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The Hacker's Guide to Investigations

-The Hackers' Guide To Investigations -
--                                   --
--- Presented by HALE,  Originators ---
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---               of                ---
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-          THE UNDERGROUND            -
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---                                 ---
----      Written by Ripper        ----
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Copyright 1989  HALE Telecommunications
-----Serving The Public Since 1984-----
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Alright, now I've been pretty calm for
a long time, some of you may remember
me from years back.  Well, I'm still
around.  Let's get a few things
straight, this article contains no
bullshit.  This is a basic guide for
Hacks, like you and I, to help track
down and catch.  Remember, this is
only a basic guide, these techniques
are used by real, and ligit
investigators, most of these are
legal ways.

I'm trying to work my way in to a
career at (An un-named Federal
Goverment Department) working on
investgations of a specialized nature,
I'm not bullshitting, I plan this to
be my profession, and have invested
alot of time and money, and good old
hard work learning some of these
skills while working with legal and
investigative offices in San Diego

Alright, well, we'll start with the
ultimate in Investigative Tools
that are there for legal use:

The IRSC.  The Information Resource
Service Company of California.  The
IRSC offers 700 national databases
that are accessible by modem.  Some of
thise Databases are:  IRSC Sleuth; you
give it a SSN number, it'll tell you
who it belongs to, their adress, their
spouses name, and any known AKAs.  The
National Identifier- 200 Million Files
with current addresses and possible
places of employment.  National Change
of Address- 30 Million moves, updated
twice monthly.  NAtional Telerace-
Give it the last name, and zip code,
it'll give you the phone number from a
database of 78 Million numbers.
Pre-employment search- A check of
driving record, credit check, and
legal check.

IRSC also has access to National and
CA DMV records, ON-LINE!  Court
records, public filings, real estate,
and credit databases.  Many of these
put TRW and CBI to pathetic shame.  If
you ran someones name through all the
databases, you'd know everything on
this person, I wouldn't doubt it if it
told you the last time the person went
to the restroom!

OK, That's for the rich and weathly
(Or a good hack!)  Want a hint?
Alright, I'll give it to you.  Try
looking in 714-52x-xxxx and
surrounding areas of Fullerton CA.

The more mundane things to try for us
poor folk.

County Registar of Voters -Names,
addresses, occupations and signatures.

County Criminal Records -Info on
convicted criminals.

Superior Court Files -Info on all
civil court cases.

Fict. Business Index -Business name,
owner's name, other businesses owned.

Probate Index -Listings of will which
have made their way into probate.

Corporation Files -Names, addresses
and coporate officials.

Marriage Files -Name, addresses,
places of birth, names of parents.

Birth Records -Name, address, place of
birth, date of birth, names of

Tax Files -Names, addresses of owners

Motor Vehicle -Names, adresses of
licensed drivers, ownership of
vehicles.  Info hard to get, best to
have a contact.

Alcohol Control Board -Regulates any
business dealing with alcohol sold to
the public.

National Driver Registar Service
-Tracks drivers who re-apply in
another state after having a license
suspended or revoked.

Schools -Names, dates, address, change
of address, parents' name.  May have
yearbooks with subject's picture.

Public Library Resources:

Business Directories -Adresses,
offices, products

Civil Directories -Cross ref. info on
persons in the city, addresses, phone
numbers, occupations.

Legal Directory -Names, addresses,
phone numbers of attorneys.

Important people directories -Names,

Finding a safe deposit box, it
requires a little legal work, but can
be done.  For $75 dollars, the ASDA at
330 W. Main St., Greenwood, IN 46412
will attempt to locate it, you must
provide a death certificate or Letters
of Office or Conservatorship issued by
a probate court.

Important things to remember...Track
al expenses, you can usally recover
most of these in court from the
defendant if you win judgement.

A good trick, Send demand letters with
REQUESTED."  Returned letters will
have a Forwarding address label from
the post office if they know where to
send the mail if the person moved.

Bullshit, it's one of the greatest
things the telephone allows you to do,
legally.  If you locate an old
address, call them up and BS, a good
line is "Mr. Jones ordered some tools
from us, we have been having trouble
confirming his order and delivery is
impossible without verification of his
address, he already pre-paid his order
and we'd like to deliver his
merchandise to him, but can't get a
hold of him....."

Never forget the obvious, like the
phone directory, or directory

This is by no means a complete list,
there are thousands of ways of which
to get info on people.  Legal and
otherwise.  A good example was some of
us here at HALE got into a major pizza
database with names and addresses of
all the customers who ever ordered
from this (National) chain.  The Bell
System can always prove useful, as
well as CBI and TRW.  But using all
this, you are going to find something.

If you find the person, don't let him
know, you'll spook him, face it, you
hunting, and any good hunter knows to
keep quiet when he spots his pray.
You can now use your knowledge for a
few other good things.  Tap his phone,
do some trashing, and take a look in
his car, and his house if you get the
chance, trash at his work, every
little bit helps.

210 Lines later....The End.

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