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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: lockimpr.txt

How to impression a key lock

   | Presenting...                   |
   |  Lock Opening by Impressioning  |
   | Written by: The Druid           |
   | A Brick In The Wall Production  |

What the hell is lock impressioning? For one thing it is a way of cracking
a lock without the hassle of picks and tension levers. Impressionning is a
way of making a master key that can be used over and over again. How? Let
me explain...

1 pair of pliers
1 blank key
1 rat tail (or similar) file.

How? (hmm... good question.)

1) Take a candle light it and hold the blank key above it until it is
coated with soot.

2) Using your stealth sneak up to the door you want to crack. Then insert
the blank key into the lock.

3) Using the pliers twist the key left and right with alot of pressure.
Make sure not to damage the key.

4) Bring the key home. Notice how the pressure rubbed away the soot and
left indentions in the key. Using the file file down the areas where the
markings are. You may have to impression the key once or twice more untill
the key works.

  Wham! you now have a key that will fit the lock over and over again. Use
  it to break into homes, schools, warehouses, stores and other places.

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