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Alpha (personalities) are the best liars?

From Mon Jul 09 22:38:40 2001
Subject: Alphas are the best liars.
From: "Michael S." <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2001 05:38:40 GMT

	I just saw some research that correlates the ability to lie ,and do it
convincingly, with being an "Alpha". The study involved different age
groups from childern on up, as well as different social, cultural, and
economic groups. And in ALL cases, the best liar emerged as the leader of
the group. 

	It really does not suprise me when you think about Bill Clinton, Ronald
Reagan, etc. Politics aside, I don't think it is a coincidence that an
ACTOR, someone who lies for a living, emerged as one of the most popular
Presidents of all time. Even some "Experts" rated him as the 4th most
influencial President of all time, even ahead of George Washington.

	Think about some of the unpopular Presidents who didn't last long. Jimmy
Carter, and Gerald Ford. What is ironic, is that they were probably the
most honest. 

	And what about Adolf Hitler???  He was probably one of the best liars and
persuaders of all time. And the World actually believed him over and over
again when he said that he would make no more territorial demands. Russia
believed him enough to sign a treaty with him before he invaded them. 

	What does this have to do with PUA, well, I hate to admit it due to social
condtioning, but I know I have lied my ass off at times to get laid. And
they gobbled it up without ever questioning it. Is it morale? Probably not.
Does it work?  YES. 

	But more importantly, if you are an rAFC that has a hard time approaching,
connecting, feeling the Alpha lifestyle, etc.  Learn from Ronnie.... BECOME
AN ACTOR. Take acting lessons!  Actors have the uncanny ability to step
into a role and FEEL the part. It's about persuasion and making the
audiance (HB) BELIEVE.  Believe what?  Believe your patterns, believe that
you are an Alpha Male, believe that you are desireable, etc. etc.  

	Not only that, ACTING IS FUN.  I did a little in college and had the time
of my life. It's also a good way to meet HBs with a fertile imagination.
But you know what is interesting?  Many of people in the Acting classes
were in LAW School, because they kno how important it is to be able to
persuade a Judge and jury. Especially when you are defending some asshole
that really did it. 

	In acting classes they do all sorts of excercises to remove your
inhibitions. Think of this.... If you can get on stage and perform in front
of a theater full of strangers, approaching an HB is a piece of cake. And
if you can convince that theater full of people that you ARE that
character.... well, you'll soon be gutting HBs left and right.  

	If you are NOT an Alpha male, guess what, all you have to do is be able to
step into the role and make people BELIEVE IT. And guess what?  PRESTO, YOU
ARE AN ALPHA MALE. You can live the lifestyle and tell yourself that you
are an Alpha, but if the HBs dont' believe it, then it does not matter. 

	I think that was one of the points of the recent Live the Alpha Lifestyle
post. You have to step into the role and believe it, THEN you will actually
become ALPHA not only to those who believe it, but also to yourself. So
what if you are nervous, most actors get pre-show gitters, it's NATURAL.
Yet there ability to act hides any case of nerves from the audience. And
that HB10 doesn't give a shit what is really going on inside of you, all
that matters is what she believes. 

	So, if you are an RAFC that is really having a hard time with all of this,
take some aciting lessons and you might be suprised how much it will help
you. It did with me!  

Michael S. 


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