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Parodies of Box Plans

These devices are pure fiction, or at least were written by people whose claim to intelligence is pure fiction. Do not attempt.
430 bytes. (1993)
Blotto Box (Easy Blotto Box)
Humor   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6195 bytes. (1984)
Blotto Box
Humor   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2805 bytes. (1987)
Bottle Nosed Dolphin Grey Box - Farce
Humor   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7139 bytes.
Box to send high voltage through phones
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2061 bytes. (1995)
Breaker Box - Supposed to damage house wiring
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4737 bytes. (1986)
Mauve Box - another spoof
Humor   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3504 bytes. (2002)
Mauve Box: The WatsonLinc Connector - the MauveBox made real?
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1301 bytes.
Puce box - A parody
Humor   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
7646 bytes. (2002)
Executioner Box - Plug a phone line into 115VAC, make everything ring.
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
Problem: Normal ringing voltage is 90VAC, everything on the line can already handle 115 no prob!
3495 bytes. (1998)
Ultra G-9000 Box
Humor   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4279 bytes. by Killg0re Trout
Zap Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes
2544 bytes.
Plain Pine Box (how to end up in one)
Humor   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2309 bytes.
Spike Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes
4333 bytes. by Ingy (1986)
Urine Box - Create a "Capacitive Disturbance"
Phreak Coloured Boxes
4316 bytes. by Cyber Thief (1998)
Idiotic Box - A parody
Humor   Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2754 bytes. by Happykill (1999)
Toast Box - Fry phone lines with a camera flash
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
45630 bytes. by Happykill (1999)
Toast Box Diagram
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
11698 bytes. by Texan
Zip Box - somehow, you're supposed to be able to interface a Zip drive to your phone line
Phreak Coloured Boxes  

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