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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #07 (Jul/Aug 1995) How to Supercharge your Speed Seduction Success!

Ross Jeffries'
Get Laid/PersuasionNEWSLETTER!!!!
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275                                 July/Aug
Culver, City CA 90230                                           1995
(310) 670-6547

How To Supercharge Your Speed Seduction Success!

From: Culver City, CA
        Tuesday, 12:30 P.M.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

        With all my recent involvement with computers and the Internet and
such, I like to compare Speed Seduction to software packages.

        What most of you have seen or used so far is the first and second
generation stuff. It's damn good. I'm proud of it. But like anything new
and innovative it has it's bugs, errors and flaws which my best students
and I have been working like crazy to correct.

        (By the way, you'll notice that I don't claim to be perfect, admit
to mistakes, and give fair credit to everyone who has helped contribute
with their own great ideas. Some of you students (Glen, Mark, Jason, Dave,
Taylor among them) have been so good, I can no longer even consider myself
as the creator of Speed Seduction; I now think I'm only the Chief
Co-Developer. I deeply appreciate the input and encourage you to continue.
As for you lazy asses who have not contributed..get off your fat behinds
and write me, fuck-heads!)

        In this issue, I'm going to cover two or three of the major
sticking points in the early "Speed Seduction" stuff and show you how to
quickly and easily correct them so you find this stuff flows effortlessly
and smoothly in every situation and circumstance.

1.Fixing Problems with "Have You Ever"...

        One of the basic Speed Seduction Principles is...

...... Every Decision And Every Behavior (Like Slurping Your Weenie) That
You Want From A Woman Is STATE Dependent!!

        That's pretty easy to understand, isn't it? If a kid want something
from a parent, like a toy or a trip to Disneyland, the kid, observes
closely and...

Waits Til The Parent's In A Good Mood To Pounce!

        Ok. So nothing mystical about "have you ever".

        It's just designed to induce the state or mood you want, like
fascination, incredible connection, etc.

        Now, the way it's supposed to work is, when you use "have you ever
felt an incredible connection", for example, is that  the poor little
female in question has to stop, go inside her own imagination, and begin to
remember a time when she DID feel just that.

        But hey, just because that's what it is designed to do, doesn't
mean that is what always happens.

        Most students, eventually run into these three problems when they
use "have you ever":

1. The girl just starts blabbing on, talking up a storm, not letting you
get a word in edge wise, but shows NO sign of going into the state.

2. She answers by saying, "No...I haven't!". In other words she HASN'T had
the experience or state you are describing.

3. She just sits there and listens, but you don't get the "doggie-dinner
bowl" look. There just seems to be no response.

        Let's deal with the first problem first: some girls LOVE to talk.
Now, that's not necessarily a problem, provided you know how to listen and
can direct the conversation back to the topic at hand or direct her to
telling you what you need to know about her to seduce her.

        The most important thing to understand about ANY of these problem
situation is: RELAX. We've come up with great ways to handle these "bugs"
in the program. Just make sure you  don't press an approach that isn't
working....just redirect her in to something else.  No need to hurry or fact, my number one rule is:

I Never Hurry Or Push Until I No Longer Need To!

        In other words, done right, you won't have to hurry or push or do
anything else, cause she jumps on YOU!

        The best solution to the "blabbermouth" problem, is to use "have
you ever" to bring up the topic, and then...

Immediately Switch To Talking About SOMEONE ELSE'S Experience!

        Now, look: this is an incredibly powerful switch, and one of the
main differences with the updated Speed Seduction. By talking about someone
else (your fictional "friend" Colleen or Kim, let's say), even the biggest
motor mouth usually shuts up, because it's considered rude to talk about
yourself when someone is talking to you about a third party. You can then
proceed to "program" her with all sorts of embedded commands using your
"friend's" experience as the delivery vehicle.

        As to the second situation, where she says, "No...I haven't"...all
you have to do is AGREE with her.  Say something to the effect that YOU
haven't either, but you've got this friend, Kim, see who......

        Get where this is going? You can INSTALL an experience she hasn't
had by describing someone else's.

        Now, in the third case...where she just SITS there and doesn't seem
to respond.  It could be any one of a number of things.

        Maybe she's just a SLOW processor. She has to take her time to go
inside and follow along. You'll find this taking place now and again, so
give her time to co-operate with you.

        Maybe she's just shut down inside, and is afraid of experiencing
ANY kind of intense, powerful feelings. (May as well find out right away,
when it costs you nothing, instead of after a dozen dates and $1000 in the
hole, right?).

        Maybe she just things you're an asshole.(Just testing to see if you
are awake.)

        If slowing down doesn't work, take a good look at her eyes. Does
she appear drunk or stoned? If so...forget about this stuff working. Wait
til she sobers up.

        There is, of course, another possibility, which is that she is just
a highly visual woman, who needs to make big, bright pictures in her mind
before she feels things. What I would suggest here is that you do the first
few steps of the "Blammo" pattern to get her attention(without going on to
the sexual stuff) and then move on to talking about connections and
feelings and such.  (There are other methods, too detailed to go into here,
but if you'd like a FREE transcript of a discussion I had with two advanced
students, where I describe what to do in detail, just call Yates at
703-791-6421 and he'll mail it right out to you, no charge at all.)

2. Dealing With "Reluctant" Women

        When you do Speed Seduction, you'll occasionally run into what I
call "reluctant" women.  These are women who either won't easily or freely
give you information about themselves or aren't comfortable with feeling
strong emotions.

        Dealing with the second problem first, these women are what I
call "information horders".  They are like mistrustful poker players, who
hold their cards close to their amply filled vests, lest anyone sneak a
peak at the hand they are going to play.

        If you've ever tried asking a woman about her values in a
relationship and gotten mostly silence, then you've got an info-horder on

        This can be an especial problem if you're initially starting out,
attempting to create the connection by gathering this info.  No info.

        The second category of women just don't feel comfortable with
strong emotions. Sometimes it's a control issue; sometimes a trust thing.

        The solution, in either case , is to "loosen them up" or
"lubricate" them by installing a mild-altered state...a state strong enough
to make them suggestible, and much more open, but not so much that it will
scare them off.

        With that, I give you my PEAK EXPERIENCES pattern. You can use this
to install altered states and test the waters in virtually any situation...

You:  Can you remember the last time you had a peak experience? Like
climbing a mountain...or watching a beautiful sunset...or the first time
you looked at someone(point to yourself) and recognized YOU REALLY LOVE
THIS PERSON(point to yourself again).

Her: Sure....

You: What was that like?

(Here you should SHUT THE FUCK UP and let her describe it....and LISTEN
carefully. She'll give away LOTS of information).

You: That's really interesting. You know, I find it so neat how YOUR MINE
can be going along in one direction, you know in an everyday ordinary
state, and then SUDDENLY for whatever MYSTERIOUS reason, you just GO INTO A
MUCH DIFFERENT STATE...a state where YOUR MINE is so in touch with the
MYSTERY and the WONDER and the beauty of life(point to yourself, dumbshit!)
And sometimes it's like in YOUR MINE, you just SLOW TIME DOWN, and the
whole world stops, as you just LET YOURSELF GO WITH THIS(point to
yourself). Can you FEEL THAT (reach out and touch anchor) is an incredible
thing to experience..WITH ME..NOW, I know that for a lot of people
different things can trigger that.

Her: God...yeah...I LOVE the way you's like your inside my soul.

You: Well, thank you And you know, for a lot of
people falling in love, or orgasm are peak experiences, but for me, it's
music. Like, the other night I was listening to Mozart, and I don't know if
you are familiar with him or not, but some of his stuff is just a series of
short little musical little pecks on the cheek, and with
some of his stuff those segments just GET LAID Debbie, from end to end, and
keep getting repeated. But his really great stuff is composed of these
long, slow, lingering movements...they're like long, slow, lingering
kisses...long slow lingering caresses, and you just FEEL ALL OF THAT ALL
OVER YOUR BODY when you LISTEN...TO's an incredible
know. then, this induces a pretty damn loosened up, altered state and
you've already dropped in a few good sexual metaphors too. What's CRITICAL
is you speak slowly, and make sure you anchor when you are getting the

        Also...make sure your gestures match what you are talking about.
Don't make short, choppy gestures if you are talking about long, slow,
lingering, movements or you'll be dating your hand!

        Where could you go from here? Well, pretty much anywhere. You could
transition to gathering info about her values by saying something like,
"So..if you could just imagine your ideal, peak relationship...what are
some of the things that would be important to you to be there?".

        You could move on to the blow job pattern or incredible connection
or whatever. The point've greased the tracks so now the car's
gonna race over it alot more smoothly!

Special Paranoia Corner: Is The U.S. Military Using Speed Seduction To DUPE
Unsuspecting Women Into Joining the Marines???????????

        Recently, while rummaging through my female roommate's desk, I came
upon a recruitment pamphlet for the USMC, aimed at women. Here are selected

"Where is that girl that lived in your mind?"'s a good attempt to induce both:

 1. Age regression(note the past tense:LIVED)

 2. Set up a hypnotic disassociation/split personality

"Quite often, you wanted to be more like her"

    More disassociative languaging!

 "She was ponytails to your barrettes

  An a-minus to your b-plus

  When you threw like a girl

  She threw harder"

  By describing common experiences of excelling or wanting to excel, this
language re-induces the desire ( this starting to sound a little
familiar, kids)to excel again....

"She went by your name
 and followed you everywhere!"

   Whoa! More hypnotic disassociative languaging! And they aren't even
trying to be subtle.

   Now dig this:

"Once upon a time, there was this girl. She had an attitude. And a spirit
nobody could tame. She was tough and attacked each new day without fear.

   Geez, Murphy! And I thought I was the master hypnotic languager!

   Then, in HUGE letters, the pamphlet says:

                       FIND HER!

   I can just see you students using a variation of this on a jaded, bitter
woman who has been hurt, thinks all men are assholes, etc:

        "Where is the girl that lived in your mind? Remember the little
one; the one that believed in love? Maybe she dreamed of that ideal man
she'd one day give her heart to, and she knew at that moment she dreamt of
him, she had already fallen in love. And each day, each moment of her
lived, she carried that love with her in her heart, waiting for the day
when it could be released; released and given to the one who was
worthy.(Point to yourself).

        What would it be like to realize that after all the sorrow and
tears...that person had come along?(point to yourself) If you were to LOOK
for that girl within your heart and mind..and LISTEN to the message...she
is sending do you feel?" I being paranoid here. Or am I just paying attention?   I
think it just illustrates my point that if you aren't aware of these
processes they are going to be used AGAINST you by those who DO know about
them. So wise up and GET STUDYING!

The Mail Bag

        Well..we've been getting lots of letters for a change, but most of
them electronically over the Internet! Here's a great one I got the other
day!(Reprinted with permission!)

From: R_John_H <>
To: "Jeffries, Ross" <>
Subject: Excellent Seminar!
Date: Wed, 31 May 95 15:14:00 PDT
Encoding: 26 TEXT
X-Mailer: Microsoft Mail V3.0

     I have been using the technology with fantastic results. For the most
part they don't notice what is happening and I am quite amazed by how much
they enjoy letting it happen to them.

        I slept with a 21 year old fox last Friday that was all over me at
a bar that evening saying how much she loved my voice and how much she felt
so connected to me. We met for coffee once the week before and I invited
her to go for a short hike.  Sitting under the sun after gathering
information regarding her values and anchoring them (to her left shoulder)
I launch into:

        When you think about the perfect love (pointing to me).  Someone
who  would allow you to FALL DEEPLY IN LOVE, ALISON.  NOW WITH ME I think
value,value value (fire off anchor).  And when THAT'S HAPPENING WITH ME I
find that you quickly discover that all those inhibitions and restraints
that may have seemed like chains (point away) with someone else.  Are now
with this  new person (pointing to me), thin, fine delicate threads that
just snap  (snap your fingers) with the touch of a hand (fire off anchor)
such that you  begin to open yourself up completely and allow someone new
to come deep inside releasing all those feelings in a flood to the point
where you come  to the same conclusion over and over again that this person
is someone you  can imagine years into the future still feeling that
incredible sense of connection and realizing today IS the inevitable start
of it wasn't it.

        However you would just do that you would begin to feel magically
enchanted  and so deeply in love you would let yourself go completely.
Wouldn't it be great to experience that and let it happen?

        Dear John,

        Wow! What a colossal mind-fuck! Good job, buddy. I like the use of
the sexual metaphors("open yourself" "come deep inside") as well as the
commands "experience that" "let it happen". Nice work.

        John, by the way, attended the New Jersey Advanced Speed Seduction
Seminar. He's banging 21 year old foxes..who and what are YOU doing, dear

        Ross's  Special Cyberspace Plug Corner
(Special note: please skip this section if you have NO interest in
computers or the Internet!)

        Ok. Let me mention the Internet for the umpteenth time this issue.
I am proud to say we not only have our own ftp site where you can download
newsletters, seminar transcripts and other goodies for FREE, 24 hrs a day
at  /pub/le/lewiz/get-laid ( I realize this is only so much
gibberish to those of you who aren't on the net), but also, thanks to the
efforts of top student and computer whiz Lewis De Payne,......

We Now Have Our Own World Wide Web Page!

        Now look; right now it's only a scratch page. The hyper-text links
AREN'T up yet. But it's still pretty cool. And pretty soon, we'll have the
whole damn Ross Jeffries Catalog there, complete with pictures of every
product and point and click 24 hour credit card ordering!

        The current web page address is

        We are waiting to hear on approval of our domain name,, in which case the address will just be ! E-mail me at for more

        Of course, I remind you of my Usenet discussion group,, created ESPECIALLY for you fans to post your questions,
success stories and challenges to me and each other. Get your asses in
there and support me!

Ross's Normal Plug Corner

        Hey, for those of you who missed our New Jersey Advanced Speed
Seduction Seminar, we are doing another one(the last one in 1995) in San
Francisco! Yep...the most politically correct city in the world gets
invaded by me and my best students as we teach you to get laid like crazy
in the best, most practical NLP training in existence!

        The dates are September 15, 16, and 17 and there's a $200 discount
to the first 25 sign-ups, so call Yates now to lock in your enrollment.
Otherwise you gotta pay the full $895 to attend! Use the green enrollment
form included with this issue or call that lazy ass Yates at 703-791-6421
to sign up right now!

                                                                Piece and peace,


P.S.  We are hard at work on the Summer 95 catalog, so watch for it coming
your way soon! If you want to send a catalog to a friend or friends, make
sure you call and let us know their name and address! We'll extend your
newsletter subscription one issue for every name you give us!  So get
cracking and call us!

P.P.S.  I've finally found a VERY good source for NLP Training and
Certification, for all of you who have written me asking where you can get
certified. (Sorry...I don't certify...I just show you how to use this stuff
to get laid like crazy and make tons of money and all that other useless
stuff!)  Anyway, they are IDHEA seminars out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and
they really know their stuff! Spent three hours with their head honcho, Rex
Steven Sikes swapping NLP war stories and trading secrets, and this dude is
GOOD! For more info, call them at 414-355-9700. Go ahead and try to Speed
Seduce his wife, Carolyn, while you're at it! She's got the SEXIEST voice I
have EVER heard in my life, bar none, without exception!


Ross Jeffries
Master of Speed Seduction

Free Issue Get Laid Newsletter:  pub/le/lewiz/get-laid

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