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Acquiring Account Information, by The Loath (social engineering)

\\                                                                                                             \\
//                                            Acquiring Account Information                                    //
\\                                         ================================                                    \\
//                                                                       by                                    //
\\                                                            -=The Loath=-                                    \\
//                                                       [ The Great Hate ]                                    //
\\                                                                                                             \\
//                                                              April, 1997                                    //
\\                                                                                                             \\

-=Table Of Contents=-

I.  Acquiring Account Info

    A.  Planning
    B.  Who to Target
    C.  How to get there User name and Password
    D.  Aftermath

I.  Acquiring Account Info


    So you want to get somebodys account password and login huh?  Well
im gunna tell you how to do it. What you want to do once you get your
target is to find out what isp he is on.  Call up that isp and when
somebody answers the phone like "Hi this is Bob Wells from AOL, how may
I help you?."  Now just say something like, "Oh sorry wrong number."  If
you dont relize it.....You got yourself  an employees name for your
targets isp.


     Targeting can work in many ways.  I would reccommend targeting
somebody that is new with the internet or somebody that doesnt know alot
about computers but has an internet account.  Remember make sure to get
the persons internet isp name so you can get an employees name.  Another
way to target somebody is to look in the phone book and randomly pick a
name out.  Call them up like you know them personally, "Hi Tim, this is
Bob Wells from AOL."  See they will now think that you are a employee.
Read On.


     Getting your targets login and password is the funnest part of all.
Because if you succeed you will think, "Hey im slick."  Then this will
lead to more successfull attemps of getting logins and passwords to
local isps.  Ok now heres how to get the persons login and password.
Say you know some lamer at school that is on a local isp.  Well after
you call that isp and get an employees name (even if you have to talk to
that employee for awhile to suck information on him) you can call the
lamer at school as an isp employee.  Ok call the lamer on the phone,
(First get his phone #) then start your sentence by saying, "Hi this is
BOB from internets r us.  May I please speak with (the kids name)."
Then whoever is on the line will get him/her if he/her is home.

     Then I would suggest introducing yourself again to the person so he
feels good talking to somebody he thinks he knows or is safe talking to.
To get his/her login and password say something like, "Well (kids name)
our new Windows NT system (I suggest getting the system info on the
system they have) has messed up 1/4 of our logins and im sorry to inform
you that yours was one of those. (Bullshit for awhile)  Well all I need
to get you back set-up is your current login and password"  He will most
likely give you his login and password showing the idiot he/she is.
Then say bye and your account will be functioning in about 1 hour.  Most
of the time this will work.  In my local area AOL customers ALWAYS fall
for it! I thing you will want to have in the background is some basic
office noise.  I would suggest having a few friends in the background
shuffling papers and talking outloud a few times saying things like,
"The servers HDD is going AWOL, give me the DSS chip." This will make
your target think that you are really in an office.


      Well if all that above went successfully you now have yourself a
nice juicy login and password.  I suggest you go on immediately so just
incase they try to go on and they get a failure or a cant connect
(because somebody is using there account, which they wont know if they
have low computer knowledge) they wont think that they had just been
bamboozeled out of there login and password!

      I would suggest just going on as them for awhile then in about 5
or so hours go back on and get an anonymous emailer or an emailer that
sends email from any address specified send them a fake email from there
isp saying sorry about the delay in your account but now its fully
operational, make sure to put a please do not respond to this email or
something like that so when they email the isp the isp doesnt say, "What
the fuck?!"  Then eventually there account info will be changed, users
on that isp will be notified in PHONE imposters and your juicy account
will be useless.  Good Luck!

                                       ++      -=The Loath=-      ++
                                       ++    [ The Great Hate ]   ++
                                       ++  ++

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