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An Amateur's Guide to Self Hypnosis

Hypnotic Suggestions

~Newsgroups: alt.hypnosis
~From: (Sunil Gupta)
~Subject: An amateurs guide to self hypnosis (long)
~Date: Sun, 10 Apr 1994 22:39:52 +0000

Hypnotic Suggestions

You may wish to use the following as a guide to your own self  hypnosis.  This
is  by  no means a definitive guide and can be modified to suit your own needs
and desires.

IMHO this is all a starter needs to know about hypnosis. Its is a  combination
of reading and experience. The regression bits are verbatim from books.

The Progressive Relaxation Method
The Instantaneous Relaxation Method
Post Hypnotic Suggestions
The Christos Method (non hypnotic)

Note This is an amateurs guide to self-hypnosis. It is
for informational use only, absolutely not for hypnotising others.

1. The Progressive Relaxation Method

For Informational use only, absolutely not for hypnotising others

In a moment I will enter a  state  of  complete   relaxation,  also  known  as
hypnosis or trance.

I will feel as if every muscle in my body has gone limp.

My whole body, from the top of my head, to the tips  of   my  toes  will  feel
numb and relaxed.

I will concentrate on my thoughts at all times.

In the event of an emergency I will automatically come  out   of  trance   and
be  fully  awake. I will be able to do whatever is necessary to get out of the

I may not enter the state of hypnosis  while  in  control   of   any  kind  of
machinery, or where remaining awake is important.

I may enter the state of relaxation only if my  are  lying  or sitting   down,
listening   to   this   tutorial,   under   the  guidance  of  an  experienced
hypnotherapist, or under self-hypnosis.

[close your eyes]

To start the relaxation here are some deep breathing exercises.

Take a deep breath in through the nose.  Hold it for  a  second.  breathe  out
through the mouth, and go limp.

I can feel my body relaxing already.

Do this, slow inhalation and  quick  exhalation, three  or  four times.

Deep breathing is a very effective way of relaxing. It also helps to lower the
pulse rate.

It will be easy for me to continue this deep breathing  for  the remainder  of
this tutorial.

From now on, I will be able to concentrate  on  my  thoughts.  I will   ignore
any  other  noises,  no matter how loud they may be. If someone wishes to talk
with me, or there is  an  emergency, I  will   awaken   from   trance  feeling
totally refreshed, and in full control of my body.

The next time, I will easily enter  an  even  deeper  state  of trance.

My muscles are already beginning  to  relax.  As  my  muscles relax, I feel  a
pleasant  sensation  of  numbness coming over me. It is beginning with my feet
and legs growing numb.

Next my hands and arms are growing numb, And then a very pleasant sensation of
numbness  spreads  over  my entire body. I will begin  to  enter  a  state  of
complete  mental   and   physical relaxation.

It is a wonderful feeling to relax, and I am going to relax from my head to my
toes. I will  begin  with  my mind.

my mind will ignore any other noises. If my hear a  noise  it  will only  make
me  feel  more relaxed. I will concentrate on my thoughts at all times. I want
to relax because I know how good it feels.

my mind will, in a few moments, become lazy. So  lazy  that   it  will   think
of,  and   do   nothing.   my   mind    will  see  only darkness, emptiness, a
complete blank. my will hear, feel  the meaning of, and  live,  every  word  I

I am visualizing a pleasant country scene. I am standing on  a  hill,  looking
out towards the horizon.

There is greenery everywhere, I can see the sky, it is a  light  blue,  hedges
and fields, it is a very pleasant scene

The air smells clean and is cool.

I turn around slowly, the Horizon swings out of sight. infront of me I can see
the green contours of the hill reaching for the sky.

I can see something at the top of the hill, I walk towards it.

As I walk towards it I can see it more clearly. It is a well. I am now at  the
well. it is made of white stone and has a quaint red roof covering it.

I am looking into the well, it is dark and comfortable.

I am going down the well. its is getting darker  and  more  comfortable.   The
walls are going darker and darker, so it is so dark that I cannot see anything
at all. All I see is blackness complete perfect blackness.

I will remember this blackness, for this is what it is like when the  mind  is
completely relaxed.

My mind has relaxed. the  relaxation is beginning to spread to every  part  of
my  head.  Every  nerve and muscle in my head  is relaxing.  I  can  feel  the
tenseness leaving  my  head.  Now  the  skin  and  flesh  on  my  forehead  is
softening  up, smoothing  out, relaxing.

All  the  tenseness, wrinkles and frowns have  left my forehead.

As I breathe deeply, the muscles in my throat  are  relaxing.  As I swallow, I
can feel my throat relaxing.

The relaxation is spreading into my jaws. As I open my jaws slightly, my  jaws

My tongue, teeth and gums are all relaxing. I can  feel  them growing numb.

The relaxation is  spreading  out  into  my  lips,  which   hang  loosely  and

The numbness and relaxation is spreading across the  whole  of   my  face.  My
chin, cheeks, nose and ears are all relaxing and growing numb.

My entire head is growing more  numb with every second that passes , and   the
relaxation  is spreading into my eyes.

The numbness travels through  the  bottom  eye  lid,   across  the  eyelashes,
and   into the upper eye lid. I can feel the tension leaving my eyebrows.  The
relaxation enters my eyes. I  can feel  every   part   of   my  eyes  becoming
relaxed,  and pleasantly numb. The numbness enters the centre of each eyeball,
first  the left, and then the right. The numbness in my eyes grows larger  and
larger,  expanding to fill both eye sockets.

I are driving out all the tension  from  the   muscles   in   my  chest,    my
neck,    the  back,  and  the  top of my head. I can feel the relaxation going
down, deep down, between my  shoulder blades, and  right  down my  spine.  The
relaxation  has  traveled through each of the bones in my spine, and is now at
the  base of  my  spine.  Every  muscle   in   that   region  of  my  body  is
relaxing. As those muscles and  nerves  relax, a  very  pleasant sensation  of
numbness, and  detachment  is spreading over my entire body.

I will now count from ten to one. At each number, every  part  of my body will
become twice as relaxed.

ten. I am feeling twice as relaxed.

9. ... I am four times as relaxed.



6.... I am relaxing all the time.

5. I am going deeper into relaxation.

4. 3.

2. deeper,... and... deeper, feeling so... relaxed.


Every part of  my  body  is  feeling  very, very  relaxed.  So  relaxed,  that
my body is pleasantly numb and  feeling detached.

I am going deeper and deeper into complete  relaxation  of   mind  and   body.
with  every  breath, I am getting more and more relaxed.

I am driving out all the tension from both my shoulders.  The  relaxation   is
traveling   down   my   arms,  through both elbows, through the for arms, into
both wrists, out through  the  palms   of  my   hands,  and   down   into   my
fingertips. I can feel the tension leaving every part of my body.

I am driving out the tenseness from the nerves and muscles  of my stomach  and
abdomen.  The  relaxation  is  spreading around my waist, into the small of my

It feels so good,  as the nerves and muscles in the small of  my back,  soften
up   and   relax.   it   is   so  ...restful,  so ...  comfortable. I am going
deeper,... and deeper, ...  into complete relaxation of mind and body.

I am driving out, all the  tenseness  from  the  muscles   in   my  hips   and
thighs.   The relaxation is traveling down my thighs, through my knees,  legs,
and ankles,  into the small  muscles  of my  feet.  I can feel  the   pleasant
numbness, traveling through my feet to the tips of my toes.

It feels so good as all the tenseness leaves  my  entire  body.  Every  muscle
and  nerve  in  my  body,  from  the top of my head to the tips of my toes, is
feeling completely relaxed,  pleasantly numb, and detached.  With every moment
that passes, I am feeling more and more relaxed.

I am feeling so detached, that I can hardly feel that I have  a body at all. I
am    experiencing    a   complete  state  of  mental  peace,  serenity,   and

I am now going to relax even  more  than  I am   at   this moment.

I am going to count from ten. backwards, all the  way   down   to zero.

With each lower count, I will feel twice as relaxed.

Beginning with the count of


9. (pause)

8. (pause) (pause)

7. (pause) (pause)

6. (pause) (pause)

5. (pause) (pause) (pause)

4. (pause) (pause) (pause)

3. (pause) (pause) (pause)

2. (pause) (pause) (pause) (pause)

1. (pause) (pause) (pause) (pause) (pause)

0. (pause) (pause) (pause) (pause) (pause) (pause)

I am in a perfect state of complete rest, and relaxation.

I am enjoying  perfect peace of mind.

I am in complete control of all of  my   senses,    emotions, and desires.

I am at peace with myself and my environment.

There is no danger, you can choose to come out of trance when  it  suits  you.
If  you  wish  to just fall asleep, just give yourself the suggestion that you
will now fall asleep, but that in the morning you will awaken fully refreshed,
bursting with energy and feeling much better for it.

In a moment I  will  gradually  awaken  from  this  state  of relaxation.

In future, I will find it easy to relax.  the next time  I  will  be  able  to
relax, quicker,  and to a deeper level.

I will now bring this session of hypnosis to a  close.   remember that  I  can
only be hypnotised if I wish it, and I know who is hypnotising me.

I will awaken at the count of 5.

At the count of 5, I will  awaken,  feeling  completely   refreshed  and  wide
awake.  Beginning with the count of,

1.  I am feeling fine,  wonderful,  perfect.

2.  I am completely refreshed and awake.

3.  all the numbness and detachment is leaving my body.

4.  my eyes have opened. I can feel the  sensation  returning to every  muscle
and nerve in my body.

5.  fully alert and wide awake.


This was the progressive relaxation method.  There  are  other  methods  which
attempt  to  relax you by comparing how a stressed muscle feels against one in
its normal state.

This method methodically works through all the muscles in your body, clenching
and  unclenching  them.  Note  that when you unclench the muscle, the sense of
relaxation is overwhelming. This is essentially a method of  energy  direction
and if you hit a chakra, things can get very weird indeed.

This is not really a relaxation method, so tread with  caution  if  thats  the
path you choose.

anyhow I find visualisation is a much better and natural way  to  relax.   you
can do weird things like

visualize that you have taps on parts of your body,
visualize that you are opening them one by one
visualize that they are oozing a yucky  substance,  and  this  represents
    stress, imaging it flowing away and being absorbed by the ground.

enjoy and just relax

2. The Instantaneous Relaxation Method

For informational use only, absolutely not for hypnotising others

This one is for experienced self hypnotist. With this you should be  able  to
enter a trance within less than a second (with practice).

Choose a direction to stare in.

stare in that direction for a few seconds.

close your eyes and feel the difference. Your eyes feel  much  more
relaxed  than when they were open. savor this feeling and expand it as much as
you can.

The feeling is so relaxing that you dont want to open your eyes, but you  must
try.  The next time you open your eyes they will be heavier and want to remain

Open your eyes half as much as you did last time. stare for half the time.

close your eyes. The relaxation is so soothing, so total  so  wonderful.  your
eyes  are so relaxed. Your eyelids will be heavier the next time you open your
eyes and they will only open half as much as they did this  time.  Savor  this
relaxing feeling for as long as you are able.

Continue this process until you are unable to open  your  eyes,  despite  your
many  attempts.  when  you  are  no  longer able to open your eyes, you are in

maximize this relaxation, fee it flooding throughout your entire body, washing
from  your eyelids, through your eyes, head, neck, body. entirely relaxed . In
one split second, your entire body has totally relaxed.

3. Post Hypnotic Suggestions

For informational use only, absolutely not for hypnotising others

These should be done just before you  instruct  yourself  to  wake  up.   They
should start with:

I will be able to remember everything that I have experienced during this
    hypnosis session.
I am about to give myself  some  suggestions  that  I  will  be  able  to
    remember and act upon when I wake up.
The next time I will find it easier to enter a state of self hypnosis and
    I will be able to go to a deeper state of hypnosis than I am at now.

Post Hypnotic suggestions take the form of constructive suggestions..  I  will
be  able to, I will find it easier, I will notice, I want to ...  They must be
phrased positively otherwise their effects could be counterproductive.

A useful suggestion is:
I will find that memory will gradually improve. My capacity  to  memorize
and recall at will, will improve noticeably.

You may wish to make the process of  hypnosis  easier  by  giving  yourself  a

4. Keywords

For informational use only, absolutely not for hypnotising others

give your self a post hypnotic suggestion. You may not think it has any effect
but you're wrong

for example

I will be able to enter a deeper state of hypnosis the next time  if  I  think
and say the word "relax" three times.


I will relax when I visualize the word relax in my minds eye

5. Regression

For informational use only, absolutely not for hypnotising others

snippets taken without permission from:

"The Reincarnation Workbook"
    J.H.Brennan ISBN 0-85030-770-8
    1989, Aquarian Press, Northamptonshire, England
    Distributed in USA by Sterling Publishing Co. Inc, New York

follow the hypnotic induction techniques until you believe the your subject is
in  a  deep  a  trance  as  possible.  You  can  use  various trance deepening
techniques such escalators or lifts to get your subject to  deeper  levels  of

A particularly nice one is to have the subject stand on the  side  of  a  hill
overlooking  a  beautiful  landscape and suggest that there is an escalator in
front of them. Have them step onto the escalator  and  feel  themselves  going
down  to  the bottom. Give suggestions to the effect that as they descend that
they are getting more and more relaxed and going deeper into trance.

The downwards motion must be linked to some sort of target.  for  example  say
that  at the bottom of this escalator, is the island of their dreams. They can
see the golden sand...

When you are satisfied that they have reached a really deep level  of  trance,
suggest  that  they  are moving backwards through time to their last birthday.
Ask for a few details about that birthday. Ask them what they were wearing who
was  there.  This  hardly  requires  hypnosis  as  most  people are capable of
remembering in detail what they were doing on their last birthday.  This  part
of the regression gets them familiar with the process as a whole.

When they have described what they were doing, suggest that they are going  to
a birthday 5 years earlier.. Follow this with a series of birthdays at 10 year
intervals until your subject reaches childhood. At  this  stage  your  subject
should show signs of actually living the experiences.

You may at the start of the regression suggest that the subject will  be  able
view  what is comfortable to him/her. Reinforce this suggestion along with the
fact that you will always be able to contact them  by  their  real-life  name.
Stress that they what they are observing is far memories that are very vivid.

Stress that they will always be able to communicate with you  in  English  and
that you will always be able to contact them.

when they are at childhood you may want to speed up  the  backwards  march  in
time.    The reason for this is that the trauma of birth is something that you
dont want to  expose  your  subject  to  at  this  moment.  Suggest  in  quick
progression  that  your  subject  is  five years old, four years old..., three
years old,... Two years old, One year, six months, three  months  and  further
back , still further back in time to beyond the moment of birth, back ... into
the womb.

Few subjects are aware of passing through the process  of  birth.  This  is  a
blessing  as  even though Birth is an interesting experience, it is unpleasant
for the unprepared subject.

The more you repeat the suggestion that they are  moving  back  in  time,  the
earlier  the subject is likely to experience. Once the subject has experienced
a past life, in further session it is often sufficient to suggest that that is
where they are and they will spontaneously regress.

Your subject is now regressed. Now the interesting part begins.

Ask the following questions:

Who are you
What year is it
How are you dressed
What do you look like
what do do for your living?

People are not aware of their colour. You may wish them to look at their hands
or  feet  and tell you. Its an obvious thing, but do you even take your colour
as a description of your appearance?

Continue probing their life and document as much  as  you  can.  Have  a  tape
recorder  handy.  Hypnotic  amnesia is likely to make the subjects forget that
they were ever regressesed.

Should you chance to happen to hit on a trauma, dont panic.  Strongly  suggest
that  the  person  is  moving  back  or forward in time so that they leave the
trauma behind. Reinforce with urgent suggestions of  calm,  peace,  relaxation
detachment  and  freedom  of  pain.  It looks scary! but you must reassure the
subject that they only experienced a vivid memory and they are better for it.

To make life easier you may want to suggest near the start  of  he  regression
that  when  you  physically touch them they will fell at ease, peaceful and be
detached from their traumatic memories.

Have a truly fascinating experience. You may  want  to  go  back  to  previous

To terminate the session suggest that they are  coming  back  to  the  present
time.   back to their current life to the room in which they are lying down in
which the experiment is taking place. Suggest  that  they  are  leaving  their
emotional  attachments in their previous life (where it belongs) but that they
will be able to remember everything that has happened in the regression.

Then wake the subject up as usual with the countdown.

You may want to allow the subject to choose the past they go to. One way is to
et them to visualize a row of feet stretching back into infinity. Each pair of
feet represent one of their past lives. Suggest  that  the  feet  are  in  all
shapes and forms (human, animal, vegetable.. maybe not mineral).

suggest that they are being drawn to one set of feet and they enter the  feet.
As  they  do suggest that they can recall memories associated with those feet.
suggest that when they look up they will be in the environment of  their  past

Be careful with animal births as people have been known  to  have  very  short
animal lives entirely in captivity leading to a slaughterhouse.

You may want to have the subject experience death. This is a very  therapeutic
thing  and  should  be  handled  with care. The subject will convulse in their
physical bodies. They will show the symptoms of drowning,  being  burnt  alive

You must stress that they will only experience what is comfortable  for  them.
You  must  keep watch of their responses. If they suddenly freeze it is likely
that they are about to die or are paralyzed by fear.

As you guide them through their death they will separate from  their  physical
(regressed)  body  and  become astral entities. You may wish to experiment and
see what happens to someone after they die. Where do  they  go?  How  do  they

The moment after death is the most exhilerating for the subject. They  realise
that  death  is  only  a temporary affair and that they are eternal. Note that
even though a person has witnessed their own death, they  will  someimes  deny
it.  This denial will someimes occur after they finish the regression and they
will convince themselves that they were never really regressed at all!

The hypnotist needs to reassure them that they were only experiencing memories
and that they will be able to remember whatever is comfortable for them.

Despite many stories about people experiencing memories from other lives,
it is still a controverisal subject, subject to the whims of the cynics.
The technique described above should help you decide.

6. The Christos Method

For informational use only, absolutely not for hypnotising others

Overview of relevant sections

"The Reincarnation Workbook"
    J.H.Brennan ISBN 0-85030-770-8
    1989, Aquarian Press, Northamptonshire, England
    Distributed in USA by Sterling Publishing Co. Inc, New York

(not formatted or spell checked)

It isnt always neccessary to use hypnosis for the recall of far memories.

your subject should be lying on the ground with a small cushion under the
   head to keep the neck straight. Shoes should be removed and ask the subject
   to close their eyes

A helper should gently massage the subjects ankles with a light circular

after a minute (with the ankle massage continuing) rest the edge of your
   curved hand on the subjects forehead so that it rests between the eyes.
   begin a vigourous circular rubbing motion with your hand until the subject
   reports that their head is buzzing. stop all massages and this concludes
   the physical part of the technique.

instruct your subject to visualise his feet as accurately as possible.
   Your subject is not in a trance, can communicate with you the whole
   time and can terminate the experience by opening their eyes.

Ask your subject to visualise and feel themselves stretching a couple
   of inches through the soles of their feet. Then ask your subject to
   return to their normal length. Do this procedure at least 3 times or
   until your subject can visualise and feel the experience in detail.

Repeat the last process, but this time the subject is to stretch
   through the top of his head.

repeat the last two steps, asking the subject to grow a foot each
   way. and then 2 feet.

ask the subject to stretch 2 ft on both directions simultaneously.
   (some people find that their extended feet begin to withdraw when
   they attempt to stretch out of their head). Do not have the subject
   return to normal size

Ask your subject to expand all over, like a balloon, swelling beyond the
   limits of his body. despite the effort invested to get here the subject
   should still be reasonably relaxed.

your subject is now effectively out of body. Have them visualise themselves
   standing at their front door looking at it. Ask them details about the door,
   its textures, its colour. Ask him as many questions as possible to make sure
   he isnt answering from memory, but just telling you what he sees.

Extend the vision capabilities by having the subject describe the street
   and house, Get the subject to view the scene from differing viewpoints
   such as from the roof.

When the subject is entirely comfortable, have them float above their house
   at a height of 1500 feet (the actual height isnt important so dont be
   pedantic about it) and ask them to turn around in the air and describe what
   they see. (if the subject experiences vertigo, have them open their eyes
   briefly to reassure them they are still here).

Ask them what time of day it is and whats happening on the ground. If the
   subject says it is day ask then to change it to night and vice versa. it
   doesnt matter of the scenes differ.

Ask who is changing the scenes, they should answer that it is themselves.
   Remind him that he is not and never will be in trance during the experiment
   and that he is free to open his eyes and terminate the session at any time.
   (a bit of negative suggestion?)

Ask the subject to change the scene to bright daytime and shoot up until
   they lose sight of the ground below. Now ask them to come back to ground.
   If all has gone well he will land in an environment of a past life. It will
   not be immediately apparent as the subject is looking downwards at his feet.

From here on the questions are the same as for a hypnotically regressed

To terminate the session simply ask the subject to simply open their eyes.

   "Remember what the Shamen use to say 'Man is the dream of the Dolphin'"
                    Enigma, The cross of changes
                This may be a cannonical Disclaimer

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