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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: jockybox.txt

Jocky Boxing: Entering cars.

		      Mercury Distrubriting Presents...

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			      Jocky  Boxin
     Written by:	      ~~~~~  ~~~~~			    Call:
     Mr. "Budman" Zeek                                   (503) 253 - 5300
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     Well, officaly Jocky Boxin is breaking and entering of a car...But who
    cares about that becase we are too good to get caught (?)

Finding A Car:	 First you have to find the car that has what you want.
-------------	The car should be somewhere with low traffic and dim light
so that you will not be seen. It's best to know our car before but thats
not always possible.

Entering the Vehical:	First check the doors, if all are lock then see if
--------------------   the window is all the ways rolled up. These most likely
 are, now if the car has those side vents by the driver window these will be
 your best bet for entry.  These can usally be opend by putting you fingers
 down between the vent and rubber seal.  If the car has no vents then check
 around where the window meets the rubber seal.  You can usally pull the window
 back far enough so the somelse can slip there hand down inside the car and
 unlock the door.  this is usally how you will get in.	If you cannot get in
 you might try cuttin or breaking a window but if I cannot get in through the
 above methods then I usally move onto the next car.

Once Inside:   First unlock the other door so you partner can get in. Now
-----------   when you opn the door that little ligh goes on so crack the
 door and find where the light is, then open to door and bust that light don't
 let it stay on.  Now, go for the stero, but only if it's a good one.  Under
 the dash are the easyest to get, just grap and pull, don't worrie about the
 wires now, you can take care of them later.  If the streo is in the dash then
 take off the knobs and grab the posts and ull the stero out.  Stero's can be a
 bitch to get so only fight for a good one.  Some people mount there steros in
 there glove box so be sure to check here, and under the seats for tapes and if
 the have a consle look through it.  Now since most people smoke dope the might
 have a joint or a few bh's in the ash tray so be sure to hit it.  Time is of
 the immportant so don't take all day.  Try to make the car look like you
 wern't even there.

Added Tips:   The most important thing is not to push a job. I have seen many
~~~~~ ~~~~~  people get caught because they want to do too many cars too fast.
 If a car looks too risky then don't push it.  And don't every think that your
 to good to get caught because wonce you think that your too good someone shows
 you that your not.

Be lookig for "BASIC SHOPLIFTING" and "HOUSES, GET RICH QUICK" at an AE/Fur/
BBS near you soon....

(*->   Well, for all you hard working terriorsts, this BUD is for you.	  <-*)

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     Mr. "Budman" Zeek the founder of "Hi-Tec Terriorsts" and a member of
     "Portland Apple Corps". I can be reached on almost any 503 board....
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	(503) 253 - 5300   /   (503) 684 - 0899   /   (503) 638 - 9481
	   Downloaded from - Milliways	(609) 921-1994 24Hours/7Day
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