Welcome, weary traveler, to Rancho Nevada!

Originally written in 1992 to impress a female user of Tommy's Holiday Camp (who promptly got married to someone else but that's another story), Rancho Nevada evolved from an upgraded clone of another (very forgettable) adult BBS door into perhaps the largest, deepest and best adult BBS game ever written. In 1998 Tommy's Holiday Camp BBS went offline permanently and Rancho Nevada was subsequently made open source freeware.

Rancho Nevada still runs on a few of the few remaining dialup BBSes today, and you can run it too - if you dare! WARNING - This program contains explicit text descriptions of an adult nature and is definitely not for children. There are no naughty pictures.

This program requires a BBS capable of launching doors using DORINFO1.DEF, DOOR.SYS, CALLINFO.BBS or PCBOARD.SYS. If your BBS can't generate one of those, or a file that can be converted into one of those by a conversion layer utility, then your BBS probably can't run doors at all. If you're running your BBS on a machine made in the last 10 years, it almost certainly has enough RAM, hard disk space and CPU speed that you will not even notice Rancho's resource consumption, so I will dispense with the other system requirements here.

If you choose to modify the program, please email the author and let us know what you changed. Know that you will need to get your hands on a copy of Turbo Pascal 7 to compile it. It is a 16-bit MS-DOS application and would require extensive modification as well as replacement of several deprecated key units (CRT comes to mind) in order to be ported to a 32-bit environment such as Delphi.

Click here to download Rancho Nevada
About 2.4 megabytes

Rancho Nevada is free now - but if you and your users enjoy it, you may make a donation to the operating costs of this site in the amount of Rancho's last registration cost - $10.

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