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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #12 (Jan/Feb 1996) Speed Seduction "Lead-In's"

                                Ross Jeffries' Get Laid
                                Persuasion NEWSLETTER!!!!
                                6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275
Jan/Feb                         Culver, City CA 90230
 1996                           (310) 822-5771

Speed Seduction "Lead-In's" To Get You
Laid Like A Rock Star In Any Situation!

From: Culver City, CA Monday, 2:00 P.M.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

Happy "Screw" Year!

        As you might know, if you were smart enough to BUY MY SPEED
SEDUCTION HOME STUDY COURSE, I offer free phone consultations as part
of the package.

        By far, the most common question I get is, "how do I get started
with these things? How do I bring them into everyday conversation?".

        Now, this is not only a common question; it's a damn good one
too. In fact, I'd have to say that knowing how to bring up the patterns
is fully 1/3 of the skill, and was the hardest part for me personally,
when I was developing this stuff. I really do think the rest of it is

	You see, essentially, Speed Seduction is about:

1. Knowing how and what kind of "bait" to dangle to get that
   strong initial response.

2. Knowing how to move her from that initial response to the
   final state you want her in.

        Now, of course the second part of this is going to depend on
alot of different factors; how sexual she is, how comfortable she is
with having strong feelings, are there any intereferences(like
boyfriends, pain from a recent breakup) etc.  But all that means nothing
unless you can effectively do the first part.

        So let's get to the key "lead-in" approaches and phrases that
will have you getting laid so much that when you die, they'll bronze
your dick and stick it in the Guiness Museum Of World Records!

				Super Lead In Phrase #1:

   "I have an intuition about you" or "I know something about you".

        Ok. Let's try a little multiple choice quiz. If you use one of
the above phrases on a woman you've just met, pick which state she is
most likely to experience:

a.) Lust

b.) Drooling desire

c.) Incredible connection

d.) Curiosity and/or intrigue

        Time's up, Buckwheat. The answer, of course, is d.  Remember
what you are attempting to do is get that initial entry into her mind,
and curiosity/intrigue is a damn good start! Of course you won't stop
there, but you are well on you're way if you are there!

        Now....why is this phrase so good at creating that
curiosity/intrigue? Because you are talking about her favorite person
which is.......

        Of course, I know this is kind of a truism, akin to saying Anna
Nichole Smith has fake tits.  But I had to point it out nonetheless,
because when you talk to a woman, making herself the subject of the
conversation is always a good place to start.

"But, Ross, Oh Mighty and Flawless Guru! Now I've Got To Tell Her
Something About Herself! What Do I Say Next?"

        Well, first of all it's "Mighty, Flawless, Incomparable Guru".
But what you then do is transition right into an "Incredible Connection
Pattern" by saying something like this:

You: When you really FEEL A CONNECTION WITH SOMEONE. You know that
mysterious, timeless link that just makes you feel like you've known
someone you were meant to know them....and it's almost
FRONT OF YOU...when you FEEL all starts out as an acutual
physical click..a tug that takes place right...(raise your hand over
your head, point your index finger, and then SLOWLY bring it down
straight down the middle of her face, without touching her until you get
to her solar plexus, just below her breasts)..THERE!(touch her solar
plexus)  Can you FEEL THAT(squeeze her hand with your free hand) is
maybe how that can happen...NOW...WITH ME...I just find that's such a
great feeling...isn't it?

Her: Please...fuck me now, big boy!

        Ok. Now you've gone from curiosity/intrigue into making her feel
incredibly connected. All that's left is to time distort it and the move
in for the kill with any number of sexual accelerator patterns. Make

        (Oh..if you want to see for yourself exactly how this special
touching of her solar plexus works, order my Speed Seduction Video Set
or come to a seminar! It's DYNAMITE stuff!)

				Super Lead-In Phrase #2:

      "Isn't it interesting how the mind works?" or 
      "You know what I find really fascinating about places like this?"

        Now, these are simple but effective lead-ins. I don't think they
have quite the power of the first, since you aren't talking about her
favorite person, but just about people or places in general; at the same
time since it IS presented as being somewhat more distanced from her
personally, you can get a bit more risque' and it DOES handle those
women who have a problem with feeling strong emotions right off the bat.
Plus, if she's Psych major, reading her copy of "A Study Of
Cophrophilliac Compulsive Behavior In Self-Help Authors" then you can
bet she WILL be fascinated in a discussion of "how the mind works".

        Of course, you then go on to slip in a "connection" pattern  or
even talk by talking about the process of  falling in love.  Which
brings us to the next great....

                                Super-Lead In Phrase #3:

       "Can You Remember The Last Time You...???"

        You can use this lead in the first time you meet a woman, after
a bit of fluff talk, or at any time in order to start up either the
"falling in love" or "peak experiences" patterns.

        If you're going to use the "falling in love" pattern, it helps
to frame it as a challenge to her, by saying something like, "Can you
remember the last time you fell madly in love? I bet you I can tell you
how that happened!". Of course you then go on to describe the process,
linking it to you all the while!(Unless you really want to test your
skill and link it to the guy sitting on the other end of the couch. If
she suddenly gets up, walks over, and says to him, "I want to fuck you!"
you've proven your linking skills but you're still an idiot!).

        With the peak experiences pattern, you use the same "can you
remember the last time" opening, but it is NOT a challenge.  You're
going to shut up and let her describe HER experience so you can link
falling for you as being the MOST peak experience she could ever imagine
it NOW!

        Special note: (If you're a real wussy, and you're worried how to
bring up the "can you remember" question then I guess you could preface
it by saying, "Can I ask you a really interesting question?" and then
ask the "can you remember" question. But don't be such a pussy, ok?).

                               Super-Lead In Phrase #4:

   "You Wanna See Something Really Cool About
    The Way Things Work Inside Your Mine?"

        Now this pattern is a great way to bring up my favorite, "The
Blammo". You can use it with women you've just met, after some fluff
talk, or on a woman you've known for a while. It evokes curiosity,
intrigue and excitement, which, as I've said, ain't bad for a start!

        Oh yeah...note the phonetic ambiguity of "mind" and "mine".  I
really love that one!

				New Pattern Of The Month!

        Some say that television is a vast wasteland, and with the
exception of my own T.V. talk show appearances, and Babylon 5, I'm
inclined to agree.

        However, the other night, while watching the Discovery Channel,
I had a great new pattern virtually handed to me.

        See, it was a documentary about people who make their living
designing attractions for amusement parks, and these guys were talking
about what makes for the ideal attraction!

        Ha! So, using almost word for word what they actually said, I
give you, without ado.....

				The Ideal Attraction Pattern!

You: You know, I saw the most interesting show on the Discovery Channel
     last night. They were interviewing people who make their living
     designing attractions for amusement parks like Magic Mountain and
     Disneyland and Universal Studios. Wouldn't that be a cool way to
     make a living?

Her: Yeah! That sounds so interesting.

You: Well, anyway, they were talking about the elements that make up the
     ideal attraction.(Point to yourself). They said there are 3 parts
     to the ideal attraction. First, when you EXPERIENCE the ideal
     attraction, you FEEL A STATE OF HIGH AROUSAL.  The ideal attraction
     makes your heart beat faster, and your breathing gets faster and
     you just FEEL THAT AMAZING RUSH all over.

Her: Yeah!

You:  And then they said that another part to an ideal attraction is;
      it's fascinating.  You just FEEL SO ENTHRALLED that you want to
      TAKE THIS RIDE(point to your pecker!) multiple times; as soon as
      you GET OFF you want to GET BACK ON again.

Her: Yeah!

You: And they said, finally, the most important element, is a sense of
     overall safety. That even though the attraction make look a little
     dangerous, you're CERTAIN YOU'RE FEEL SAFE bause you
     realize nothing bad can really happen, so that allows you to FEEL
     and again. Can you (squeeze her hand) feel pretty close
     to the way it is?

Her: Oooh...fuck me, big boy!

        Now, I LOVE this pattern, because you get her to feel totally
safe surrendering to her aroused feelings, all link to that hand
squeeze. Pretty sharp, huh? Demand your cable service carry the Discover
Channel, damn it! They deserve our support for handing us shit like this
on a silver platter!

The Mail Bag Editor's note: The following letters were all originally
received and answered electronically via our private internet discussion
group. If you are on the internet, you may subscribe to this private
discussion group that generally gets weekly updates, by sending an
e-mail message to and put a message ANYWHERE in the
body that says "subscribe seduction".


Dear Ross

If you practice the patterns in a mirror and dissociate into the other
person (seeing yourself from the victims perspective), don't be
surprised if you want to jump into the mirror and bang yourself!

I have been experimenting with this dissociation without a mirror and
have had some interesting results.  First I imagined seducing a
particular person and then using language patterns to convince her that
certain people were manipulating her and that she should exclude them
from her life.

Three days later, one of the people who was using and manipulating her
(her flatmate) came around to my place and commented about L. had been
acting very strangely for the past three days and was talking about a
desire to have children.

A couple of weeks later the same person arrived at my place telling me
he was moving out in a couple of days as things were going badly between
him and L.


Dear Anonymous,

never talked about this publically, but it is VERY POWERFUL.  Let me
suggest that you skip practicing in a mirror, and just close your eyes
and imagine you are inside your subject's body, looking out through her
eyes at yourself, listening to you speak and responding appropriately.

   This works wonders if combined with the proper altered state.  I
think I'll do a newsletter on this one....



I got three questions, here they go:

1. I am new to this, and I guess uncounciously, I have been using these
before, but I learned a lot, and became aware of what I know, through
Ross' internet presence.  Anyway, banging chicks is easy for me, what I

You know those guys, the kind who have chicks buying them cars, shit
like that, well, I want to be like that too.  Help me!!!!!

2. Does anyone have any special techiques to use on young chicks.  By
saying young, I mean 18-23.  I am 20 by the way.

3. Any special techniques to use on those icy bitches.  the cold girls
who don't usually respond easily to "have you ever..." shit like that.

P.S. I know I could get a fat chick, or a old chick, or a ugly chick to
give me money (being I would be the best thing they would have), but I
need young chicks to give me money (between 18-29).

                                                Greedy AND
                                                horny in cyberspace

Dear Horny and Greedy

  Hey, I like your style. You're ambitious. Here are my suggestions:

  1. The chick has to HAVE some money first, so look for that! But my
main answer is, if you can create those intense emotional connections
and feelings, you can basically write your own ticket!

        One of my early students, Alex, was LIVING with the
vice-president of a major Southern California bank.  She paid for
EVERYTHING and she even took phone messages from the other women he was
banging who would call over there!

        As I've said over and over and over again; create that "feeling"
connection and you can write your own ticket!

        2. Young chicks are like any other set of females, except they
tend to be more self-referential. That is, they go by THEIR schedules,
wants, needs, etc. They tend to need a stronger lead from a male and to
be more flakey; don't try planning anything beyond 48 hours away with

        3. Well, are they icy because they have an attitude or because
they just lack a lot of experiences to draw upon? This is important; if
the former, blow them off. If the later, talk about your own or your
"friend Colleen's" experiences.

   Give this guy a cyber-pop tart! He's aggressive and we like that here
at Jeffries International!


Ross, O Mighty Guru!

I was wondering if you had any tips for two situations that I have been
finding difficult:

1) Trying to use Speed Seduction on a waitress.  The problem being that
she is working and it is difficult to get a conversation of more than a
sentence or two at a time going.

2) Trying to use Speed Seduction on a cashier.  Same problem as waitress
but even worse, I usually only have a few minutes to talk.


Hey Wondering!

    Try going in on OFF hours when she isn't so busy.  In these cases,
where I have to make multiple visits, what I do is piece things out to
intrigue her.

     With waitresses, I talk about how I have an intution about
her...that when she feels a connection with someone...that special click
that just let's her know she's going to really like someone...and feel
absoutely intrigued...etc. etc.  I just use the intro of "I have an
intuition about you" as an excuse/lead in for the standard incredible
connection patterns.

      Anchor this by squeezing her hand and saying , "Can you FEEL maybe how it happens?".

      Next time you come in, fire off the anchor and ask her out!


Hey Ross!

Hello, I am 20 yrs old and I have a problem.  I go to LSU and in one of
my college classes, there is this girl!  Not just any girl, but someone
that looks exactly like my old girlfriend, who  I loved very much. I
want to ask her out, but I don't know how to approach her!

First Let me tell you about myself and then maybe someone could help can
help me.  I am 20 yrs old, muscular, not bad looking.  I am the sorta
guy who is the old romantic type, I like to treat a woman like good and
put her on a pedastal.  I have maybe had 2 or three relationships, and
of these relationships, when we broke up we left on good terms.  I think
I am to nice, I don't know.  Well anyway, I want to get this girl.  I
just don't know what to say.  I have never been the one to really go
after a girl, I usually become friends with the girl, then I ask her
out.  But I don't want to do that anymore.

I really need some suggestions!
					Brent Clement, Lousiana

Hey Brent!

   Do you get ANY opportunity at all to talk to this girl before,
during, after or between classes? If a version of the
incredible connection pattern on her...get HER THINKING ABOUT YOU in a
romantic way.

   I'd also suggest you begin visualizing yourself through HER
eyes...pretend you are her, looking at you...(don't see her...just see
what SHE would see if she were looking at you)....imagine you are her
talking to herself about you as she listens and looks at you..saying
things(in the proper tonality) to herself like, "God...this man is SO
fascinating...he's SO handsome....SO confident...I WANT him".

    Write us back and let us know...


        Here's An Important Correction/Clarification On One Of The
Super-Confidence Affirmations!

        As one of my very best(and perhaps THE best) students, Mark
Cunnigham has said, "If you focus too much on your own desires, while
you are doing Speed Seduction, you will create artificial barriers
between yourself and the other person."

        Now, as many of you know, one of the major affirmations I teach
is, "Your mind is focused on what you desire. You go for what you want
congruently and powerfully."

        Some of you have mistaken this to mean that you focus on yur
FEELINGS of desire. This is incorrect!!! If you are busy focusing on
that growing boner in your pants, you won't be focused on watching her
responses and where you need to take her next!

        What this affirmation means is: you are focused on your final
outcome. You are keeping your mind on where you want her to be, where
she is now and what you need to do to bridge that gap.

        If this is too fine a distinction for you, then change to this
affirmation to: "Your mind is focused on your final outcome; you go for
what you want congruently and powerfully."

	Hope that clears this up.

                                             Piece and peace,
                                             Ross Jeffries

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