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Revenge on a Bill Collector

Revenge On A Bill Collector
by phreakaholic

Now I've been so used to harassing others over the phone that actually
being harassed myself came as something as a surprise and actually
almost ruined it for me. For the first couple of months I just ignored
it, I didn't answer the phone but the persistent bastards just kept
calling. I quickly grew weary of their constant calls. Retaliation was
no longer an idea, but a necessity. Below is the results of my exploits
with these assholes.

7:57 am


Phreakaholic: Cactus
Morons: May I speak with (my mothers name)
Phreakaholic: Cactus
Morons: May I speak with (my mothers name)
Phreakaholic: Cactus?
Morons: I'm sorry?
Phreakaholic: Cactus, cactus
Morons: Cactus?
Phreakaholic: CACTUS!

*hang up on me*

8:05 am

CID: UNKNOWN CALLER (I told you they were persistent.)

Phreakaholic: AT&T operator this is John how can I assist you?
Morons: Yes, may I speak with (my mothers name)
Phreakaholic: I'm sorry you've reached the AT&T operator, this is not a residence. May I assist you?
Morons: Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you.

Phreakaholic: Thank you

I did this like ten times all in one day. I figured out that they're using a set up similar or exactly like the telemarketers use. It's basically a trunk line. I'm pissed, I can't get exactly the same person twice to fuck with. I figure if I'm going to be stealing PLA things like "cactus" I might as well steal PLA go away. The trick is getting them to know that getting my mom's name on the screen means automatically time to enter that we're not home. I began plotting. They didn't call for the rest of the day so I just waited and plotted my evil scheme. Thus began Operation Frag `em All.

The next day when the calls began I was prepared. I even had a script ready.

7:45 am

Phreakaholic: AT&T Operator this is John how can I assist you?
Morons: May I speak with (mom's name)
Phreakaholic: This is the AT&T operator, may I speak with your supervisor please.

Morons: May I speak with (Mom's name, they think they're smart.)
Phreakaholic: (Sounding exasperated) This is the AT&T operator. I need to speak to your supervisor IMMEDIATELY.
Morons: Uh, my supervisor?
Phreakaholic: Yes, your floor supervisor. You do have a floor supervisor don't you?
Moron: Yes, uh, just a second

Phreakaholic: (Trying not to laugh too hard.)
Greg: This is Greg *****, how can I help you

Phreakaholic: This is the AT&T operator, I'm showing this trunk line as dialing the operator VERY often. There seems to be a technical problem that needs to be attended to. (I sit down at my computer and pull up notepad.) You said your name was?
Greg: (He sounds kind of nervous) Greg *****
Phreakaholic: And the name of your company (I'm typing practically punching the keys so he can hear it.)
Greg: (company name. I'm with holding this info for fear of a lawsuit. I treated these people pretty badly already)
Phreakaholic: Okay I'm showing a trunk line. I'm not sure what the problem is on your end. Is there an alternate line we can reach you at. I don't seem to be able to pull it up. Area code included
Greg: ***-***-****

Phreakaholic: Thank you

With step one completed I went back to the old AT&T operator bit until I could find a few good programs on the net. I found the perfect one. I'll provide more info on it later but basically you can make a CID say any name and number you want. I made the call the next day.

10:15 am

I call the bastards

I brought my laptop out to my favorite payphone. After a little op-diverting I red boxed in a couple dollars worth of change in and dialed the number.

*rings twice and they pick up*

Moron: *company name* how can I help you

Phreakaholic: This is John Cactus with AT&T Service and Repair. I was told you were having trouble with your trunk line dialing the operators here.

Moron: Uhh, not that I know of. Can I get my supervisor.

Phreakaholic: Sounds like a good idea to me.

Supervisor: This is Greg how can I help you

Phreakaholic: (The same guy twice. Man am I lucky.) Hi Greg this is John Cactus with AT&T Service and Repair, I'm calling about your trunk line dialing operators. I was wondering if maybe the network administrator was present.

Greg: Uhh? The who?

Phreakaholic: The guy who runs the network. Makes sure everything works.

Greg: Oh you mean Bryan!

Phreakaholic: Yeah sure. Bryan. Is he there?

Greg: I'm afraid not but he should be back in Friday (It's Wednesday)

Phreakaholic: Well I'M afraid I can't have your offices calling my ops all the time until Friday. Do you have access to the SysAdmins office?

Greg: The what?

Phreakaholic: *sighs dramatically* Can you get into Bryan's office?

Greg: Yeah sure. Why?

Phreakaholic: Well I'm going to need you to go in there and reset the server.

Greg: Oh I don't know about that. I don't think..

Phreakaholic: (Me interrupting.) Well Greg, I don't believe you are thinking. I could let corporate security handle this but people always end up getting fired when stuff like that happens. I wouldn't ask you to do anything to get you in trouble. I just need you to do this so YOUR job and mine can stay secure. You follow me?

Greg: What do I got to do?

Phreakaholic: Just tell you're people to sit tight. Go into Bryan's office and whatever computers are in there turn them off. They'll turn themselves back on immediately and they'll be reset by the GUI's Initial Response Termination program.

Greg: The what? I don't understand.

Phreakaholic: Trust me

The line goes dead. I don't hear from the morons all day. A victory for Phreakaholic.

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