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How to Make TNT

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Mix 170 parts tolulene with 100 parts acid.  The acid made of 2 parts of 70%
nitric and 3 parts of 100% sulfuric.  Mix below 30 degrees. Set this down for
30 min. and let it separate. Take the mononitrotolulene and mix 100 part of it
with 215 parts of acid. This acid is 1 part pure nitric and 2 parts pure
sulfuric. Keep the temperature at 60- 70 degrees while they are slowly mixed.
Raise temp to 90-100 and stir for 30 min.  The dinitrotoluene is separated and
mix 100 parts of this stuff with 225 parts of 20% oleum which is 100% sulfuric
with 20% extra dissolved sulfur trioxide, and 65 parts nitric acid.  Heat at
95 degrees for 60 min.  Then at 120 degrees for 90 min.

Separate the trinitrotoluene and slosh it around in hot water. Purify the
powder by soaking it in benzyne.

                           Presto!  American Dynamite!

Thanx to S.A. for the idea!   Thanx to Phrack Inc. for just being a sponsor!

Don't forget to call these systems after you obliterate someone's house with
that T.N.T...
                   Speed Demon Elite..........415/522-3074
                   High Times.................307-362-1736
                   Metalland South............404-576-5166
                   Brainstorm Elite...........612-345-2815

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