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Actualism: Inner Work with Light-Fire-Energy Meditation and Beyond

Meditation and Beyond

By Dr. Bruce R. Jaffe
New York Actualism Center
27 West 72nd Street
New York, NY 10023, USA
Tel. 212-873-5826
Compuserve: 73112.2647
America Online: Actualism

KEYWORDS: Actualism, meditation, yoga, 
spiritual, inner light, life energy.

(c)1993 Bruce R. Jaffe. 
All rights reserved.
Feel free to copy this document and 
pass it on, but it may not be sold.


Actualism is step-by-step process of enhancing and accelerating spiritual 
evolution for progressive enlightenment. Using ancient techniques in a 
modern formulation, Actualism works with "light-fire" energy tools and 
techniques to bring about the releasing of one's potential for healing self 
and others, for creative inspiration and expression, and for problem-solving 
in many areas of life.

Founded in the early 1960's by Dr. Russell Paul Schofield, Actualism--then 
known as "Agni Yoga" or "union by fire"--is now taught at centers in New
York and California (including Costa Mesa, Escondido, Los Angeles, San
Diego, and San Francisco).  I am endeavoring to introduce this teaching
to a worldwide audience by means of the Internet and commercial online
services such as America Online and Compuserve. 

To teach meditation by correspondence, or long distance over networks such 
as these is a formidable task, but I think it is possible. At least the 
introductory technique can be practiced and even mastered from reading it 
and then sitting down and doing it. With a teacher present in person, it is 
much easier to learn because not only does the teacher verbally lead the 
student through the technique, but the energy and awareness of the teacher 
amplify the experience of the student.  That is how I learned these
teachings, and that is how the work has been taught down through the
ages in many different forms.

To begin with, there are some basic laws of energy that are helpful to know:

1. Awareness directs thought, and thought directs energy.

2. Life-energy follows thought.

3. Where there is pain, from mild discomfort to acute distress, the flow of 
life-energy is obstructed.

4. Where thought is focussed, the power of life-energy is concentrated.

We can sum up these four laws in four simple words for practical 

So when you are working with inner life energy tools, think of the energy 
once, then let it flow, observe it moving about, and with your awareness let 
yourself enter into the experience. As you become skilled at this directed 
"letting" you move into what we call "effortless effort". How difficult is it 
to think a thought? Yet that is all it takes to begin tapping into your inner-
light-fire energy. The key is knowing where to direct your awareness, and 
how to bring the energy from within out. The "how" is easy, once you stop 
trying to make it difficult.


The powerful, yet safe, introductory technique which follows has been
taught to literally thousands of people over more than 30 years. Many
find it to be calming and centering. Scientific studies have found
meditation in general to have health benefits such as reduced stress and
lowering blood  pressure. But beyond those physical benefits, if you
practice this often, it can lead to an overall increased clarity of
mind, emotional well-being, and sensory delight in life. 


Especially when you start out working with life-energies, it is best to be in 
a situation where you will not be interrupted. If possible, find a quiet, 
comfortable place to sit. Let someone else or your phone answering machine 
answer the phone. 

Sit in a comfortable chair, with your feet flat on the floor, your legs and arms 
uncrossed. (This can also be done lying down, but you might fall asleep).  Rest your hands on your upper legs, with your palms down. Close your eyes,so your mind won't be distracted by what is going on around you.

Direct your focus of awareness to a place six inches (about 20cm)
directly above the center of the top of your head. Here is located a
placed in consciousness which is always calm and radiant, no matter what
is going on elsewhere in your mind or body, or around you. It is called
the "upper room".  Think of a point of pure, crystal-white light here.
Don't "try" to visualize it. If you see it, fine, but if you don't, it
doesn't matter.  As you think of the point of white light, it grows
brighter, expanding into a little star, three inches (about 10cm) in

Think and let the star burn away the veils that have kept it hidden all these 
years.  Direct the star to open, releasing a downpour of cleansing and purifying life energy. This energy is crystal clear, like fresh spring water.

Let the energy flow through your hair, scalp, into the bones of your head and 
face, into your brain, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, down the neck, through your 
shoulders, arms, and hands. Experience it flowing through your chest and 
back, abdomen, hips, pelvic area, upper legs, knees, lower legs, ankles and 
feet. Think and let the soles of your feet open, releasing the energy into the 
earth beneath your feet. Now it is flowing through your whole body.

Think of the bottoms of your feet closing, so the energy begins to backfill up 
through the areas you have cleared out. Experience it in your legs, hips, 
torso, shoulders, arms, hands, neck, and head. Let it overflow out the top of 
your head, surrounding your body with an aura of crystal clear white light. 

Bring your hands together, almost but not quite touching, palms facing each 
other out in front of your body. Experience the energy flowing through your 
hands. You could use this energy to heal others, by laying your lighted hands 
on the person's head, heart, or wherever they have discomfort. Whatever you touch with your hands lighted this way will be filled with inner light-fire-energy.

If you experience discomfort anywhere in your body as you are working with the inner light, think of the "consuming fire" aspect of the energy. Hold the focus of it in the area of discomfort to burn through the obstructions to the flow of your pure life energy.  Afterwards, take a few minutes to assimilate the radiant essence of the light into any area that you have cleared out with the consuming fire aspect.


In addition to your focussed practice of the energy in a meditation as 
described above, you can work with the downpour anytime and anywhere, day or night, with your eyes open or closed, as appropriate to the situation. You can use it as an inner shower while you take your outer shower in the morning. Every time you think of the star and the white light downpouring, it continues for about 30 minutes.  So you can literally fill your day with inner light. It's also a great way to go to sleep at night. 


If you have any questions or comments, or wish further information about Actualism,  feel free to contact me by mail or e-mail at the addresses above. Enjoy!

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