AOH :: 765-60XX.MP3

806-765-.... Synthesized Voice: "This is LBB 131.70" followed by some DTMF *'s. Hitting 3* produced a "Testing, Track 3" message.
Recorded 2003/10/05 from 250.
Update 2004/03: Extensive googling has turned up some interesting facts about this "mystery number". For starters, the 806 area code includes Lubbock, Texas. This is relevant because LBB happens to be the FAA airport code for Lubbock. 131.70 is the frequency used by Southwest Airlines for ground operations and dispatch at many airports, including KLBB. So, this line is likely a maintenance dialup for a VHF repeater owned by Southwest at Lubbock International Airport. Some of the astute among you may point out that L B B is pronounced in English rather than in phonetics (Lima Bravo Bravo) as would be used by both aviators and radiomen, but remember that this is a dialup and this message is almost certainly only heard on the line. The actual number of this line is no longer being listed here due to the possibility that messing with it could cause possible safety problems.

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