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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #14 (Apr/May 1997)

               Ross Jeffries'
         Get Laid/PersuasionNEWSLETTER!!!!
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275              April/May
Culver, City CA 90230                  1997
(310) 822-5771
World Wide Web Site:

            Special Voodoo Dildo Issue!

Dear Friend and Valued Reader,

   Every once and awhile, I get nostalgic. Now, this doesn't happen too
often; usually I only look forward.

   But the other day, I was going through some of my original Speed
Seduction research notes going back over a four year period of time.
During that review, I recognized that I had several "breakthrough"
realizations that dramatically increased my Speed Seduction understanding
and ability.

   You see, what many people don't realize is, a large part of my ability,
even what some people would call "genius"(and I'd be the last person to
argue with that term!), is actually the ability to experiment, make tons
of mistakes, and only pursue those directions that work!

   So I thought it would be very useful to you in your efforts to become a
master Speed Seducer and persuader, if I dedicated this issue of the
newsletter to sharing those breakthroughs with you.

   Without further ado, and in no particular chronological order or order
of impotance, here are...

   Ross's Speed Seduction Breakthrough Thoughts, Rules and Realizations!

1. Not all women will respond to "connection" patterns. Some women who are
already emotionally occupied, but sexually bored, or shut down
emotionally, but open sexually or just don't believe relationships are
possible will still be very receptive to a "body sensation" approach.

2. There are two classes of women who respond to patterns; those who want
to be overwhelmed, and those who want it to be their own experience. The
women in the first category will just sit and let you run patterns without
interrupting; the second category will interrupt by talking. That's
ok...let them talk..because they will give you their personal trance words
which you use back with them when you continue with the patterns! Girls in
the second category are actually  more entertaining and fun!

3. Stack patterns in levels of three whenever possible. A single pattern,
by itself, is annoying, like a single pirhana, but hardly dangerous, like
a school of pirhana.

4. In line with number 3, do as much as possible as soon as you can. If
you wait until a "date" to do the patterns, you may never get one!

5. Some women, for whatever reason, have a "time delay" effect; the
patterns might not appear to work, but an hour or 3 days or even 3 months
later, out of the blue they want to bang you. This "time delay" can be an
x-factor that can make responses seem a bit more unpredictable.

6. As far as possible, layer in body sensations along with your connection
patterns! When you combine body sensastions along with emotional
connections, either at the same time or rapidly in sequence, the effect is
practically irresistible and the power isn't's exponential!

7. The conversational frameworks that make introducing and weaving
patterns together are as important as the patterns! Therefore, practice
being able to weave together pattern sequences by focusing on broad-based
THEMES, rather than rote recitation of patterns. THEMES allow you to tie
patterns together and almost make it unavoidable to use pattern type
language. Great THEMES for seduction are:

A. How we connect with each other
B. How we connect with fantasies...daydreams...imagination...desires.
C. Even more broadly, connections as a theme would include the first two.
D. Moments of stepping aside consciously and surrendering to
something....this could be surrendering to a peak experience, to peak
performance(useful for dancers, artists, athletes, musicians..anyone who
has to perform!)

8. When you learn how to do Speed Seduction according to 7, above, it
ceases to be about mind-fucking and ramming memorized patterns into a
co-operative subject, and becomes a mutual exploration of how you think
and how she thinks about certain topics, that naturally would lend
themselves to pattern type talk even if you didn't know a thing about
Speed Seduction! Using the pattern language, therefore, in this context is
utterly natural, incredibly powerful, and allows you to actually learn
something about the woman on a very deep level while you are creating
incredible connections, sexual feelings, etc. etc. The best of both
worlds, but not all women are sharp enough or developed enough to respond
to this approach. If they aren't, either walk or go back to standard
pattern recitation!

9. The phone is an incredible way to do patterns because women feel they
aren't being observed and therefore can be alot stronger in their

10. A genuine curiosity or a genuine intuition is an incredible place to
start from. Intuition is a superb seduction tool, when combined with
ferociousness, a sense of humor, some cockiness and some thoroughness.

11. With women who want it to be their own experience, combining, body
sensations, their own personal trance words, vagueness and sexual metaphor
is a knock-out combination! (Since their resistance can be high, in helps
to talk about how "a person can" or "if a person could, then THEY" rather
than talking about her directly. She'll naturally apply it to herself,
since she is so self-referential to begin with!)

12. Knowing what to pay attention to, what to listen and look for is as
much a pattern of seduction as the language patterns.

13. In line with number 12, the question to ask, and the main thing to pay
attention to is, "How is she responding with her imagination and

14. When thinking of an experimental pattern or approach, ask the
question, "How is this structured to capture and lead her imagination, and
if it works, what do I follow up with?"  If you can't answer those
questions, your odds of it being succesful are VERY shitty.

15. The proper attitude to have is, "Of course this is going to
work...this is how women naturally respond anyway...and since I'm someone
who already knows he can have's just not that big a deal!" If
your attitude is, please..please...make this work or, please, please, dear
goddess, I hope this works with I doing ok?" you are going to get

16.Dead ends pursued that lead nowhere:

A. Trying just being outrageously confident without any patterns. ALWAYS
got cancelled on or stood up, without acception, period, full stop.

B. Trying stringing together presuppostions, without any patterns going
before them. Stuff like, "After you've fallen for me completely" works
great as the knock-out punch after you've done patterns, but by itself,
alone, won't cut it.

C. Trying "connection" patterns with strippers. To strippers, healthy,
emotional connections are unwanted, impossible and not in their model of
the world. To them, excitement, adventure, and thrills ARE what constitute
a connection, so give them that if you choose to deal with them at all.

The Mail Bag


Dear Ross,

   I would really like to know the scoop on meeting women  in singles
bars. I and many guys I know have no problem meeting women in other
situations, like meeting  someone through business or in a checkout line
and then moving from there to coffee or dinner.

   But in a bar situation, given the layout of a nightclub or mosts bars,
it's harder to strike up a conversation unless it's with a woman who you
happen to be seated next to. And the chances of this are remote because
there are far less bar seats and table seats, and then there are women who
aren't even seated.

   So if a woman is with a group, how do you approach? Do you approach
cold, without any eye contact? Are the chances of cold approaches working
to any degree so low that most men who do this just realize that 90% of
the time they will be blown off and they just have the guts to keep
trying, trying, trying?

Dear XXX,

   Wow! You ask a lot of great questions. I'll try to answer as many as
possible as space permits!

   First, I tell guys to avoid singles places as far as possible. It's
better and easier to meet women anywhere they go to feed their houses, gourmet yogurt shops(there's a place here in Los
Angeles, near UCLA that has about 15 women for every guy and it's packed
from 9PM to 11PM,7 days a week! It's so crowded, you can't NOT meet loud noise to shout expensive

   Now, you mentioned "layout". If you ARE going to go to a "singles
place", I think layout is CRITICAL. Since these places can be tough
anyway, you might as well have the layout making it easier. It should be
physically laid out so:

1. It's easy to make eye contact from virtually any place you are sitting
or standing.

2. You can observe the entrance and preferrably the bathroom! This way you
can make contact/observe everyone who comes in AND see whoever you might
like to approach leave her group and head off for herself for a while to
answer the call of nature...a perfect time to pounce!

3. Preferrably, it has SOME place that is quiet enough that you can talk.
NO loud music, or a room where the music isn't so loud.

   In my own research, I've found that places that are have a bar as part
of a restaurant are the only ones that fill this bill of particuliars.

   For example, let's compare two places; Houston's restaurant, in West
L.A. which I rate an A++ by these standards, and Chaya restaurant in
Venice, which, though it has so many hot babes that some nights it
resembles a modelling convention, nonetheless only earns a C+.

   Both have a bar attached to the restaurant. Both have no music to shout over.

   But Houston's is dramatically superior. The bar is huge and rectangular
and from virtually ANYWHERE you sit at the bar, you can see and make eye
contact with virtually anyone else sitting there, plus some people sitting
at tables in the restaurant! It's a big bar, seating probably 30+ people,
and if you pick the right seats, you can also keep your eye on the
bathroom! Ample opportunity for eye-contact and observation!

   Chaya, as I said, is babe-city! I swear a castrated priest would pop a
woody with all the great looking women!


1. The bar has LIMITED seating. MAYBE a dozen seats, plus some tables in
the bar area.

2. The bar is basically just one sided, and it faces a wall,

away from the door, the tables and anything else. All you can see without
effort is the person next to you and the bartender!

3. Therefore, the ONLY way to work Chaya is to get there early, stake out
a seat at the bar or a bar area table, and DON'T MOVE.

   Too bad. It's babe heaven, but too badly laid out for my lazy ass!

   Let me give you one more example to contrast and illustrate these
principles...Broadway Deli in Santa Monica.

   On the plus side:

1. LOTS of traffic. Pretty girls getting off work pack the place from 6 to
8 P.M, Monday thru Friday, plus there are tons of movie theaters, night
spots, etc nearby. Women go their to meet before and after movies,
dancing, etc.

2. NO loud music; in fact, no music at all.

3. Pretty good visibility. From any spot in the bar, you can make eye
contact with most other folks.

   The negatives:

1. The bar has only two sides for's "L" shaped. The other two
sides are used by the servers and bartenders!

2. The bar has some blind spots.

3. The bar has limited seating!

4. You can't see the door, can't see the tables in the bar area and you
can't see the bathroom!

Rating: B-

   No matter where you go, it helps to have a gimmick. You can use the
Grapho Deck which we sell, or get a deck of Tarot cards. Pull them out,
start going through them and I guaranteed women will approach YOU!

   As far as approaching cold; if a woman is in a group, and I can't make
ANY eye contact..and she stays with the group...and a gimmick isn't
working to get the attention of ANY of them...I consider it a BIG crap
shoot...a REAL roll of the dice. It's like the difference between a good,
solid poker hand and playing ROULETTE. If you feel ballsy, go've got nothing to lose, but I think the odds of  success are
just much lower.

   Bottom line:most singles spots(especially as you get older!) offer low
odds for success, UNLESS they are laid out I user friendly fashion. Think
of it like selecting a casino at which to gamble; you would want one that
offers the lowest possible edge for the house, and the best odds and
pay-offs for you! You wouldn't let flashy lights, free entertainment and
free drinks get you to gamble at a place where you knew they rigged the
games against you, would you?

   Most singles spots are like the flashy casino that's cheating the
customers; stay out unless you've checked out how they are running their

Dear Ross and Yates,

   I have a confession to make. I've been very bad because I've used your
methods for things that they weren't designed for. When I purchased the
course, all I wanted was an NLP "how to" course, since the ones in
Australia are so bloody expensive and apparently run by less than honest
practitioners. So when I read the success stories as printed in your Ad
letter, I was convinced that if these methods can be used to seduce women,
then what you are selling must be pretty good.

   To practice your methods, I used them at the retail store where I
worked, and frankly I was shocked because I was able to get irate
customers to leave thinking they've won in a situation when in actuality
they'd lost and left for home empty handed. I was able to get annoying
pensioners out of my face, and able to deal with smart ass managers and
the even the store manager and come out on top! Me and another guy were
even able to get one junior manager to flip out whenever we wanted to,
just by saying, "don't get into an emotional state!" at which point he'd
spit the dummy and have to leave!

   I've realized that I've used the power attitudes and patterns to also
get a promotion at higher pay!

   Thanks for making life a little bit more bearable, and who know; I may
even use your stuff to get laid!

                        Brendan Strubel,
                        Melbourne, Australia

Hey Brendan,

   Thanks for the compliments! I've said all along that the key to
persuading in ANY area of life is to capture and lead the imagination!
What a horrible deal that the tools that show you how to do this for
seduction can be used to improve and enjoy ANY area of dealing with your
fellow humans! Oh well; life's a bitch and then you die!

Pick Up Line Of The Month!

   This one comes from your one, true Guru himself. Here's how it works:

   Spot the woman you want to meet. Walk up to her, and put a puzzled look
on your face; the look you'd use if you saw someone you truly thought you
recognized them but couldn't quite put your finger on it.

   Then you say:

"Pardon me miss. I know this is going to sound a little funny, but I know
I've seen you somewhere before, and I just can't figure out where."

   So far, sounds like a standard pick-up ploy, right? Here's where you ad
the twist. Pause for another second and say, with a sudden look of

"I know where it was. I was reading a book on angels, and they had your
picture in it!"

   Now, this next part is critical. When she laughs, immediately follow up
with, "I'm glad you laughed, because I think you are absolutely
break-taking, (small pause) and I really wanted to meet you. My name is:_
_ _ _ _ _ _."

News Updates:

Peckerwood "R. Don Steele" refuses Ross' $5,000 Pick-Up Girls Challenge!"

   For those who haven't been following along in the private Speed
Seduction e-mail discussion group, recently, R. Don "Peckerwood" Steele,
author of "How To Date Young Women:For Men Over 35" branded your Guru and
Master a fraud! Among other things, Don said I was "a fast-talking
swindler", "a criminal fraud" and that I, "couldn't get laid on Sunset!".

   Now, normally, I ignore this kind of nonsense. But this putz has
stepped WAY over the line. So I wrote him back and challenged him as

   "I've got $5000 to put up when you are ready to accept a public
challenge. Just you and me if you want, mano-y-mano in a pick-up girls
contest. Since you say I couldn't get laid on Sunset, let's have a neutral
third party pick a place and we have a hidden camera follow us both.
Whoever gets the most dats/phone numbers in 3 hours gets $5000 from the
loser. Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is, you aging,
pussy peckerwood, or area you all just hot air?"

   Well, Don, of course, has never answered my challenge. If you happen to
know anyone in the news-media, how about telling them about this? What
media outlet wouldn't want to cover the "Battle of The Pick-Up Girls
Gurus?". Perhaps THEIR prodding will get this coward to come out in public
and face me like a man, so I can give him the trouncing he deserves in the
only area that counts; a real world test of skills and methods.

   Or maybe you'd like to write Don himself, and tell him what YOU think
of his cowardly refusal. You can reach him at:

Steel Balls Press, Box 807, Whittier, CA 90608.

   Come out of hiding and face me, Steele!

                  Peace and piece,


PS.  Here's a great joke to tell a woman you ALREADY have good rapport
with or already know well.  Notice how it uses embedded commands to get
her all hot and horny.

   This guy is leaving town on business for a week and he's starting to
get a little worried. You see, his wife is a nymphomaniac, and he knows
that as soon as he leaves, she'll start to GET VERY HORNY and think to
herself, "YOU'VE GOT TO GET SOME".

   So he goes to the adult toy shop to check out what they've got. And he
notices there's an ornately carved wood box behind the counter. So he asks
the salesman what it is, and the salesman says, "Oh...that's the voodoo
dildo. Here...let me show you."

   So the salesman opens the box, and there, lying on a bed of red velvet
is what looks like an ordinary vibrator.

   The salesman says, "Watch this! Voodo dildo-door!". The voodoo
dildo rises from the box and flies across the room and begins banging like
crazy against the keyhole! Before it can break the door down, the salesman
says, "Voodoo dildo-box!" and the dildo soars back and gently lands in its

   Well, needless to say, the guy HAS to have the voodoo dildo! At first
the salesman refuses but after an hour of haggling and $1000, the man
walks off with the magic dingus.

   He explains how it works to his wife, and kissing her goodbye, sets off
on his trip. Now, she resists using it for two days, but finally, she
starts to FEEL THE HORNINESS BUILDING INSIDE. She can't take it anymore,
so she opens the box and says, "Voodoo dildo-my pussy!".

   The voodoo dildo slams into her and begins pumping her in every
conceivable position and angle. She can't believe the power and precision;
she's getting it with exactly the right strokes, exactly the right angles,
exactly the right pressure and she starts to HAVE ORGASM AFTER THUNDERING

   After two hours, she can't take it any more, but she can't pull the
damn thing out! The harder she tries, the more it seems to change it's
shape and adapt to her, to fill her  exactly the way  she needs to to

   She tries calling 911, but they don't believe her! So she decides to
drive herself to the hospital. As she's headed down the road, she's
moaning in pleasure and desire,  because the dildo keeps making her HAVE

   Because she's swerving all over the road, a motocycle cop pulls her over!!

   The cop wants to know if she's been drinking, and she says,
"Officer...I wasn't drinking! It's all because of the voodoo-dildo!"

   And the cop says, "Voodoo dildo, my ass!"

P.P.S.  Here is our remaining seminar schedule for 1997:

   July 25, 26, 27 Chicago, IL for you Mid-Western folks!
   Sept(we're not sure of the exact date) Palo Alto, California
   October 19-25, Hawai Speed Life Week Long Training

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