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Advanced Social Engineering 1

                         - Written By FreeStyle -

    The author hereby grants  permission to reproduce,  redistribute, 
    or  include  this  file in your g - file section,  electronic  or 
    print  newsletter,  or any other form of  transmission  that  you 
    you  choose,  as long as it is kept  intact  and  whole,  with no 
    with no omissions, deletions, or changes in anyway. (C) FreeStyle 

   There is a war out there...  A world war and it's not about who's got
   the most bullets,  it's about who controls the  information.  What we
   see and  hear,  how  we work,  what we think...  It's all  about  the
                                   -  Taken from the movie " Sneakers "

      The time has come to use ALL our resources to our advantage.  Blue
   Boxing  is becoming much harder and also avoiding the  authorities in
   general is becoming a near  impossible task.  They have the equipment
   to monitor the general public and also keep track of us. Therefore we
   must exploit the loop holes for which  they foolishly left behind for
   us to find.  (nice Huh ?)  But not only computers  and also telephone
   transmissions  are we to  expolit,  but  everything  which deals in a
   electronic median.  This brings myself to the point  -  Have you ever
   wondered  what  else  I  can  accomplish?   The   answer  is   Radios
   and the telecommunication  means  by  which they travel.  I have been
   astounded  at  the number of  big  time hackers/phreakers (cyberpunks
   in general) who don't know all that  much   about  other devices  for
   their  arsenal.  We live  in  a electronic  world  nowadays  and that
   means we are also monitored more by the Government  in  everything we
   do.  But they have kindly set up great communication  networks  which
   expand across the world  with the use  of computers, telephones lines
   and  of  course   radio  communication  -  telecommunication  related
      You may have listened to a scanner  radio before?  It is very easy
   to  modify a radio  transceiver and  be able  to  play Mr.  Policeman
   yourself for a couple of days,  weeks,  months or even  years. hehehe
   you are all of a sudden a chief in charge of a police station perhaps
   or  just  maybe you  would like  to be able to get details of certain
   people and their  addresses and contact numbers, what color hair they
   have,  whether  they have any outstanding  warrants, etc......   This
   is all part of the governments control on  us..   but they forgot one
   thing guy's!!  They didn't count on  the cyberpunks of our generation
   to be  up  with  them or  even in  front of  them and  they are  just
   starting to realize their BIG mistake now...

      The government has a great loop hole  which hackers,  phreakers or
   whatever you like to call yourself can explore. Communications by the
   general police to each other about us, this is also a very vital part
   of the cyberpunks arsonal.  There are a few people who like and  also
   enjoy playing a policeman and obtaining descriptive details of people
   and  even  government  employee's  by  the  use  of  the police's own
   communication  network.  After  all the  network  is designed to keep
   details of every one in society nowadays..
      In  every  police car  there is a police  radio and  also in every
   trunk of the car or under the seat  there is a police handheld radio.
   You can either obtain one  of these illegally or just go out and buy,
   beg  or  steal any  amateur  radio which is capable of  receiving  or
   modified to transmit on the police band. The manufacturs also realize
   that  their  radios can be  modified and they don't really bother too
   much about it,  because after all it IS  BIG  BUSINESS  and they know
   that  their will always be the inquiring mind out there  who  will be
   able  to  modify  the radio to suit their needs.  After all they make
   money out of  these people hehehe,  but hell,  a lot of companies now
   even tell you how to modify their  own  radios, but I advise you that
   it  is illegal  to transmit  on their  frequencies and there are HUGE
   fines and possible jail sentences if you decide  to do  it.  (Typical
   isn't it ?)
      At  the end of this article I have included the police frequencies
   and also codes  which are used for varies Australian states.  All the
   codes,  freq's etc...  are public  reading anyway and radio's such as
   scanners are  capable  of listening  in on the police, but cyberpunks
   want more....  they want  to  abuse these   frequencies   and use the
   information which the police has for their own advantage.  (after all
   it's information about the public anyway)

   Abusing Guidelines
      The police radios are Motorolla  type of transmitters.  Not all of
   them are,  but Motorolla  is one of the best brands and also the most
   expensive  on the  market.  They  all  incorporate what is known as a
   CTSS (Coded Tone Squelch System)  which is  a  separate  type of unit
   or   module  which  plugs  into  a  socket  inside  the radio.   When
   transmitting  on a  frequency you  must make  sure you  have  a  -950
   offset,  this  means that you  are listening on the receive frequency
   with  your  transmitter  and then  when you  key in your mike (or PTT
   Button)  you will  then be transmitting on a frequency which is - 950
   from the receive frequency. Most police frequencies which we want are
   located in the UHF  (Ultra High Frequency) band...  Between 450 - 470
   Mhz  their are also many other  police frequencies  which are located
   in the VHF (Very High Frequency) band, but  these we wont worry about
   for now. Because the main information is in the UHF band.

    Example  :   468.725   (Receive Frequency, listen in on this)
                 - 950
                 459.225   (Input Frequency, or transmit frequency)

      Now,  once you have got this right,  then  you must set the  radio
   transmitter to a CTSS encode frequency of  107.2  This will allow you
   to have access to the Police  repeater  network and  therefore enable
   you to speak  as well.  The CTSS  frequency may  not be the  same for
   other  states  such as WA and SA.  The 107.2 code  is  for  Victorian
   based police stations.  If you have the right frequency, you will  be
   able to  hear them but not transmit to them until you have  the  CTSS
   encoded frequency as well (which is 107.2 for Vic).
      Now if you are able to transmit, listen for a while for what other
   police men/women  are on duty and then take note of their call signs.
   If you  have  a radio  which has the CTSS encode and ALSO decode then
   you are in luck.  If  the CTSS frequency which I quoted was wrong for
   your  state  then  place  the  radio  on  decode  and  on the  police
   frequency and it will  automatically decode  the  CTSS frequency  and
   you will be able to  transmit.  Most  radios  also  have  the  decode
   function in them as well.

   What can I do?
      One  you  have  transmission  capability,  you  are  able to  make
   license checks  and also Male/Female IVR's etc....

   License Checks
      When  making a license  check make sure you  have a nice  sounding
   deep voice like a cop  and  then summon up the courage to transmit to
   the base station.  I have included in  the frequency lists what codes
   should  be used etc...  Once you  listen you will  pick up the police
   terminology quite fast.

   Example :  (Victorian Only)

   Cop -  Dandelong 303                 {303 means cop is driving a Van}
          Requesting a License Check Thanks

   Station - Go ahead Dandelong 303

   Cop -  Charlie, Victor, Oscar,  456 {Code for license plate: CVO 456}

   Station - Your Charlie,  Victor,  Oscar 456 is not listed not checked
             blah blah, blah fucken blah...
             It belongs to a Ken Day of number 63 Springvale Rd,
             Glen Waverley.
             Received that ?

   Cop - Received that THANKS !!!

      Now this is just a short little demo of what type of  conversation
   is used to obtain a license check.  Make sure you listen in first for
   about half an hour before going physco and finding out things...
      Once you get quite good at it you can can obtain Male/Female IVR's
   which  are more of a detailed description of the person involved  (or
   who you are checking up on)  this  requires the persons date of birth
   and real name.

   Example:       (A license or car check  is usually followed by a IVR)

   Cop -  Dandelong 303
          Requesting a Male IVR

   Station -  Go ahead Dandelong 303

   Cop -  Ken Day, Date of birth is :  19/12/61

   Station -  Ken Day has a no criminal history and is not currently
              wanted blah, blah fucken blah
              Received that ?

   Cop -  Yep, received that thanks !!

      Like I have stated,  the above is  ONLY a little demo of what type
   of conversation takes place etc...  This is very ILLEGAL and I advise
   anyone to watch out  because there are huge fines  and jail sentences
   if you are caught impersonating a police officer.
      Once you listen to the radio a bit more you will understand some o
   the terminology  used by the police and other government agencies.  I
   have also included the codes and frequency listings o most Australian
   states  next issue,  so it is  up  to you to  learn  how  to use them
   correctly,  as I have already told you what to do.

   Troubles With Police

      This method of obtaining information on just about anyone is quite
   safe,  ONLY if you follow  these guide lines etc... If for any reason
   the  base station  asks for  your call sign again then you know  that
   they have  checked up on you  and they know that you are not on duty.
      Also  read the other  files as to what  time you should  be on and
   also what  call sign  you should  be using to increase your chances a
   lot more in obtaining what you want.
      All government  emergencies  services  have tape  back ups  of the
   conversations  which have  been played during the day and also night.
   If for any  reason they  suspect that  you have fooled  them later on
   during the  day or something,  they will  have your  voice on back up
   tape and another  department of the  police has  been rumored to scan
   AM/SSB,  UHF Citizen Radio Bands (CB) and also amateur radio bands in
   the hope of  matching up a VPI  (Voice Print Identication)  and  then
   they will track  you down  when you don't  realize it.  So it is very
   wise to limit your police  transmissions for important checks and not
   just abusing the police.
      Also the police have a direct line to the  department of transport
   and communications,  who love to track  pirate radio  people down and
   take them to court.  So it is  also wise not  to jam or make too many
   radio checks etc... from home.  So if in doubt,  stay mobile and move
   around  a fair bit,  this  reduces the chances of getting caught,  as
   they cannot  obtain a frequency  lock on you.  Or if they do you have
   moved to another place.
      Always  remember  FreeStyle's  motto - If it's a frequency you can
   use, it's a frequency to abuse!  and if worst comes to worst, and you
   are busted  then say  no comment  to everything  as they will try and
   incriminate you for anything.

   Stories to be told

   Fuck the police - NWA  {whole song played, they were pissed off}
   Requesting a male IVR for  Ken Day etc...
   I want some speed and mull copper
   T1000 requesting a license check.
   I'm the biggest dope dealer and you'll NEVER find me
   help, I've been shot..
   Please get off this frequency as it is unauthorized for public use
   Fuck you Pig !
   Is that one of OUR radios sir ?
   Units please check your car for a stolen police radio ahahaha
   Yo copper, i'm so fucken drunk and wasted do ya wanna get me ?
   Would any corrupt police out there want to buy an ounce of choof ?
   shit the cops are coming man, don't worry i'll divert them ehehehe
   Cop Killer, Cop Killer tonight we get even  {whole Ice-T song played}
   shit, this guy has got a fucken criminal history as big as a book
   lets piss off man...

   Also remember my friends:       The Government Are The Real Criminals
                         Next issue: Frequencies!

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