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British Telecom Bomb Threat Policy (Gotta love that IRA)

         .o B.T Bomb Threat Policy o.
                 iNFERNO 1995


 A Bomb Threat may be received on any phone at any time - YOU MUST KNOW

 A suspect package or object may be found anywhere - YOU MUST KNOW WHAT TO

 It is ESSENTIAL that you READ THIS DOCUMENT and keep it readily available
for subsequent REFERENCE.


 Incident Controller 

 The Incident Controller (IC) will manage all emergency situations in this
building for the protection of BT people. If you have any queries on the
content of this leaflet, please advicse your IC or the BS Zone Customer
Centre on telephone numbers shown in your Local Bomb Threat Notice.

 General Advice 

 This leaflet is intended to give general advice for action in the event of
a Bomb Threat or discovery of a suspicious package or object. It is
considered good advise, though common sense may dictate that on a
particular occasion another approach should be used to achieve the same


 People can contribute greatly to their own safety by looking out for, and
reporting deficiencies in security, challenging strangers, reporting
defective locks, windows, etc, to the BC Zone Customer Centre.


 Unfamiliar objects can be more easily spotted if you exercise `good 
housekeeping', i.e, keep your room and corrudors tidy and unoccupied
offices closed.


 If You Receive The Call: 

 Take details of the actual words used in the threat. 

 As soon as possible advise the Incident Controller of the situation by
phone and act on his advice. (In the event that the IC or Deputy is
unavailable then telephone the police and act on their advice, and also
advise theBS Zone Customer Centre who will locate someone to attend).

 A formal record of the Bomb Threat Call should be made on the form
attached to the local Bomb and Bomb Threat Procedures Notice, issued
seperatly,and fowarded to the incident controller.

 To Trace A Call. 

 If your colleague advises you that he is taking a Bomb Threat Call, 
IMMEDIATELY try getting a trace on the caller: 

 - Contact the public exchange operator and ask for "A call trace on a Bomb
Threat call being received on .............." (quote the phone number the
threat is being received on)

 - The results on the trace (whether successful or not) should be advised
to your collegue receiving the call and phoned through to the incident


 Action on Discovery. 

 If you discover a suspect object, letter parcel or vechicle: 

 - DO NOT move, cover, or interfere with it 

 - The highest ranking person in the immediate vicinity (you may be that
person, regardless of your grade) must then IMMEDIATLY arrange for all the
people to clear the room, the surrounding rooms, and if thought necessary, 
the whole floor. 

 - Whilst arranging the evacuation, ensure that the Incident Controller is
urgently advised of the situation by phone and act on his advice. (In
event that the incident controller and deputy are unavailable, then 
telephone the police and act on their advise, then advice the BS Zone 
Customer Centre who will locate someone to attend). 

 - Complete the form attached to the local Bomb and Bomb Threat Notice, issued
seperatly and the foward to the Incident Controller. 


 A bomb can be anything large enough to hold explosive or incendiary
material, ranging in size from a matchbox to a suitcase or even larger.

 A reliable indication may be the discovery of an object which is alien to
that location, unusual in appearance, hidden from casual view and/or, of
questionablee ownership.

 A letter or parcel bomb can be of almost any size that can travel by

 DON'T OPEN IT, leave it in a clear area for investigation. 

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