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Beige Boxes

The improvised lineman's handset, or, getting free phone calls the "neighbourly" way
6891 bytes.
Aerobox and Advanced Aerobox - a beige box for payphones
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4364 bytes. by Black Box, Lord Reagan
Beagan Box - Yet another beige

10426 bytes. by Jenn (2001)
Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes   Specimen  
12493 bytes. by Jenn (2001)
Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes   Specimen  
23454 bytes. by Jenn (2001)
Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes   Specimen  
2184 bytes. by Happykill (1999)
Beige Box: It's Too Fucking Cold To Beige Box Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3193 bytes. (2001)
Beige Boxing Techniques
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
17823 bytes. by RBCP (1995)
Beige Box - The Ultimate Beige Box!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3969 bytes. by Chr C
Beige Box Plans
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4320 bytes. by Wyzewun (1999)
Beige Boxing in South Africa
Local: South Africa   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3758 bytes.
Beige Box Interest: Accessory to make beige boxing easier on older houses
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
8438 bytes.
Beige Box Plans
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3649 bytes. (1992)
Beige Box Revisited
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7715 bytes. (1988)
Beige Box by Jello Biafra
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3273 bytes. (1993)
Beige Box: Basic Beige box Info
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
9077 bytes.
Beige Box: Build a lineman's headset
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4143 bytes. (1985)
Beige Box: Introduction to Beige boxing
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
12278 bytes.
Beige Boxing or "FROGGING"
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1840 bytes.
Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
5182 bytes. by ACE (1999)
Beige Boxing
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1601 bytes. by Fu5ion (2003)
Beige Box Plans
Phreak Coloured Boxes
2660 bytes. by The Kez
Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
67508 bytes. (2000)
Beige Box made simple(r)
Phreak Coloured Boxes   Specimen  
3760 bytes. by ic0n/jackass
Beige and Buzy Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7719 bytes. by linear (1999)
Beige Box - A Newbie's Guide to the Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6938 bytes. by JaDeD (1999)
Beige Boxing Continued
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1724 bytes. by WMA (1998)
Beige Box - Cheaply Made Phone Tap
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1665 bytes. by Pyro PK
Beige Box: Introduction to Phone Taps
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2254 bytes. by Wyzewun (1999)
Beige Box: More Beigeboxing Methods
Local: South Africa   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
9029 bytes. by Whitedevil
Beige Box: That Thing Called a Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2660 bytes.
Beige Box: The Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3533 bytes.
Beige Box: Ki||a's Guide to Beige Boxing
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
38225 bytes.
Beige Box: It's the Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes
4722 bytes.
Beige Box: Introducing the Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1840 bytes.
Beige Box: A very brief file explaining the beige box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
101301 bytes. (2003)
Beige Box: Mini Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7040 bytes.
Bob Box - A Bud/Beige box and a line powered transmitter
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1837 bytes. (2002)
Boronda Box - a wireless beige box
Phreak Coloured Boxes
3979 bytes.
Bud Box (same as a Beige Box...)
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4514 bytes. (2002)
Conversion Box - Just another word for a Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3387 bytes.
Delier Box - Listen in on phones and catch people in lies, hence "De-Liar" box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2242 bytes. (1998)
Demerit Box - Half Speakerphone
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2553 bytes.
Dumb Ass Box - Makes any phone a budbox without damaging it
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3674 bytes. by Syko
DX Box - a wireless beige box

2277 bytes. by Happykill (1999)
Emergency "Box"
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
38120 bytes. by Happykill (1999)
Emergency "Box" Diagram
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1956 bytes. (1996)
Lego Box - Another Beige Box!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4620 bytes.
Maroon Box - Make a beige box from a cordless phone, phreak remotely
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
5700 bytes. (1988)
Mega Box - Reroute someone's line from miles away to your house!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1302 bytes.
Mhack Box - Why does every lamer insist on renaming the beige box???
Phreak Coloured Boxes
2525 bytes.
Modu Box - a Beige Box interface to a normal flipfone
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
5844 bytes. (1996)
No Name Box - another Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
24263 bytes. by Bad Language (1995)
Pill Box: The Complete Lamer's Guide to Pillboxin'
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1701 bytes. by Bad Language (1995)
Pill Box: Illustration for PILLBOX.TXT
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3856 bytes.
Peell Box - Another *^@#$&^ Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
10257 bytes. by Line Breaker (1992)
Phuck Box - Use your beige boxing victim's Call Forwarding service to evade detection
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6538 bytes. (1988)
Razz BOX - tap your neighbor's line without them knowing it
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2668 bytes.
Rec Box: How to record your neighbors phone conversations via their phone box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3386 bytes.
Slug Box - a basic line recorder
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2080 bytes.
Soda Can Box - A listen-only beige box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1463 bytes. by Posca (1995)
Sonik Box Use headphones instead of a phone when beige boxing
Phreak Coloured Boxes
4815 bytes. by Electronic Arsenic (1998)
Sperm Box - Another Beige Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4681 bytes. by Grim reaper (1988)
Sword Box - Enhanced Beige/Bud Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4205 bytes.
Tan box - record phone conversations
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1359 bytes.
Tangerine box by Happy Harley - A basic wiretap
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
Detailed construction notes for a very small, easily-hidden beige box.
5469 bytes. by Atrocity (1995)
Walkman Box - a beige box disguised as a walkman, as if that will help.
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
5844 bytes. (1996)
The phone thing with no goddamn xxxx-box name!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
It's a beige box with a rant about how beige box text files are so lame. Oooooooookay....
2001 bytes. by Delta Burke
Lineman's Phone for the lazy phreak
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4367 bytes.
What to do when your mom finds your beige box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  

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