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Legions of Lucifer: A complete guide to car theft


   Phreaking    Hacking    Phraud    Crashing  Written by: Garfield & Captain Swashbuck
lerDate: 11/10/90Edited by : Captain SwasbucklerLegions of LuciferText # 13Part 1 out of 1

A Complete Guide to Car Theft

Legions of Lucifer ('ljen ov lcifr) n. 1. Any multitude of followers
 of the chief evil spirit, Satan.  2. A group of Anarchists and Computer
 Experts that work together as one to cause havok in the anarchy bound
 society of this nation.

          Garfield of the egions f ucifer Tfiles Group is

              Proud to Present to the General Public....

                  An All-Purpose Car Theft Guide

DISCLAIMER:    This text file is distributed SOLELY for the educational
pursuits  and  reading  pleasure  of  our  followers.   The information
contained  herein  may  be considered to be sensitive and illegal under
misuse. This information is released under the Freedom of Speech of the
U.S. Constitution and  the Freedom of Information Act.     The material
herein is NOT intended for actual use.    Any such use by third parties
will **NOT** hold the authors,  and the Legions of Lucifer Tfiles Group
respsonsible for their actions.   This file is not intended for persons
with criminal minds, or for old ladies with pacemakers...

EDITORS NOTE: egions f ucifer Distribution Site #2, Digital Infomation
Exchange, is no longer a Dist Site. So you will not find ANY .. support
on that bbs. The new .. Dist Site #2 is "The UnderWorld Society".



    Intro  Car Theft:  An American History

    1.0    Planning the Heist
      1.1  Gearing Up
      1.2  The One Minute Instant Inspection
      1.3  Disabling The Alarm

    2.0    Methods of Entry
      2.1  Slim Jims & Coat Hangers
      2.2  Window Entries
      2.3  Door Entry

    3.0    Stealing The Car
      3.1  Ignition and Steering Column Removal
      3.2  Hot Wiring
      3.3  Phony Towing Service
      3.4  Master Key System

    4.0    The Getaway and Aftermath
      4.1  The Escape and Potential Problems
      4.2  Selling Your New Car
      4.3  Dealing with Chop Shops

    5.0    Final Comments

    6.0    Schematics

                Introduction   Car Theft: An American History

     The world as civilization shall record, had a rather apocalyptic change
     back on a cool spring evening in 1896.  In his shop behind his house
     on Bagley Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, Henry Ford created the first
     automoted gasoline powered vehicle called the Quadricycle.

     Soon, persons who lead a rather sheltered and local existence were
     able to broadeen their horizons by traveling to places that would have
     been unreachable in the past.

     Many positive aspects came with the automotive industry.  Buses and
     cabs arose as a mass transportation for a growing urban workforce,
     many jobs arose in Detroit car factories on assembly lines and in
     Indiana and Pennsylvania steel mills, drive in movies and restaurants
     became a popular craze, drag racing became a popular sport, etc.

     However, almost as soon, organized crime saw that this unlimited
     means of travel could be quite profitable as well.  Bonnie and Clyde
     shocked the nation with their daring daylight bank robberies, which
     would not have been possible without automobiles.  Notorious frauds,
     most notable being the 1951 Brinks Robbery, would not have taken place
     if the gasoline powered engine was not invented.

     Soon, another facet of criminal life in America arose to put a
     motorized America at her knees.  This criminal institution was car
     theft.  According to recent statistics, one car is stolen on the
     average of 30 seconds somewhere in the United States.  It has come to
     be a law enforcement nightmare, and a virtual money loss to insurance
     companies.  We at the LoL, feel quite alarmed by these statistics and
     feel as a citizen of these beloved stars and stripes, you should
     possess the same knowledge as do typical car theieves walking and
     DRIVING the streets of Detroit, New York, Washington D.C, Los
     Angeles, and Anytown, U.S.A.  Without further adieu, let's commence
     with our crash course in Automotive Instruction....


     As with every good scam, a car heist has to be planned out.  Some
     lackluster criminals just steal at random with no planning, and you can
     talk to them and learn of their stupidity any day of the week at your
     local cop shop.  However, an experienced 'car dealer' works under the
     tightest of security, and steals upon order.  They are not wreckless
     hacks like the amateurs, and thus have long fruitful careers.

     When you have located the owner of such a vehicle that you desire,
     follow him and monitor the car owner for at least a week.  Use
     general surveillance tactics to follow him, and study his every move.

     If you are dedicated and want to make things easy, we suggest that
     you talk to an electronics tech, or consider purchasing the following

                        ELECTRONIC SPYING
                        Mentor Publications
                        1976; 56 pp.

     [ NOTE: If you have problems locating this masterful work at your local
     B. Dalton's or Waldenbooks, and we are sure you will, contact a LoL
     member and ask about T.R.A.D. -- The Renegade Anarchist Distributors,
     dealers of fine and unusual information.  We offer a copy of the book
     for $9.95, or a print-shop quality xerox copy for $5.00. ]

     In ELECTRONIC SPYING, you will learn how to construct easy to
     make bugs that can be attached to a powerful magnet, similar to a hard
     drive magnet in polarity, and attached under the victim's vehicle, to
     serve as a remote tracking device.

     Once you discover the pattern when the person is longest away from
     the vehicle, whether it be at work, school, college, or at play you
     are ready for the next chapter of this work.  Also, use common sense --
     when committing any illegal activity, from jaywalking to aggrivated
     assault and murder, KNOW where you stand in the eyes of the courts.  You
     are actually committing Grand Theft Auto, however police may also indict
     you on nuisance charges, including (but not necessarily):

           +  Tresspassing
           +  Curfew Violation [if you are a minor]
           +  Attempted Auto Theft
           +  Possession of Burglary Tools
           +  etc...

     Basically a lot of things boil down to common sense.  Don't steal a
     car parked in front of the victim's home, after all, the neighbor's would
     know you are up to something and soon you would be interrupted by funny
     looking guys in blue suits [The Pigs].  After you have examined the marks
     daily routine, and find the place where he is away from the vehicle the
     longest, now you can actually take the car!

     Listed below are a few popular 'DO's AND DONT's'.  We suggest that
     you etch these in your memory and be constantly aware of these key

     ****  DONT'S ****

   to be caught if you do that.  Most security guards are old slobs who will
   shoot first and ask questions later, your luck with the police is better.
   Cameras should be avoided, unless you are a media hound and want to see
   your picture in the 'BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR...' section of the community
   papers and 6PM News.  If you see a camera, either put a screening device
   over it, or better, take a picture of the immediate area, and have a metal
   stand holding it up in front of the camera so that everything appears to be

   Once again, this falls back on the common sense addage.  The victim's
   neighbors all know him.  This may work well in an apartment house or
   condiminium setting where there are large lots, usually sheltering cars
   with half shelled roofs, otherwise, this is BAD NEWS.

   This once again relates to know the area.  Those students are there five
   days a week, 9 months a year.  They KNOW who is who.  If some guy sees you
   breaking into his new 1990 Fiero, he is going to know, and call the cops
   immediately.  Also you never know, although you watched the person, and
   you know THAT person isn't coming for awhile, a friend might see you
   fucking with his/her friend's car.

   4. **NEVER EVER steal a car with a 'Clifford Alarm'**

   5. USE YOUR COMMON SENSE AND GUT INTUITION. These are your biggest factors.
   Always keeping constant watch for observers, etc is a MUST.  Also, a good
   'sixth sense' is needed to know when trouble is approaching and the
   quickest way to get furthest from that area.

   ***** DO'S *****

   1. STEAL A CAR IN AN UNPROTECTED PARKING LOT.  This is ONE of the easiest
   methods.  After all, heh, it is yours for the taking...

   There is an old saying, about blending in like a blade of grass on a lawn.
   This is exactly what you want to do here.  You are amongst hundreds of
   people, but the odds of one KNOWING the owner of THE car you are after,
   are slim to none.  Therefore, you must blend in.  If you are in a downtown
   business district, wear a suitcoat, dress pants, dress shirt, tie, and
   shined dress shoes.  If you are near a college, wear shirts with college
   sports teams on them.  Plus have a satchel of some sorts to carry any
   needed equipment in.  For the businessman idea, have tools in a briefcase,
   if you are at a school, have a backpack of books with tools amongst the
   books, etc.  Also if you are taking too long, walk away, stand by a bus
   depot for 5 minutes and return to your work.

   3. STEAL IN BALL STADIUM PARKING LOTS. A typical twilight double header
   at a major league baseball stadium may bring in 40,000 screaming fans.
   Stadiums have security crews, but NONE large enough to handle all these
   vehicles.  Car can EASILY be found 6-8 blocks away on sidestreets.  One
   of the best things to do, is to go to the car with like 3 friends and
   all wear that teams paraphenilia.  For example, if you planned to rip off
   cars near Tiger Stadium in Detoit, all wear Tiger hats, maybe have one guy
   carry a Tiger pennant, have a couple guys with Sweet Lou Whitaker shirts on
   etc. You also have to watch it, as some lots near stadiums are run by local
   residents who DO sit outside with shotguns watching cars.  Most however
   don't give a shit as long as they get their money and merely provide
   parking, not SECURE parking...

   4. MOVIE PARKING LOTS ARE GREAT.  If you case a person going in, you know
   as soon as they enter that movie theater door, you are safe for 1 1/2 hours
   to get a free car.  This is a goldmine!  People will usually exit the movie
   to buy their girlfriend popcorn, or go to the bathroom, but NOBODY just
   walks out and wastes a good $5 on a movie... Some chain cinemas hire
   security guards to walk around patrolling the area.  Keep on the lookout
   for them at all times. Other than that, it is relatively easy pickings, and
   if you hit a little community theatre that charges $2-3 for a movie, they
   don't have NO security and it is the easiest theft in the world...

   5. ANYWHERE THAT YOU FEEL IS LOGICALLY SAFE.  Don't attempt to go in no
   win situations.  For instance, if a guy has a Mercedes parked one block
   from a police station, forget it.  Go in areas that you know the policemen.
   Learn their identities, their favorite patrol grounds, and their hangouts.
   Officers can usually be found at cheap restaurants and doughnut shops
   throughout the city...

     1.1  GEARING UP

     Now that the operation is all planned out, you will want to be
     prepared, like the sweet innocent Boy Scout you are, clothing and tool
     wise.  We suggest the follow possible setup:

         1 pair blue jeans/ or dark sweats
         1 pair black 3-M Thinsulate gloves
         1 black longsleeve shirt
         1 pair good running shoes
         optional ski mask

         1 Slim Jim
         1 prybar

     If you want to get really elaborate, you might have a friend park
     down the street in a van that has a walkie talkie keeping you in constant
     transmission through an ear piece, armed with a police scanner, weapons,
     extra tools [including possible hydraulic equipment], maps of the area
     with 3-4 getaway routes planned, etc.


     After you have chosen the car you want to rip off, inspect it for
     burglar alarms, by first walking around and looking for security
     system stickers.  This is just a starting point, as some cheapskates
     have recently started purchasing these stickers to deter thieves, and
     they do not have an alarm.

         If an alarm sticker is not displayed, merely throw a gumball or other
     small object at the car.  If it is alarm protected, the alarm will be
     set off.  Some alarms are so sensitive, that raindrops, leaves, and
     bird feces have been known to trigger them off.

         Another key point to observe for is the type of door lock.  Older
     cars have knobbed door locks which can easily be opened by using a bent
     coat hanger.  Newer locks commonly have no knob to grab ahold of.  Some
     more sophisticated vehicles don't even have door knobs, their locks all
     work off of sheer power locks.

         The next point is to immediately peer in for anti-theft devices.  One
     of the more common devices is the Krook-Lok which is an adjustable metal
     bar that locks the brake pedal to the steering column.  If this device is
     not disabled, you can only steer straight, which usually is rather
     undesirable.  It may be easier to avoid these, but if you have some extra
     time, really need that particular vehicle, or are a machinist, you may
     want to try to bust the crook lock.  From what I have seen, the easiest
     way to rip through the thing would be with a propane torch, although a
     blue flame in the dark of night does not look too good.  NOTE: You will
     usually only run into these devices in motel parking lots and such.  Most
     people who want to run into a store for 5 minutes, won't bother wasting
     their time to put this device on, lock it, etc.


         Most people who drive nice cars, usually have an alarm to thwart
     theft [no shit].  Your objective is to find the thing and disable it.
     You have to be very careful in your methods as some alarms are so
     sensitive that things such as leaves, snow, and birdshit may set them
     off.  Ok, peer into the driver's window and looking for a red light.
     This is a sure fire indicator of an alarm.

         Car alarms are usually powered by the car battery, so the trick
     is to disable the car alarm at the source.  You will need to CAREFULLY
     use a glass cutter and cut a hole in the driver's window, and very
     slowly enter your arm, and pop the hood release.  Then proceed to the
     front of the car, and very carefully, ease the hood open about an inch
     or two, otherwise the alarm will be set off.  Then look at the battery
     for for any suspicious wires leading from it, and cut them.  Then peer
     back through the driver's window and the red light should now be off.



         Older car locks are a rather easy mechanism, being asked to be
     defeated.  They are basically a JOKE.  I often wonder why car companies
     didn't think of this sooner...  A basic coat hanger angled and bent
     can be slid between the door and rubber lining and then lowered into
     place to latch onto the door knob, and then after attachment, with a
     little upward pull, the door will be open.  Following is a diagram
     to illustrate this:

                - Knob Shaped Door Lock
                V    | |
             .---.   | |
             \   /   | |
              | |    | |
   -----------| |----| |
  ___________________| |___
                   | |
         ________    | |
        /________\   <- Door Handle

  Now take the Coat Hanger and bend the end like a hook, and slip it thru
  side of the window:

                | |     Coat Hanger
         .---.  | |    /
        \   /|
        | |   | |
  --------| |---| |
  ______________| |____

  Then just pull on the end of the coat hanger, and PRESTO, the door is
  unlocked!  You may desire to practice on your own car, or a close friend's
  to get good and fast, you should be able to walk up and have the door
  open within 20 seconds, if not, you are too slow and need more training.

     However, in more recent years with the advent of knobless doorlocks,
     sidelocks, and all these other damn hinderances, another tool similar in
     nature but more verstaile has come into use.  This tool is the Slim Jim,
     more commonly know as a slim.  This is a Car Thief's best friend. This
     tool slides down into the door panel and attaches itself to the door
     locking mechanism. Then with a quick & easy glide sideways.. *presto*
     the door is unlocked. With practice, you can get inside in a matter of


     The window is another common entry route, although more noticeable.
     The key to theft is to be nonchalant, therefore, you DEFINITELY don't
     want to pull some foolhardy stunt, like throwing a rock through the
     window, then spend 1-2 minutes trying to hotwire the car.  Within that
     time, half of the city's policemen are there greeting you with presents
     like handcuffs, rights, and free pictures.

     A far better way, is to take a glass cutter, and put it against the
     window and make a circumscribed circular cut and pull away the circle,
     and then reach in with your hand and open the lock.

     Another method of window entry is to take a dent pulling plunger,
     attach it to the windshield, or another window, and pull.  This however
     will cause the glass to shatter, which is not desireable to be seen
     driving down the road with.  This method should be used only as a last

      2.3  DOOR ENTRY

     A real professional, would probably be as bold as to pull his theft
     in broad daylight looking totally innocent and VERY convincing.

     Perhaps the easiest way is to obtain a set of Master Keys for
     various makes and models of cars.  Police and security departments
     usually have a few sets of these lying around.  However, you will
     probably have to go through black market connections to obtain Master
     Keys, seeing as you would not have any legitimate use for them.

     Another method, if you are an amateur locksmith, would be to take
     some impressioning clay, and insert it in the lock, and after filling
     the chamber, remove it.  A perfect impression of the lock will remain,
     which you can take back to an underground locksmith and have a key
     produced to fit that impression.  This method is really a pain in the
     ass, and is more commonly use in house burglary.


     Once you are in the car, you can start the car many different ways.


     You can use the 'Ignition & Steering Column Lock Removal System'.
     Even if the victims car is equipped with an ignition and steering
     column lock, you can still easily start that car. All you have to
     do is extract the ignition lock or break it out of the steering
     column, and then start the car.  You may have seen this done by
     Arnold Swatrzenegger in The Terminator.  However, he used his BARE
     hands.  The equipment you will need for this heist is basically a
     prybar and a regular screwdriver.  Use the prybar to break the
     lock on the ignition, and then use the screwdriver as a key. [See
     Schematics 1-2]

       3.2  HOT WIRING

     Or you can use the old 'Hot Wire' system. See, before car
     manufacturers were required to install locking steering columns,
     it was easy to start a car by jumping the ignition wires under the
     dash. BUT, Hot Wiring isn't as popular as it was a few years back.
     However, if you so desire, we will give a brief description of how
     this talent is performed, just in case you plan to aquire an old
     model car, such as a 1957 Chevy.  If you look under the dashboard,
     near the middle of the car, you should see a series of wires located
     there.  Unattach a red wire and a black wire.  It should be obvious
     if you have had any electronics knowledge, that this is the 'HOT'
     wire and the 'GROUND' wire.  Then, take a small wire stripper, or a
     wire crimper and strip the wire to the bare copper metal.  Then
     merely connect these two, and the ignition will start.


     You can also use the 'Towing Scam' system.  A few good professional
     rings won't even bother trying to start the car!  They disguise them-
     selves as legitimate tow truck operators and haul their new car away!
     This alleviates attention, because if anyone is inquisitive, just
     say some jargon like  "There is a defective U-Joint on this vehicle
     and it is unsafe to drive, so the owner notified us to pick it up
     and take it to the shop and repair it."  Plus if the owner returns,
     have a phony work order made out with his data [Name, Address, Phone
     Number, etc] and say " Well you called and said to take it in."  And
     when he says NO!  Then try to at least get a $25 towing fee, and tell
     him next time to make sure, or tell his enemy to stop playing games.


     You can also use the 'Master Key' system.  This is the easiest method
     of entering and stealing a car in existence.  Remember, when the police
     and other officials come to assist you when you have locked your keys
     in the car, and the coat hanger and slim will not do the job, they
     have Master Keys.  Car companies make keys that have a basic fit, so
     that all cars of that model can be opened with ONE key.  Most of the
     police departments and car theifs have a set.  If you are an amateur
     locksmith, using a key cutter, key blanks, and the key identification
     number, you can make your own. Or all 'Chop Shops' have 'Master Keys'
     for sale.

       4.0  THE GETAWAY

     Well new car 'owner', you NOW have a new car.  However there are some
     potential problems before you can take it to fence.  We will cover
     some of the problems and some simple cures.


     The first thing you should do, is start the vehicle, place it into
     gear with the lights off, and slowly drive about a block before
     turning your headlights on.  Then, drive about 2-3 blocks away, and
     put on another license plate.  If you have a good sized car ring, you
     will have one man whjo is a plate man, who spends time JUST accumulating
     new license plates for the group.  Unless you are delaing with a total
     idiot, the person will probably immediately telephone the police that
     their car has been stolen, so a quick plate change is ESSENTIAL.
     When driving away, REMEMBER, you are NOT driving someone else's car,
     you are driving your OWN car, therefore there is no need to go 90 down
     the sidestreets etc.  Just follow basic speed limits and traffic laws
     while transporting it to the hideout.

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