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Red Box

The device which made the phone system think you had inserted coins into a payphone - obsolete now, unfortunately.
49768 bytes. by Jenn (2001)
Apparently a successful red box call!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
14247 bytes. by Jenn (2001)
Red Box Interest: IPTS Quarter Tone
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6663 bytes. by Cyber Thief
Criticism of the Red Box FAQ
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3252 bytes. by telephreak (2001)
Revised Red Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
49804 bytes.
Red Box Interest
Phreak Tones  
Supposedly the sound of a Canadian loonie under CanACTS? (Ed. note: very doubtful...)
17504 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Dime Tone

1184 bytes.
Operator Quotes while Red Boxing

22585 bytes. by Cyber Thief
Red Box Manual 1.0

11181 bytes.
Red Box Diagram

1783 bytes. by U.N / The Master
How to Build and Use a Red Box

4372 bytes. (1998)
Red Box Interest: Disc Box - CDR+Walkman+Tone Software=Hifi Red Box. By Napolmoliv.
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
13633 bytes.
Red Box: 10 dollar red box. Make a red box from a recordable hallmark card!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4480 bytes. by J. Hendrix (1994)
Red Box: A Great "Red Box" using a Radio Shack Tone Generator -- Works Super
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1044 bytes. (1995)
Red Box: A Makeshift Red Box by Rich
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6108 bytes.
Red Box: A redbox pay phone list
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2934 bytes. (1991)
Red Box: Converting a Radio Shack tone dialer to a Red Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
3218 bytes. (1994)
Red Box: Phreaking Phuture: Better Boxing Designs
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4774 bytes.
Red Box: Red Box Dox
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2190 bytes.
Red Box: Red Boxing with Whistles
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
19627 bytes. (1994)
Red Box: Simple instructions to build a red box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1756 bytes. (1995)
Red Box: Three non-traditional red-boxing methods
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4120 bytes. (1991)
Red Box: Tone dialer conversion
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1577 bytes. (1994)
Red Box: Using Mathematica for the Mac to make Redbox tones!
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
2067 bytes.
Red Box: Radio Shack Tone Dialer Red Box

10949 bytes. by J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
Building a Red Box

10457 bytes. by Cyber Thief (1998)
Do Red Boxes Still Work Today?

511 bytes.
Red Box Frequencies

4672 bytes. by Insomnia (1993)
Red Boxes Made Easy

3379 bytes. by Big H
Red Boxing using a Tone Dialer

69732 bytes. by Mr Sandman (1995)
Red Box FAQ v.010

4772 bytes. by Pink Panther
Red and Green Boxes Revived

20098 bytes.
Converting a Tone Dialer into a Red Box

19278 bytes. by linear (1999)
Red Boxing for Dummies
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1811 bytes. by Fu5ion (2003)
Red Box Plans
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
Note: The Red Box is obsolete for long-distance calling nearly everywhere in the world that it used to work.
4984 bytes.
The Hallmark Red Box

10987 bytes. by Brian Oblivion
Red Box Interest: Coin Services Update
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1155 bytes.
The Beloved Red Box

8352 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Dime Tone

12324 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Quarter Tone

3544 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Nickel Tone

38444 bytes.
Red Box Interest: British 10p tone

13454 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Dime Tone

14247 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Quarter Tone

3452 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Nickel Tone

7694 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Dime Tone

12364 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Quarter Tone

6419 bytes.
Red Box Interest: Live Nickel tone

34855 bytes.
Red Box Interest: What a quarter looks like

128000 bytes. (1998)
Red Box Interest: Real ACTS tones from a GTE/AE 120B phone.
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
32002 bytes. (1995)
Red Box: Hi-Fi Quarter Tone
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
6565 bytes.
The TEK 1192 Anti-Red Box Device
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
22667 bytes. by Cyber Thief
Red Box Manual 1.0
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
1241 bytes.
Star Wars video game uses red box tones!

8170 bytes. by Javaman (2001)
RedBox.C Source code for a tiny Linux redbox
Linux   Phreak Coloured Boxes   Source Code  
2919 bytes. by Fixer (2000)
Red Box: Fixer's Specifications for a Disc Box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  
4667 bytes. by RenderMan (1999)
Rio Box: Converting a diamond Rio into a red box
Phreak Coloured Boxes  

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