...because we can't all be on the bleeding edge...


    HP 97540 P          5.25"/FH     SCSI1 SE
    HP 97540 T          5.25"/FH     SCSI1 DIFF
    HP 97544 D     331     5.25"/FH     SCSI1 DIFF
    HP 97544 S     331     5.25"/FH     SCSI1 SE
    HP 97548 D     663     5.25"/FH     SCSI1 DIFF
    HP 97548 S     663     5.25"/FH     SCSI1 SE
    HP 97556 E     688     5.25"/FH     ESDI
    HP 97556 P     677     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP 97556 T     677     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 SE
    HP 97558 E     1084     5.25"/FH     ESDI
    HP 97558 P     1069     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP 97558 T     1069     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 SE
    HP 97560 E     1374     5.25"/FH     ESDI
    HP 97560 P     1355     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP 97560 T     1355     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 SE
    HP C2233 A     238     3.5"/HH     IDE / AT
    HP C2233 S     234     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 SE
    HP C2233 S(D)     234     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C2234 A     334     3.5"/HH     IDE / AT
    HP C2234 S     328     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 SE
    HP C2234 S(D)     328     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C2235 A     429     3.5"/HH     IDE / AT
    HP C2235 S     422     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 SE
    HP C2235 S(D)     422     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C2244     566     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 SE
    HP C2244 P     566     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C2244 WD     566     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 D/W
    HP C2245     728     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 SE
    HP C2245 P     728     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C2245 WD     728     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 D/W
    HP C2246     890     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 SE
    HP C2246 P     890     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C2246 WD     890     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 D/W
    HP C2247     1052     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 SE
    HP C2247 P     1052     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C2247 WD     1052     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 D/W
    HP C2486A-001     1200     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C2488A-001     1600     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C2490A-001     2100     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C2490A-002     2100     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C2490A-012     2100     3.5"/HH     SCSI2 D/W
    HP C3007-001     1370     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3007-002     1370     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C3007-012     1370     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 D/W
    HP C3007-022     1370     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 D/D
    HP C3009-001     1792     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3009-002     1792     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C3009-012     1792     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 D/W
    HP C3009-022     1792     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 D/D
    HP C3010-001     2003     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3010-002     2003     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C3010-012     2003     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 D/W
    HP C3010-022     2003     5.25"/FH     SCSI2 D/D
    HP C3323A-001     1050     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3323A-041     1050     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3324A-001     1200     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3324A-002     1200     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C3324A-041     1200     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3325A-001     2170     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3325A-002     2170     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C3325A-041     2170     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3724DN     1200     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C3724S     1200     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3724SC     1200     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3725DN     2170     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 DIFF
    HP C3725S     2170     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP C3725SC     2170     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 FAST
    HP D3581A     1000     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 WIDE
    HP D3582A     2000     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 WIDE
    HP D3583A     4000     3.5"/SL     SCSI2 WIDE