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TUCoPS :: Scams :: credit2.txt

Lightmans Credit Fraud Series Part 2

  <->                              <->
  <->        David Lightman        <->
  <->                              <->
  <->             and              <->
  <->                              <->
  <->    -=The Administration=-    <->
  <->                              <->
  <->                              <->
  <->                              <->
  <->           Present:           <->
  <->                              <->
  <->                              <->
  <->           Part I I           <->
  <->       Getting the Cards      <->
  <->                              <->
  <-><-><-><-David Lightman-><-><-><->
  <->    -=The Administration=-    <->
  <->                              <->
  <->   In this article, we will   <->
  <-> show you some new techniques <->
  <-> in getting the cards alone.  <->
  <-> We will also mention how to  <->
  <-> check if the cards you have  <->
  <-> gotten are valid or not.     <->
  <->                              <->

     First, I should  mention TRW.  If
you are interested in that method, then
I would really suggest that you get
Major Havock's & Britash Bloke's file
on TRW.  If you cannot locate this
file, leave mail to me or try finding
The Administration's Bulliton Board
System.  I will try to tell you as much
as I think I can here in this file


     Your modem should be set at:

             7 Bits
             1 Stop Bit
             Even Parity

     Dial-up: 214-980-2524

     Once you are online, wait for TRW
promt and press Control-G, wait for a
beep. There, type the state's four
character ID that the person you want
credit information is living in, and
press RETURN.  After the RETURN, type
in the information on the person that
you want the information on in the
format below:


     Of course, all of this should be
entered on one line.  After you have
typed this, press RETURN, "H-Y",
RETURN, and Control-S.

     For another person in the same
state, you can just type in the format
again containing that person's

  Making Counterfeit Cards

     For an investment of about a
thousand dollars, an orginized criminal
operation can get the pressing
machines needed to make credit cards.
Counterfeiting credit cards is
relativly simple.  There are no fancy
scrolls and filigree work (see the file
on "Counterfeiting", another article
by The Administration), just blocky
logos in primary colors.  From our
stand point, the main advantage here is
that it allows us cash advances.  For
maximum plundering of a line of credit,
we must know the credit limit as well
as the account number.

  Getting Credit Limit and Account #

     Here is the dialog that you should
use (over the phone) to get this kind
of information...

   You:  Hello, this is Bank of
        America.  We're calling to
        tell you that the credit limit
        on your Visa card has been
        raised to $1,200.00.

Victim:  But my credit limit has always
        been $10,000.00.

   You:  There must be a problem with
        the computers, do you have
        you're card handy?  Could you
        read off the embossed numbers?

Victim:  Ok, it's 9834 864 874 9857.

   You:  Thank you.  I will check into
        this error myself, right away.

     Another way to get these credit
cards is to go to a major department
store.  Look for the ones that do not
have thier own credit cards.  You
should then go trashing for ribbons
sometime in the dumpster or just inside
the store sometimes.

  Recognizing What Cards You Get

           American Express

      =                          =
      =    American Express      =
      =                          =
      =                          =
      =  37XN NXXXXX XXXXX       =
      =                          =
      =  MM/Y1 THRU MM/Y2    Y1  =
      =   David Lightman       AX=
      =                          =

     The first two digits are allways
thirty-seven.  If the N's are between
80 to 89, then the card is a gold
card.  If the N's equal 37, then it
is a platnium.  

     The first date is the date this
David Lightman recieve this particular
card.  The second date is the
expiration date.  The other Y1 doesn't
mean a thing.


      =                          =
      =   MasterCard   (citibank)=
      =                          =
      =                          =
      = 5XXX XXXX XXXX XXXX      =
      = XXXX AAA DD-MM-YY MM/YY  =
      = David Lightman           =
      =                          =

     I think you can pretty well under-
stand this card.  One thing you should
know, the first digits is allways 5.


      =                          =
      =    VISA                  =
      =       Chase Manhatten    =
      =                          =
      = 4XXX XXX(X) XXX(X) XXX(X)=
      = MM/YY    MM/YY*VISA      =
      = David Lightman           =
      =                          =

     This card is very easy to detect.
It's name is embossed on the card
(means will show up on carbon).  There
is something pretty good to know about
the first four digits, it is allways
4333 or 4444.

             Wells Fargo 

      =                          =
      =                          =
      =                          =
      =  David Lightman          =
      =  MM/YY - MM/YY           =
      =  4024 0071 XXX(X) XXX(X) =
      =  L _/                    =
      =                          =

     This is one of the fun ones.  If
it begins 4024 0071, then you know you
have one.  Also, if the '-' is
between the dates is '*', that
indicates a gold card.  If the 'L'
followed by the check '_/' is a 'C',
then you have a clasic card.  If the
'L' is a 'P', then you have a premier

  Testing Credit Cards

     To determine if the cards are any
good or not is pretty easy.  You go
into the store you ripped these things
off from and look by their phone.  You
should see a number and almost allways
a merchant number.  Another way to
find these numbers is to wait untill
they dial the numbers.  Try to remeber
the numbers that they dial.  This
method is a little better for sometimes
written numbers in the stores are
forgotten about and might have been
changed since the last time they had
changed the written copy.  Yes, some
Target workers are smart enough to
memorize a number, and mabye even a
merchant number.

     When you call this number, and
you get passed all the "red tape", then
ask if the credit card number is clear
for the amount you want to spend.  Ask
the operator to cancel the auto
withdrawal and hope she will, not many
operators are that dumb.

<-><-><-><-><-><-><-=>David Lightman

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