Phreaking Boxes - Miscellaneous
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Miscellaneous Boxes

Devices which defy categorization or which perform unique functions
4078 bytes. by Captain B
9V Busy Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3340 bytes. by The Pimp
Acrylic Box - Multi function bridge
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3552 bytes. by Evilbaby (1999)
Advanced Click Box - Frees Busy Lines
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2482 bytes.
All in One Box by Disk Doctor
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
8432 bytes. by Game Warlord et al
Aqua Box - Allegedly defeat FBI traces

7564 bytes. by The Traveler
Aqua Box - Supposedly beat the dreaded "Lock In Trace"
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
33869 bytes. by Stripped Ink
Aqua Box schematic diagram
Phreak Coloured Boxes
4798 bytes.
Aquamarine Box - Disk Doctor's "Ways To Fuck The Phone Company"

11106 bytes. (2003)
Beryllium Box Schematics
Phreak Coloured Boxes
2010 bytes.
Black Box: How to detect and remove black boxes
2494 bytes.
Black Box: Older Black Box Plans

3353 bytes. (1992)
Black Box for the Greek telephone network
Local: Greece   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4954 bytes.
Black Box - Receive calls that are free for the caller (obsolete)
Old-School Phreak Info   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1926 bytes.
Blast Box - Make the phone on the other end REALLY loud!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7203 bytes.
Blaze Box - Sets off fire alarms by remote
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3186 bytes. by Capt B (2002)
Bungee Box, as seen in 2600 Summer 2002
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1691 bytes. (1996)
Busy Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3601 bytes.
Busy Box (new) - Disable a phone line
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3018 bytes.
Busy Box by Black Death
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
5254 bytes. by jc (1999)
Busy Box - stop the phone from ringing
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2306 bytes. by Compudroid (1998)
Cerulean Box - Make hydrogen from your phone line
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1771 bytes. by backdoor34 (1999)
Click Box - Frees busy lines
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3401 bytes. by backdoor34 (1999)
Click Box Diagram
Phreak Coloured Boxes   Schematic Diagram  
3400 bytes. by Happykill (1998)
Click Box - Frees busy lines
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
34555 bytes. by Happykill (1998)
Click Box Diagram
Phreak Coloured Boxes   Schematic Diagram
1952 bytes.
Charge Box - Shows When LD Call is Charged

5082 bytes.
Chartreuse Box - Extract free electricity from your phone line

5783 bytes. (1988)
Chrome Box - Change Traffic Signals
Phreak Coloured Boxes
8067 bytes.
Color$ Box - Line Recorder
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1082 bytes. by The Revolter (2000)
Con Box - Prevents use of extensions on your line
Phreak Coloured Boxes
2596 bytes. by The Cypher
Copper Box - Overload the toll free network
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2668 bytes. by telephreak (2001)
Crimson Box Explained
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2020 bytes. (1985)
Crimson Box - put someone on hold or create a busy signal
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
5468 bytes. (2003)
Cryptobox - An analog voice scrambler
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6467 bytes. (1988)
DIFT Box - Defeat tracing
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3281 bytes. (1988)
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7816 bytes. (1990)
Dayglo Box - Just another beige box - what the hell does Dayglo Beige look like anyway?
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7167 bytes.
Ditto Box - a special device for eavesdropping and recording phone conversations
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2337 bytes. by Fixer (1987)
The Fish Box (Excerpted from Pranks 12 and de-Commodore'd)
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7405 bytes. (1987)
Fuschia Box - Get 3 Way Calling free
Phreak Coloured Boxes
3072 bytes. by Shadowspawn
Grab Box - improve radio range (really lame!)

16657 bytes. by Ghost Wind
Infinity Transmitter: Make an infinty transmitter (bug)
Phreak Coloured Boxes
1541 bytes. by Iron Man
Infinity Transmitter: Manny Mittleman's Infinity Transmitters
Phreak Coloured Boxes
4204 bytes. (1987)
Infinity Transmitters - email discussion
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
861 bytes.
Infinity Transmitters

4805 bytes. by Asmodian X
Infrared Box - an IR jammer to prevent use of remote controls, IRDA devices etc
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4256 bytes. by Lucky225 (2001)
Invisible Box - Disable in-use lights on extensions
Phreak Coloured Boxes
3695 bytes. by Mr. Bill
Loud Box Construction - jack up the volume!
Phreak Coloured Boxes
7015 bytes. by Dr. D-Code
Lunch Box - radio transmitter
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2855 bytes. by Fone Ranger
Magenta box
Phreak Coloured Boxes
3584 bytes.
Magenta Box - a portable ringing generator
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
17364 bytes.
Magenta Box Interest: Telephone Ring Generator Using Small Power Transformer
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
76689 bytes.
Magenta Box Interest: Telephone Ring Generator Using Switching Supply
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1865 bytes.
McLoud Box - Cause havoc with a hidden walkie talkie
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
8350 bytes. by Acidic Nature (1993)
Morgue Box - A dangerous line-to-soundcard interface
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4717 bytes.
Mute Box - A button to nuke anyone who butts in on your conversation
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
16377 bytes. by Ninja Squirrel (1986)
Ninja Grey Box - Bridge two lines
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3453 bytes.
Noise Box - Supposed to add line noise to a line
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4524 bytes.
Olive Box Plans - External Phone Ringer
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2229 bytes. (1997)
Olive Drab Box - Disable a phone line
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4399 bytes. (1985)
Paisley box plans - control TOPS & TSPS Neon Knights
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
23945 bytes. by Syntax Crash
Pandora's Box - the so called "Phasor Pain Field Generator" you saw advertised in Popular Mechanics
Phreak Coloured Boxes
3197 bytes.
Pearl Box - Universal SF Generator
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4779 bytes. by Dr. D-Code (1985)
Pearl Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3603 bytes. by Dispater (1989)
Pearl Box - The Advanced Pearl Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2861 bytes.
Pewter Box ex 2600 - Make a speaker out of a hard drive
Phreak Coloured Boxes
2127 bytes. by Einstein, AE Angel
Pink Box - get 3 way calling
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1825 bytes.
Plaid Box - Get touch tone service without paying for it
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2686 bytes. (1999)
Poor Man's Electro-Bastard Box - Prank someone by having their line flash on and off like a christmas light
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4057 bytes. (1990)
Power Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1923 bytes. by Lucky225 (2002)
Privacy Box - disable extensions
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
68685 bytes.
Privacy Box - Make it impossible for more than one extension phone to work at a time
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2135 bytes. by Compudroid
Privacy Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1815 bytes. (1986)
Purple Box - Hold button
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4774 bytes.
Rad Box - Combination Red and Green boxes from one radio shack dialer!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2975 bytes. by Dolphin from Belmont
Rainbow Box: It Really Works!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3508 bytes. by Swordkeeper, White Raven
Raven Box - an MP3 Player used as a Red Box PBX:
Phreak Coloured Boxes
1464 bytes. by Maniac (1998)
Ringback "Box"
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1727 bytes.
Rust Box Schematic
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
8902 bytes. (1998)
Satan Box - Introduce Radio Interference to a Phone Line
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2387 bytes.
Scarlet box plans - create bad connections
Phreak Coloured Boxes
2269 bytes. by The Pimp
Scarlet Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes
4286 bytes. by Dispater (1990)
Slush Box - Similar to Fixer's 1998 Fish Box but deployed on business lines instead of payphones
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4188 bytes. (1992)
Smurf Box - Use PC as SF generator
Phreak Coloured Boxes
6145 bytes. by Outlaw Telecommandos (1988)
Snow Box - Underground TV Transmitter
Phreak Coloured Boxes
4825 bytes. by Shadowhawk (1994)
Sound Blaster Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes
3539 bytes. by The Usurper, The Raver (1987)
Static Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6769 bytes. by Hevnscent
Stealth Box - When beige boxing, this yields the line to its rightful owner
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3425 bytes. by Cyber Thief (1999)
Stop Box - Defeats terminal alarms
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2333 bytes. by Jon Sreekanth
Stopper Box - Stops answering machines on phone pickup
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4752 bytes. by Cyber Thief
Talkie Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4182 bytes. by Samurai Cat, Tarkin Darklighter
Tan Box Plans
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4094 bytes. by Jenn (2001)
Telezapper Box - Disable telemarketing predictive dialers
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
754 bytes. by Dr. Demand
Time Box - Disconnect a line at a predetermined time
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3602 bytes. by Tone (2001)
Tone Box - Create static on target line
Phreak Coloured Boxes
1941 bytes. by Capn Crunch
Tron Box - Steal Electricity
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
227659 bytes.
Vermilion Box Interest - Build an offline telephone tester - spoof an entire phone call!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1466 bytes. (1986)
Yellow Box - Steal Phone Service
Phreak Coloured Boxes  

Compilations and Misc. Boxing Files

85274 bytes. (1994)
The Big Book of Boxes
Compilation   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
67239 bytes. by Ero (2002)
The Boxes (in Italian)
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4577 bytes.
Tap your own phone line

8369 bytes. (1986)
Collection of boxes - Part 1
Compilation   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6920 bytes. (1986)
How to build many different phreaker boxes
Compilation   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
8401 bytes. (1987)
Fixer's Boxes
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
8365 bytes. by The Locksmith (1986)
A Guide to Making Various Boxes 1
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6913 bytes. by The Locksmith (1986)
A Guide to Making Various Boxes 2
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1988 bytes.
Assorted box frequencies (1980s)
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
5928 bytes. by Bill Doger (1980)
Boxes - General Information
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
9123 bytes. by The Marauder (1993)
The Marauder rants on a number of boxes
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1531 bytes.
Several obscure boxes defined
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4145 bytes.
Red and Blue box tones
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7873 bytes.
Bug Detector Box and Car Tracker Plans
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
10272 bytes. by Lex Luthor
Electronic Toll Fraud Devices
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
37081 bytes.
Telephone Related ASCII Schematics 1.01
Phreak Coloured Boxes   Schematic Diagram  
9860 bytes.
Gadgets for a couple of boxes

9845 bytes.
Various phone gadgets and boxes
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4180 bytes. (2002)
Intercepting and retransmitting data over phone lines
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
24087 bytes. by Jibblitt (1998)
Jibblitt's Complete Box List
Phreak Coloured Boxes
9820 bytes.
Many kinds of boxes briefly explained

9820 bytes.
Kinds of Boxes
Phreak Coloured Boxes
5369 bytes.
A Layman's definition of Boxes

93847 bytes. by Cyber Thief
Phone Color Box Addendum 2.0
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
28182 bytes. by Julian Macassey
Building and Using Phone Patches
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2730 bytes. by Static
Telephoney Guide to Boxes
Phreak Coloured Boxes
2975 bytes.
Destructive Boxing

2667 bytes. by Fu5ion (2003)
Poor Man's Switchboard
Phreak Coloured Boxes
628 bytes.
How to build a 3-Way Phone
2355 bytes.
The Total Phreak part 1

452112 bytes.
Black Magic! Telecom Design Tricks
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
9286 bytes. (1992)
Your Complete Guide to Boxes
Phreak Coloured Boxes  

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