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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: drillpik.txt

Drill pick for locks

How To Drill A Pin Tumbler Lock

  Sometimes a malfunction in the lock will prevent it from being picked.
Drilling a pin tumbler lock is a less destructive means of opening the lock
without the key than forcing the cylinder.  Almost any type of drill may be
used, including a hand operated drill, but the small one-quarter-inch electric
drill is faster.  The bit size is not of great importance, but the small bit
will make the task easier when using a hand drill.  Normally a 1/16 to 1/32-inch
twist steel drill bit will do the job.

  Make the hole just above the lower tumbler pins near the shear line.	Once the
hole is drilled to approx- imately one and a half inches, take a tension wrench
and turn the plug toward the unlocked position.  If the plug refuses to turn,
take a thin stiff section of wire and push the upper pins above the shear line
to rotate the lock open.

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