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How to win Arguments or make everyone see your side

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              \| - 1999


 - How to win arguments OR How to make everyone see your side -
   By HaPpYKiLL

 This file was written not as anything to do with phones, but rather as a self-help
guide. Ive been an IRC fanatic for 5 years, and theres nothing funner then riling
up a channel until everyone goes off on everyone else, then sorting it out and looking like you control everyone.
Heres a few tips for raising hell on your favorite network. Note: this file is how to 
WIN an argument, not How to be a badass flamer.

 The Commandments of being a succesful arguer

 1 - Stay as neutral as you can without contradicting yourself. This helps to keep 
you from getting kicked or banned before the fun even begins, or getting your ass
kicked if your fighting with a group of folks in say a restraunt.

 2 - Be intelligent. Dont do stupid things like "Yo momma!", if you actually want to
be acknowledged as winning an argument, your logic must be flawless. You have to make sense before anyone will agree with you right?

 3 - Play fair. Always admit that you can and will be aced from time to time. If you
obviously have lost on an issue, admit it. Stubborness and close-mindedness is the
way of the lamer. Also admitting it will keep you in somewhat good standard with those
you are arguing with (if its a group of friends).

 4 - If you intend to change someones opinions on a certain issue, its a debate, not
an argument, got it?

 Now, onto the fun.

 1 - Finding the right group of ppl

 Christians or any religious group are good targets. These ppl cant comprehend the
fact that someone might not agree with their views of the world. Always remember to
be civil unless you only mean to raise hell. It keeps the argument going longer, and the longer the argument goes on, the better chance you have of winning.

 2 - Trapping someone

 The fastest way to win an argument is to box the other side in with their own words.
Pay careful attention to what they say, lower forms of human life will usually slip
up and contradict themselves.

 3 - Dont take the same approach twice

 If someone doesnt agree with your idea, word it differently, or persist in sharing
various other points about it. There is a slim chance they might agree if you re-word
your main point, therefore trapping them into agreement.

 4 - Being overall better

 Somethimes when you flat-out win an argument, the other side wont admit defeat. You
dont have to persuade the other side that your right, you just have to persuade the
majority of ppl watching. Usually when you do that, the stubborn asshole will either
back off, or run crying home to mommy.

 5 - Know when to shut up

 This is very important. You HAVE to know when to shut up, and let the other side
continue to make an ass of themself. This is a very fast way to get others on your

 6 - Be reputable

 If the folks watching the argument unfold know you, and have seen you win time and
time again, you simply dont have to work as hard at winning them over.

 That about wraps it up, i hope this teaches you something.

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