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A Quick Word on Roofing

A Quick Word on ROOFING!
by Grim  Phreaking

As I sit here mind wonders. It doesn't come back, so I pass
the time by IM'ing random things to linear...he has no idea who I am and
ignores me pointedly.

So for some reason I think about roofing, and think it needs to be
talked about here!

Anyway...Roofing is just what you think it is: Making sandwich...No,
just kidding, it's going up on roofs silly!

Why go up there? Well, because that's how ninjas and batman do it and so
can we! Also, because there are often all sorts of interesting thangs up

When roofing, do it at night. Wear Dark clothes, but don't don some
ninja outfit so you look like a burglar...if you get caught and you look
like the 1337 dark warrior shahazeelub you're screwed...if you look like
a bum or just some 'punk kid' you'll probably just get yelled at and
kicked out.

It's a good idea to bring a SMALL flashlight...gloves...and maybe a
backpack for anything cool you find like the frisbee you got stuck up
there last week.

Now be careful...occasionally rooftops will have a camera or two...or
other security systems. Avoid the camera views, and if you hear an
alarm...leave. (Good advice, eh?)

Getting up is usually a matter of a fire escape stairway or ladder. For
the ninjas out there I suppose you can climb pipes or windows or
something to, or even use a grappling hook or suction cups...whatever
works quickly...but make sure you have a quick way down.

If you get caught, act cool and casual and play it like you were just
wandering around...odds are it won't be a real cop, so just outmsart and
or outrun them

Now, you're not freakin Batman...don't go hopping from roof to roof if
they're far away like a dumbass, cause you'll break a leg and get caught
and EVERYONE here will make fun of you and you'll cry.

Anyway, just use common sense....rooftops hold all sorts of weird
equipment sometimes, and sometimes diddly shit(kinda like dumpster
diving) so just have fun, and don't get busted! 

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