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Fun With the Centagram VMS Network

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                    Volume One, Issue Nine, Phile #3 of 10

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                   %  Fun With the Centagram VMS Network %
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                   %  Written 10/13/86 for Phrack Inc.   %
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     Centagram VMS networks are located throughout the country. This file will
briefly outline ways of defeating all Centagram security and how to become a
superuser. I take full responsibility for any deaths, injuries, or venereal
diseases resulted from use of the information in this file.

Finding the idle VMS:

     Generally, the easiest way to find an idle VMS is by scanning the last
digits in the net (ie: XX99, XX98, XX97 etc.). The idle VMS will identify
itself by saying, "Please leave your message at the tone" or something to that
effect in a clear, female, synthesized voice. It will not sound unclear in any
way. AHA! You've found your victim.

Attacking the idle VMS:

     While the "Please leave.." message is playing, hit 0. It will ID itself
as "Mailbox XX99, please enter your passcode". If the mailbox does not say the
above message then DON'T fuck with it. It is probably in use and any effort
you make to hack it will be useless because it will just get taken over again.
At this point, you must hack a 4 digit passcode. The usual defaults are as
follows are 5000, 9876, 1234, and any # is that order. Usually, most accept
1000, 2000, 3000, etc. I don't think 4 digits is to much to ask. W0W! Your in!
It will then tell you how to change your passcode and generally customize your
newly stolen VMS.

Hopping around the net:

     Suppose you have a friend that has mailbox 5286 and want to read his mail
(if you have their passcode) or just want to listen to their announcement. You
enter 9 on your VMS command module to logoff while it is saying "You have X
messages remaining. Bye!" you enter the # or a 0. It will then ask you for a
four digit extension. You enter 5286 and WHAM! you get their announcement.
Now, wasn't that fun.

Becoming the superuser:

     So, you want to fly higher than no man has ever done before; you want to
leap high building in a single bound; you want to be a stud. Well, listen to
Oryan, he'll tell you how. Well, remember how you jumped across the net?? You
follow the same procedure but, when it asks you for a four digit extension,
you enter 9999 or 9998 or even 0000. If you were successful, it will ask you
for a second four digit extension. You will have to hack this one on your own.
But, I have found on at least 3 nets that it was 1986 or 1987. Gee, people are
dumb aren't they? Once you hacked this, it will give you an expanded menu.
WOW! You can now, read anyone's mail, take over VMS's and disconnect VMS's.
Other commands depend on the net. But you can bet there are always a bunch of
k-rad commands!


     I hope you have enjoyed this file. Watch for updated versions in Phrack.
If you have problems finding Centagrams, here are a few nets: 214-733-XXXX,
415-647-XXXX, 408-790-XXXX. I can be reached at 214-733-5294. Don't play with
my net. If I see idle mailboxes getting taken over I will just get rid of
them. There are plenty of other networks. Special thanks to: Taran King Knight
Lightning, SJE, The Egyptian Lover, and Ryche. Some added notes: Call the
Attila the Hun/Master Blaster loser line at 214-733-5283.

                    (C) Quest/Sentry Productions 10/13/86


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