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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: nrk94.txt

Opening Post Office Boxes

Opening P.O. Boxes: First of all
playing with mailboxes (whether it
blowing them up or stealing the mail)
is a federal so be CAREFUL.  The old
type of PO boxes (the type that have
two wheels marked a-z) are very simple
to open.  To find out the combination
place your finger on the opening button
and give it a hard jerk.  As you do
this watch the right hand wheel very
closely.  You will notice that it
moves slightly.  Turn the wheel to the
next position the wheel and try again.
At one point you will notice that the
wheel stays absolutly still.  This is
the opening letter for this wheel.
The reason this works is that when the
button is hit a cam hits the wheel and
thus jumps.  When the wheel is aligned
to its opening letter the cam falls 
into the cut in the wheel and there is
no movement.
         Reprinted from TAP

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