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Defeating classified US Government X-Ray Vision (most likely refers to recent millimeter-wave imaging developments)

From Wed Mar 26 16:34:54 2003
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Date: 27 Mar 2003 00:34:54 GMT
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Subject: Defeating Classified US Government X-ray Vision
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Defeating Classified US Government X-ray Vision

The US Government has developed classified imaging technology that can see
through walls, right into a person's home. The technology is precise and
virtually undetectable. The technology was also incorporated into targeting
scopes that can be used to assassinate a person through a wall. The US
Government is allowing hate groups directly connected to the FBI, CIA, and NSA
to test this technology on innocent US civilians.

Below are some practical steps that are extremely effective in blocking the
imaging technology. People at risk of being targeted should keep these steps in

1) Buy an ultrasonic (mist) humidifier and raise relative room humidity to 60
percent or greater. Elevated room humidity levels block the imaging technology
that see a person through a wall. The US government has spent millions of
dollars to develop this technology and it can be easily defeated with a simple
ultrasonic humidifier that costs under one hundred dollars.

2) Remove any metal items from the body, such as glasses and jewelry. The
imaging technology can easily detect metals through a wall.

3) Cover windows in a room with one layer of aluminum foil (shinny side facing
out). The US government also has an imaging technology that can use light not
visible to the human eye to see through windows, shades, and curtains. This
technology can't see through walls, only through window shades and curtains.
This technology is not blocked by humidity but aluminum foil will block it.
Special window shades will have to be developed to block this technology.

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