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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #17, Jan/Feb 2000

                               Ross Jeffries'
                     Get Laid/Persuasion NEWSLETTER!!!!
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275                                      Jan / Feb
Culver, City CA 90230                                                    2000
               Meeting Women Hot Women In The "Nude" Millenium!

From: Marina Del Rey, California
     Monday, 9:43PM

Dear Friend and Speed Seduction Student.

              Well, here we are... the start of a NEW MILLENIUM.

     One can safely say that MANY things have changed over the course of the
last one thousand years of human history.

     Nations have risen and fallen. Empires have come and gone. Massive
advances in technology have made the world an much smaller place.

     And yet, ONE thing remains the same. ONE thing joins us with our
forebearers of the past 1000 years...


     Well, who the hell is your humble Guru to argue with the force of

     With that in mine, and because Yates is hollering at me cuz I haven't
written a newsletter in a long friggin time, let's get going on the right foot
by discussing how to use Speed Seduction to...


     By the way, a free Tabby turd to anyone who can tell me just exactly how
much of something is contained within a "scad".

     Anyway, there are some fun-da-mental rules for making pick-ups, or as we
say on the Speed Seduction email discussion list ( naturally the BEST internet
resource for up to date Speed Seduction tips, tricks and questions: to join IF and ONLY if you are a paid,
Straightforward customerŠthis is NOT a freebie for you freeloaders! ) doing
"gold - walk - ups". So, let's review those rules FIRST before we get to some
word for word pick up approaches guar-an-fookin-teed to work for you just
about anywhere!

RULE ONE: Get yourself in the right frame of mind.

     Ok, I've harped on this before. I'll harp on it AGAIN. And I'll harp on
it til I'm dead and gone and PLAYING a harp ( though some have written me
nasty, printed letters in CRAYON, usually from addresses in Kentucky or
Tennesee telling me I'm headed for H - E - C - K because I am DANGED and will
spend eternity with some guy named Stan or somethinglike that ).

     You're frame of mind is crucial when it comes to meeting and attracting
women. And the single biggest and most common mistake guys make when it comes
down to it, is they are relying on women accepting them FIRST, before they can
feel good.

     No, no and a thousand times no. This simply does not work. YOU must first
learn how to produce good feelings in your body and mind BEFORE you open your
mouth and say a word. Otherwise, you are relying on the WOMAN to make YOU feel

     Now, in that case, WHO has the power? No matter how many patterns and
embedded commands and anchors and other tools you load up on, WHO is the one
with the gift to give and WHO is the "supplicator" in this scenario?

     So you MUST learn to produce good feelings and states for yourself...


     Now, listen. I've come up with plenty of tools for you to do this. You've
got my Unstoppable Confidence Tapes. You've got the Equalizer. If you've been
to a Speed Seduction® Seminar, you've experienced some personal "google"
builders that we've yet to put on any tapes ( actually, you CAN see them on
the LA Seminar 99 videosŠavailable NOW along with these other fine products
from Straightforward..operators are standing by: 703-791-6421 ).

     Anyway, the main point is YOU must go first by FEELING good FIRST before
you even open your mouth.

RULE TWO: Taken into account and USE the physical dictates and layout of the
situation in which you find yourself.

     Ok...Tabby is telling me that last sentence was a bit obtuse, so let me

     Let's say you're a lucky s.o.b., and, like your Guru, you live right by a
jog or bike path. Women are constantly skating, blading, running or biking
right by you. And let's say further, that, you, like me, are a lazy son of a
bitch and have no intention of moving your own fat ass via bike, blades,
running etc.

     Now, given that physical aspect of the situation and your own bone - deep
sloth and aversion to movement, what do you have to do in order to meet and
talk to these women?

     Well, Buckwheat, what ya first and foremost gotta do is...

                         ...Ya Gotta Get 'Em To Stop!

     Thassright. That beautimous and buxom babe in the halter topŠthat
luscious blonde with the jog shorts so tight, her "camel-toe" is poking
through the sheer fabric... they will never be riding your trouser pole UNLESS

     With that in mind, I have actually USED the following approach and
ACTUALLY gotten it to work!

     I merely wait for a nice looking young lady to come jogging, blading or
biking toward my stationary position along the path. I then jump out, hold out
a hand and in my most authoratative tone yell:


     (This is actually pretty funny to watch. I have never had them NOT stop!)

     I then say something like, "If you're that easily stopped... you need a
boyfriend who will MOTIVATE you! My name is Ross".

     Now, at this point, I bring into play...


     I cannot emphasize enough the power of this VERY important rule.
Basically, what it means is to verbally describe and therefore ACKNOWLEDGE the
situation and reality that she finds herself in with you.

     In the example above, where I've just jumped in her path and yelled
"STOP", what do you think this girl is thinking?

     It's a safe bet it is something along the lines of "this guy is fuckin'

     So I better USE that instead of ignoring it.

     I say something along these lines, "Look, I know this is a totally nutty
way to meet someone ( pacing her ongoing belief )...but I knew if I didn't do
SOMETHING to stop you, we'd never get a chance to talk (also completely
true...a truism with which she cannot argue) and maybe see how much WE COULD
REALLY LIKE EACH OTHER ( embedded suggestion ).

     The principle here is VERY important. And that is...


     Now, let me make something critically clear: I did NOT say demonstrate
that YOU are "understanding, sensitive" etc.

     I said demonstrate "understanding"...of her ongoing reality and
situation. Not in the sense of apologizing or excusing but simply that you are
alert and AWARE of who she is and what she is experiencing.

     From here, what I will do is say, "Look...I don't have a lot of time here
(A bit of a "takeaway" which always makes you more appealing). And it's
obvious that you are on the move too. But if you'll sit with me for 5 minutes,
I'll analyze your handwriting. You'll get to learn secrets about yourself your
best friends don't know and I'll get to find out if YOU are the kind of person
I want to know better.

     Here of course, as explained in my previous newsletter on setting and
controlling frames(See the LA 99 Seminar videos for more on this!) I'm
structuring an opportunity AND offering her a challenge, two of the three
aspects of controlling and setting frames. that we've got the basic rules out of the way, let's get down to
some nitty-gritty, word for word gold-walk up scenarios. (By the way, if you
want all of my best walkup/pickup methods, word for word, check out the Speed
Seduction®, Methods and Masters CD set, which includes two CD's of me on the
art of gold-walk ups. I'm not about to give EVERYTHING way here for free,

                             PLACES TO MEET WOMEN

     As I've said before and will say again, I usually avoid going to
"singles" type places to meet women. That includes clubs, singles bars, etc.
I'm aware that some guys love, even excel at these places, and more power to
them, but you won't get advice from me on these joints, because...

                             ...I DON'T GO THERE!

     Why? Because they are noisy and I don't want to shout to be heard. My
voice is my livelihood and my instrument, damn it. Because they are loaded
with DRUNK people, and no offense to any drunk customers reading this, but I
HATE BEING AROUND DRUNK PEOPLE! And don't even get me going on smokers, cuz
here in the People's Republic of California, smoking is banned in bars, clubs
and restaurants!

     MY favorite places are:

     * Restaurants with attached bars: These places are often great
Tues-Thursday nights, around 6-8:30 PM. Especially upscale places, they cater
to a professional crowd. Some VERY nice looking women looking to unwind after
work. Also often these places serve as a meeting ground for women having
bacheleorette parties.

     * Coffee houses: like Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, etc. Great
from 8-10:30 AM every day of the week. After 9am you are more likely to get
women who work in retail, outside sales like pharmaceutical reps,
self-employed, students etc.

     * Supermarkets: M-F noon to around 1:30 PM as women on their lunch hours
pop into buy things. M-Thurs 6-830 PM. Sat 10AM-noon, same for Sundays.

     * Shopping Malls: This is a no brainer. If they have a good food court
and are near offices, then noon til 130 PM, M-F. Hit the food courts and
forget most of the rest of the stores. Other good times: Tues-Thurs 630-8PM
and Sat afternoons.

     * Self Improvement seminars: If you live anywhere NEAR a major U.S. city,
chances are Tony Robbins will be hosting an event. Now, I don't think Tony is
the best seminar investmentŠMY seminars would fall into that category.
However, his seminars are LOADED to the gunwales with good-looking,
SUGGESTIBLE women who are totally open to the type of themes discussed in any
good Speed Seduction® pattern. Same with most of the self-help gurus. Christ,
ya don't even have to sign up. Just find out where they are being held, hang
out in the lobby of the hotel and swoop in on the HB's during the coffee, pea
and dinner breaks.

     * Gyms: Ok..I belong to THREE gyms and I only really work out at ONE of
them! I especially recommend rock-climbing gyms. The women are in awesome
shape, usually quite adventurous and you don't need to know how to actually
climb! All you actually need to learn out to do is hook up and hold the rope
that anchors or belays them to the wall. "Hey..DebbyŠput your left leg a
little wider..WIIIIDDDDER..there's a foot hold rightŠthere!"

     * Yoga Classes: Unbelievable amounts of hard-bodied, wildy well-shaped
women. Take a beginners class if you've never done it before and you'll met
lots of women, who are also VERY suggestible and open to "new ways" of

                           USING HUMOR TO MEET WOMEN

For me, one of my favorite ways to meet women is to use some type of humorous
approach that gets her laughing.

     Why is this so important?

     1. Laughter sets a woman at ease at puts her off guard.

     2. Getting her laughing shows that you are confident and don't take the
     process of meeting her too seriously, unlike a desperate hard-up loser
     HAS to succeed, YOU are a fun guy, enjoying your exciting life and
     creating an opportunity for HER to step into it and have some fun tooŠIF
     she plays her cards right.

     3. Humor is a way to test to see if SHE has a personality. If she is a
     mean, unhappy be-yatch, why bother?

     that you can mention, incorporate, and future pace into HER IMAGINING


     I was doing some errands in a local mini-mall when I spotted an
unbelievably hot-bodied woman in tight-fitting work-out outfit. (You could
easily spot her "camel-toe" to use some slang)

     As she was leaving the yogurt place with her double combination
vanilla/chocolate swirl, I said, "Excuse me, has anyone ever told you you're a
shining example of physiological perfection?"

     Her response of course, was to laugh and say "Thank you... no,you are the

     I then USED her laughter response by saying, "Well, I'm glad you
laughedŠbecause I really do think you are breathtaking, and I wanted to get a
glimpse at the personality inside of the beauty before I introduced myself. My
name is Ross".

     I then invited her to sit down while we enjoyed a brief hand-writing
analysis that revealed her to be a parnoid/schiz with a tendency toward
violence and pathological lying. So much for that possibilty. But the intro
DOES work.

     Notice here, that I mentioned and USED the fact that she laughed as a way
of establishing that I was looking for MORE than her physical beauty.


     Ok. This is a perfect approach to use with women who are in a group,
although students have used it on women sitting alone as well.

     It works with or without initial eye contact too!

     What you do is carry around a pen and a small spiral-note pad. Catch the
eye of the lady you fancy IF YOU CAN, but if not, don't worry about it. If you
DO catch her eye, make a big show of pretending to sketch her. Furrow your
brow and act as if you are in deep concentration.(It works even if you CAN'T
catch her eye, but do make the effort!)

     Now, what you are doing here is a PARODY of the old, shopworn, trite,
"May I sketch you, beautiful lady gig?". Because what you are actually doing
on that pad of paper, Buckwheat, is sketching the crappiest, STICK FIGURE
drawing of her that would embarrass a dyslexic five year old! Draw her friends
in very tiny, no bigger than the size of dimes.

     Label it accordingly, such as, "Beautiful Woman At Dinner With Friends".
Then with a flourish, sign it, date it, and fold it two.

     Walk up to her at the table and say, "Excuse me...but your beauty has
inspired me to high art."

     At this point, you can work it two ways. You can simply walk away and
return to your seat as she opens and unfolds it. What will happen is she will
pause..then burst out laughing and show it to her friends. After you've
returned to your seat, wave with a flourish and take a bow, like you are proud
of your work. About 50% of the time they will wave you over to the table and
play along.

     Explain that it is an ABSTRACT rendition that emphasizes the underlying
ephemeral aspects of the counterpointing metaphorical structure as
super-imposed on the physical apsects of the rendition of the work. Ham it up

     Above all, understand that this approach is a TEST. It is a test to see
if these women are open, friendly and have good, fun personalities and it is
also, primarily a way to GET YOURSELF INTRODUCED TO THE TABLE!

     Now, a good way to get the conversation going once you've been introduced
to the table is to ask a simple question,

     "I'm curious about something. Which one of you has the most curious and
adventurous mind?"

     They will usually volunteer a girl and ask why. You then say, "Because I
just took this really funky self-improvement seminar and they were talking
about all sorts of cool ways things really work in your mind. Who wants to see
something REALLY cool?"

     You are then, my friend, off to the races. You have also pre-qualified TO
SELECT THE MOST RESPONSIVE PROSPECT. Sometimes the most responsive will be the
most physically attractive and sometimes not. But YOU are letting THEM do all
the work by finding the right prospect FOR YOU!

     The other way is to work this is to wait for her to laugh and THEN say,
"I'm glad you laughed because you guys all look like you have open and fun
personalities, and I wanted to find some way to introduce myself. My name

     Then simply hit them with the question about who has the most open and
curious mind.

     Another alternative is to say, "I'm glad you laughed because I noticed
you here with your friends and I wanted to get a glimpse of the personality
inside of the beauty before I introduced myself. My name is..." Then offer to
do her writing by saying, "Well, look if you're open and adventurous enough
for it I analyze handwriting. You'll learn secrets about yourself your best
friends don't know and I'll get to find out if you're the kind of person I'd
like to get to know better".

     This "Crappy Artist" approach also works wonders for waitresses,
hostesses, flight-attendants, etc. etc. etc. It works for girls sitting alone
or with friends. It's the perfect way to get the attention of women lying face
down, asleep in the sun at the beach or by the pool. It's fun, easy and really
quite effective, but it does take some balls and every once in a while, some
nasty little c-nts won't appreciate it. I even once had a woman rip the
drawing in half and glare at me.

     This is the perfect time to fake an epileptic fit and rant about your
court appointed psychiatrist. That usually changes the tone of things and
keeps it light and fun... for YOU!

     Ok? Pretty good so far? If you really want the inside scoop on my latest
methods for meeting women anywhere you go, you'll have to pick up the...

               ... Speed Seduction®, Methods And Masters CD Set

     These digitally recorded CD's include interviews with Brother Bishop on
how he goes from initial meeting to bedding women within 2 hrs, Brother Rick
H. on how to get up to 5 women in bed at the same time and seducing bi-sexual
women, Brother Riker on seducing women on AOL, and most especially TWO CD's
with yours truly, Ross Jeffries, covering Gold Walk-Ups: The Art of the Speed
Seduction® Pickup. In addition to covering in great detail what you've already
learned in this newsletter, you will also learn:

*How To Do The Incredible 90 Second Pick-up: Word For Word What To Say From
Start To Finish To Get Her Attention, Intro Yourself, And Get The Number In 90
Seconds...Vital For When You're Both In A Hurry And Don't Have Time For "Small

*Why You Must NEVER "Ask" For Her Phone Number Or Indeed "Ask" Her For
Anything, And How To Instead Structure Your Language So SHE Volunteers The
Method For Getting Together/Speaking Again

*Mastering Waitresses: Keys To Make Waitresses Your Favorite Pickup And
Restaurants Your Hunting Ground!

*The Perfect Line For Picking Up Athletic Women, Works Anytime, Anywhere!

*How To Select And Work The Right Coffee Shop To Pick Up Beautiful Women And
NEVER Have To Set Foot In A Club Or Bar Again!

*3 Different And NEW Devastating Ways To Handle The "Boyfriend" Objection

*The Two Key Things To Compliment A Woman On That Will Distinguish YOU As
Being Completely Unique And Different From The Average Horny Chump Who Hits On

*How To Use The "Swish" Pattern To Pick Up That Ice-Cold, Glowering,
Unapproachable, Super-Hotty Who Is Showing Her Body For All To See But
Radiating "Stay Away" Signals!

     Combining theory with word for word techniques and scenarios, this is the
CD set that will make the new millenium your NUDE millenium! So call Yates at
703-791-6421 and ask for your special newsletter reader discount! And make
sure you ask about the other great CD's in the set from my star students!

The Mail Bag

(Special note: This email was taking from the SS email list that I mentioned
in the first part of this newsletter, so the sender's identity and some
details have been changed. This list is an INCREDIBLE resource for PAYING
customers to share mistakes, what works, new learnings, challenges, tips, etc.
So if you aren't a paying customer, let me suggest you become one(perhaps with
the CD set on Gold Walkups) and get on this list!)

Subject: Triangle of lust


I'm currently sargying like a true SS brother should. I've met many HBs and
gotten a few numbers. I've been on this list for a while but now for the first
time I actually have the freedom from my studies to go out and practise as
much as I'd like (and I'm just surrounded by amazing honeys (which always

On Sunday night I went to a club with L. (a beautiful, blonde, 20 y old,German
major HB) and anouther one of my flatmates. We had a bril time but many probs
came up which I hope the bros can help me with:

- I sarged her all evening with humour,patterns, poetry and general verbal and
non-verbal pacing and leading. We shared cocktail drinks with two straws (I
thought it was a nice touch) and we went outside every so often to cool
down,talk and look at the ocean. We sat down and after running a few patterns
she started to run her hands through her hair so I said, "Do you know why
women like to wash their hair so much?". She looked at me curiously and said
"No... isn't it just to keep it clean?" so I said "Here, let me show you..."
and I began to run my hands through her hair and masage her scalp. She said
that it felt wonderful and so I dropped my tonality and said "You know, this
is one of the errogenous zone in a women's body that most men (point away)
ignore...there are others... if you want to discover them ... you can... close
your eyes (she did)..." I then ran my fingers on her frenulum (just above her
lips) , across her cheeks and her earlobes. She started to flush and so I took
one of her arms and ran my fingers along the inside doing a zip anchor pattern
as i did so ("you notice how all those feelings get stronger and stronger as I
move up...") I also massaged her lower back just above her pelvic brim and did
my "triangle of lust" pattern whilst slowly moving my other hand onto her
belly and over her "tum-tin (main chakra)".

More patterning followed and I lead into Ben's "Suprise Kiss pattern". Up to
this point she had given me no resistance but here she said ..."well, the kids
I work with (She's doing holiday volunteer work with street children) always
try to kiss me but I don't like it". I think at this point I messed it up
because of instead of backing up and trying something different I kept going
and leant forward to kiss her and she pulled away.

- I apologised (Big Mistake methinks, damn AFC tendencies die hard...) She
then said to me "Is this what you do with all the girls."

- Earlier I had ellicited that she loved it when a man listened to her and
communicated his emotions to her. I tried to do this all evening and at this
point I said to her, "I'm not going to say anything now, I'm just going to
listen... I want you to tell me what it is you are feeling... " This didn't
bring out much even with prompts in pattern language.

Somehow it didn't work out. What should I have done? How should I have tried
to go for a close again? (Bear in mind this girl is normally quite
introverted). L. moved out yesterday (I saw her twice during the day but just
said "Hi" and avoided her), she's moved into a place nearby and I will be
seeing her again. Where do I go from here?


Dear Bro XXX

The problem as I see it is that you were SO focused on your own feelings of
lust you were NOT paying attention to the "doorway" she was telling you she
responded to.

As I've said, there are basically 4 doorways into a woman's mind:

1. Getting her to visualize
2. Body sensations
3. Emotional connections
4. Asking questions that require her to access deep levels of the mind to

Now, your techniques for arousing her physically are GREAT. But that was NOT
the doorway through which she was vulnerable.

Please remember that KNOWING WHAT TO LISTEN FOR and then KNOWING HOW to use it
are as much patterns of seduction as knowing the "blammo" or "blow job"

It is also important, when getting DEEP responses as you did with this girl,
to add in a step. And that is to occasionally STOP, pull back from her and
say, "By the way, is this fun for you? Are you enjoying this exploration?"

Her merely saying, "YES" makes her an ACTIVE participant and also constitutes
explicit permission for you to continue. It also, through the principles of
commitment and consistency sets her up to accept increasingly more intense

I would also say that you need to do more anchoring. If you are getting
powerful responses, AND since this girl apparently was a "flatmate" of yours,
no reason why you couldn't have anchored it all and then done a "takeaway".
Simply end the demo by telling her it's been fun but you are tired now, and
maybe she can IMAGINE ENJOYING THESE FEELINGS EVEN MORE (as you fire off that
anchor and slide it up to intensify) at a later time after you've really
discovered how much THIS IS SOMETHING WE CAN ENJOY. In this way, you not only
tease her by taking it away, thus making HER ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT a part of
having more, but also you help her to create a bridge of good feelings into
her future by using the anchor you have set.

                                Peace and Piece

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