manufacture various fireworks as a hobby.

Most Memorable Experiences

The Newsweek Incident with Richard Sandza.
Last year's New Years' Phreak Party.

Some People to Mention

The Researcher (for helping him out in starting out with phreak/hacking.)
The Coco Wizard (helped a lot with the BBS and the hardware on the computer.)
King Blotto, Mr. Gucci, and The Scanner (people he could do without.)


         Scan Man dislikes the bickering and fighting between the phone
of modern day because they're just fighting to climb the social ladder.  He
dislikes the current phone phreaks because they're not in it to learn, and are
only in it to gain a big reputation.  The old phreaks were those that wanted to
be there because they were a student of the network and had a true desire to
learn.  It's become an ego/power-trip of the modern teenage America.  They're
only in it to impress other people, and write philes just to get the
reputation, rather than to write it for the information in it, and collect them
only to say their collection is sizable.  He feels that credit cards are voodoo
because it seems to be what people and sysops get busted for the most.


I hope you enjoyed this phile, look forward to more Phrack Pro-Philes coming in
the near future.  ...And now for the regularly taken poll from all

Of the general population of phreaks you have met, would you consider most
phreaks, if any, to be computer geeks?  90% of the phreaks, yes.  10% or less
are in it to learn.  He respects that small percentage..  Thank you for your
time, Scan Man.

                                            TARAN KING
                                   SYSOP OF METAL SHOP PRIVATE


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