Millennium Payphone Rings!
This is the sound of a Nortel Millennium M1231 Payphone ringing!

There has been some heated discussion in alt.phreaking in recent months as to whether a Nortel Millennium payphone is capable of ringing. The answer, of course, is yes, and this file is the sound the phone makes. We at Whirlwind believe that there is a progressive campaign going on in many areas to make all payphones outgoing-only, which means that they are connected to phone lines that cannot accept incoming calls (callers get a recording). This of course is a line setting and not a property of the Millennium (or any other) phone, and while the phone companies have made *most* Nortel Millenniums undialable, there are a few which they "forgot". This one is at 250-389-9075. Added June 10, 2000

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