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TUCoPS :: Physical Security :: shoplft2.txt

How to shoplift, part two. By ZiGGY

                         How To Shoplift  -  Part Two
                              Written By: ZiGGY

In my last file I wrote on this subject (Quite a long time ago), I explained 
in general some techniques on how not to get cought. In this file, I will list
some more specific methods on how to get certain objects.

Unless you are some kind of spoiled millionaire who could care less about the
cost of recorded material, you probably don't feel like paying 7-9 bucks for 
an album or cassette that you really want. This technique will require that 
you have a coat of some kind on, so you don't look suspicious with the tapes
under your shirt. Of course, you think, this might be useless during the
warmer months where a coat is not needed, or if you live in an area of the 
country where you never need a coat due to the temperatures. In this case, I
suggest that you wear two, maybe even three t-shirts with a sweatshirt of 
sorts over them. You probably know of the plastic thing that they put on the
cassettes in order to avoid people slipping them in their pockets. You will 
not worry about this until you get home where you have scissors to cut the 
plastic off. Get the cassette(s) that you want to take and put them all in one
pile. Usually they have little racks where the tapes are stacked, this works 
fine for a place to put them. After you have picked the tapes out and put them
in one place, make sure that there is no one looking at you and if possible, 
get in the most secluded and hidden spot of the tapes section. WATCH OUT FOR
ONE WAY WINDOWS ON THE WALLS AND CEILINGS! One by one, take a tape that you 
want and hold it low and pretend to be reading the back of it. Hold it against
your thigh right below the bottom of your coat and stand there for a few 
seconds so you look normal. Turn with your leg away from the mirror or sales
desk or whatever so it is facing the rack where all the tapes are located. 
While you do this, take your other hand and pull your coat and shirts under it
OUT so that you can slip the tape up in one quick motion against your chest.
Tuck in your shirt so that it will not fall out. Repeat this for more than one
tape, although I suggest not taking more than 2 or 3 at one time or you will
look extremely top-heavy, and the tapes will have a better chance for falling
out if there are more of them. So now, let's look at what we have so far: You
are standing there with cassettes pushed up your shirt, resting against your 
chest, with the jacket over them all. Now, make sure that the shirt is tucked
in, and put your hands in your coat and hold the tapes up against your chest
through your pockets and casually walk away. I have done this several times
and have never been cought. I suggest that you not do this in a crowded store,
I get my tapes from a K-Mart (dont laugh, tapes are tapes!) which doesn't have
many people in it.

If you cannot afford good clothes like so many other people, you don't need to
go around looking like a slob, you can shoplift plenty of different clothes.
"But what about those sensormatic things with the built in alarms that go off
when you leave the store, ZiGGY?" you ask. Simply rip them off if you are 
planning on taking a shirt. They usually put them near the bottom of the 
shirt, less than an inch or so from the bottom, it wont make that big of a 
rip... Other times, they place them up on the collar of the shirt. You can
eventually work the thing off if you pull and turn hard enough. Either way,
take the shirt or whatever into the dressing room. The problem with this is
that sometimes they have these checks where you have to bring out the same 
amount of things you bring in. If they have this sort of thing with a guard 
and everything, you cannot do this unless you are real crazy. First, take the 
shirt or pair of pants into the dressing room and get rid of the tag in either
of the methods listed above. Then simply tie the article of clothing around
your waist <you might want to take off your pants and tie it around your
waist halfway under your pants and the other half under your coat> and walk
out of the place.

To get books, you can use the method listed for the cassettes. Books are 
easier, though, because you can carry the book to the back of the store and 
put it in a pocket in your coat. First, rip the tag off of the book so if you
get cought you can say that you had bought it somewhere else, and this could
lessen the chances of getting arrested. For this reason, you should always rip
the tags off.

When you take something, DO NOT act like you are in a hurry to get out of the 
store, in fact, you should walk slower than usual and take the long way out of
the store. Do not go to a store too often to shoplift. If you find a nice 
store for getting tapes at, go there once a week at the maximum, because, 
beleive it or not, they will recognize you and watch you if you aren't 
careful. Also, never get to thinking that you are "the best" at shoplifting,
because if you do this, you will become careless and WILL be cought. Try not
to get into too big of things, for instance, don't think that if you can steal
some tapes that you can steal anything. Take only what you need or want badly,
do not waste your luck on petty things that you do not consider important. I
hope this file has helped you, take care, watch out for yourself, and most
important, keep dicks outta yor ass.

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