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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #18, May/Jun 2000 (2000)SED:



 6245 Bristol Parkway #275                                      May/June 2000

 Culver City, CA 90292

     Super-Seduction Through The Power of Abduction: How To Use Poems, Stories
         and Narratives To Create An Overwhelmingly Powerful And Structured
                        Responsiveness In Her To Your Voice!


From: Culver City, California

Tuesday, 12:35 PM

Dear Friend and Speed Seduction Fan and Student,

            Today, I want to talk to you about the power of abduction.

            Now, lest you think your ever lovin' Guru is ranting about
kidnapping or little grey aliens let me assure you I mean something
entirely different.

            You see, there are basically three modes of thinking.

            First, there is deduction. Deduction involves starting with
basic principles…the big chunk, overall picture and from there, working
down to the smaller details. It is "from the top down" thinking.

            Secondly, there is induction. Induction involves taking the
smaller pieces and from there, "inducing" what the larger picture must be.
An example of induction would be the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes(he
never got laid, so really, how smart was he anyway???!); while he
mistakenly called it "deducing" Holmes actually used "induction". From the
smaller, detailed clues, he would infer the actual larger picture of

            While all of this is interesting, of course, neither induction
nor deduction is of much use IN GETTING LAID.

            Therefore, we shall skip them entirely for the rest of this

            Instead, I'd like to talk about a profoundly powerful way of
thinking called "abduction".  Abduction involves talking about ONE thing
(such as convincing a woman that jumping on you would be the greatest thing
ever to happen in her life) in terms of ANOTHER.  It's where we use
stories, jokes, poetry, metaphor, narratives, quotes and the like to open
an otherwise resistant or non-responsive mind to new possibilities.

Now, why do such things work so powerfully? Well, first of all, the
unconscious, as I have said before, recognizes FORM before CONTENT. In
other words, unconsciously, we are all trained to have a certain set of
responses to communication in the form of a story that are more open, more
receptive and FAR less skeptical than a flat out argument or recitation of

            Think back to when you were a little kid and Mom, Dad or even
teacher would say, "Once upon a time…."

            What do those words do? They function as a code that instructs
the mind, "Turn off the critical/resistant parts and open up the
suggestive, IMAGINATIVE part of the brain."  By putting the message you
want to get through inside an acceptable FORMAT, you in effect create a
Trojan (Or Magnum or Lifestyles or Beyond 7 or whatever brand of scumbag
you prefer) horse against which there is little or no possibility of


            Thought you'd never ask Buckwheat. Because there are a couple
of very important steps PRIOR to the successful use of poetry, stories,
etc. as well as steps after to make it more than just an exercise in
temporarily entertaining the woman you wish to be with.

            First, foremost and of course, always, we must have rapport.
For more on the essence of non-verbal rapport, I strongly suggest you check
out the website of my good pals, Kim McFarland and Tom Vizzini. (And to all
you guys who hear Kim's sexy voice on their cd set and keep emailing me
asking for her phone number, FORGET IT! I do not wish to incur her wrath!)
That site is:

            For now, let me give you one of the two great VERBAL ways to
get rapport that I love to use. And that is to ask questions that require a
search on a deeper level of the woman's consciousness in order to answer.
These questions really constitute command instructions for her to go deep
inside herself and access the level of her dreams, desires, passions, hopes
and core identity (which ain't a bad place to be startin', buckaroo!)

            Let's say for example, your soon to be honey is big on dancing.
Salsa, Rumba, Flamenco, Ballet, whatever.  Simply asking a question like,
"What kind of dancing do you like to do?" really doesn't activate much more
than her fact reciting brain centers.  All she has to do is give you the
simple answer, "Patagonian Two Stepping" and the conversation is already
pretty much over.

If however, you ask her a question along THESE lines, "What is it about
dancing you find the most fulfilling?" she must delve into and ACTIVATE the
deeper centers of her mind in order to formulate and give an answer. In so
doing she will also be giving you her symbolic accessing; her cues or
symbols that she uses to map out and enter that deeper place of such
powerful meaning inside her world. In other words, her words are not mere
puffs of air between her lips when she speaks from THIS level of the mind.

No no, my horny student, customer and friend. Speaking from THIS level, her
words are akin to the bread crumbs left out by the children in the tale of
Hansel and Gretel; they are markers; waypoints for her to find herself back
in that deeper level of the mind.

            As such, when she answers your question, make sure you mentally
note the words she leans on; the ones that receive great emphasis. You see,
if in answering you, the words and phrases she leans on are
the key to making whatever "abduction" you use much more powerful is…

                            STORIES, POEMS AND PATTERNS!

            To use NLP jargon for perhaps the only time since I've been
writing these newsletters, by using her own key words, you make the
stories, poems etc. you use "isomorphic". That is, they very closely and
powerfully match HER map of the most important parts of her world,
including those she has yet to but longs to EXPERIENCE! You therefore
awaken those aspects of her that reflect her deepest desires and unmet
needs!  This not only gets her to powerfully respond but can easily be
parlayed (ha ha) into her reaching the mysterious conclusion that opening
up and responding to YOU is the key to continuing to experience even more
and better of this than she ever DREAMED possible!

            Without doing this, you are simply throwing bombs against the
wall, without knowing the part you want to hit.

            This is one of the PRIME mistakes of those beginning Speed
Seducers. They merely memorize patterns and without ANY understanding of
the deeper world of the woman they are "sarging" just start throwing them
out, willy-nilly, hoping to get a "hit".

In other words, they are SO focused on mastering the weapons, they are not
paying any attention to the target! (And please, don't write me hostile
letters about my hostile metaphors! This is only a way of speaking about
things that guys readily and easily identify with; see…I KNOW HOW TO USE

As my new good buddy and former kick-ass Navy Seal Richard Machowicz,
author of "Unleashing the Warrior Within" taught me in a 24-karat gold
lesson that changed my life:

                "Targets dictate weapons. Weapons dictate movement!"

            So if you are going to insist on using pre-memorized patterns
word for word, only do so to "prime the pump" to get her more eager to get
talking and to prepare her for hearing and responding to the types of
questions I have outlined above.

            Now, assuming you've got her all important "trance" or "key
words" the next step is to inject them into a poem, story, or other
delivery vehicle that you've got memorized or otherwise on hand.  A perfect
example, of course, would be some of the WONDERFUL seduction poetry and
stories created by my student Michael H, aka "THE BISHOP". (For those of
you who don't know, Bishy is a guy who is about 50 lbs. overweight, looks
like a retarded John F. Kennedy that got interbred with Benny Hill, and
prior to learning Speed Seduction® had slept with only 5 women! He's now
gone, in the space of a year to sleeping with 54, and more than a few of
those were threesomes!)

            Or you could use any of the poems discussed on the newsgroup or ones you've taken from a book; the
important point being that you modify them to include the words she has
allowed to surface from the deepest places in her mind.

                        Next Step…Anchor And Set Up A Loop!


            Ok…Yates is gonna really scream at me for GIVING this away. But
screw it…I'm a dedicated teacher, so here goes.

            Once you've recited your poem or story or narrative loaded with
her key words, make sure you anchor the response. Simply reach out, touch
her on the back of the hand and say, "Can you feel THAT…(timing it so the
touch coincides with the word "that")..would be an amazing thing to

            You have now got a permanent pathway back into that part of her
mind by setting up the anchor.

You are then going to build on that pleasure state you've created to
condition her to much deeper and more powerful responding!

            "But how, Oh Mighty Cat-Luving Guru?" you are asking

            By getting her to run a loop. Simply say, "Now, I invite you to
notice how by just closing your eyes…and taking a deep breath(demonstrate
the behavior by taking a deep breath in)…all the imagery and all the
feelings of that story(or poem, whichever it was) can CUM FLOODING THROUGH
YOU.(As I say this last part, I actually like to picture my cum flooding
through her…it helps to send across the right message).

            Continue by saying, "So that with each and every beat of your
heart…each and every breath you take…each and every passing moment..the
pleasure and the enjoyment of being in this special place…with this special
voice…just gets better and better."

            Now, what are you doing here? Well, by getting her to repeat
VITAL!) you are really anchoring in the deepest levels of response,
reinforcing all the most powerful imagery and feelings to…

      ………..The Mere Act Of Listening To Your Voice…No Matter What You Friggin

            Thus, with this model, "seduction" really is about a process of
CONDITIONING her to powerfully respond to your voice, using a structured
approach that incorporates

1.non-verbal rapport

2. begin the process of opening the deeper levels through the questions you
ask which can ONLY be answered by her accessing those deeper levels on her

3. adding more energy and power and responsiveness to those levels of her
mind by incorporating her answers into your already powerful poems and/or

4.  DEEPENING the conditioning and responsiveness through having her LOOP

Please understand that by subtracting out the words and just having her
loop on the images and feelings, you are creating the generalization in her
mind that opening and responding to your voice is what produces the
incredible states of pleasure…and NOT the actual words that you say.

Therefore, from this point on, ANY traditional SS patterns you might use
will be met with much greater responsiveness on her part, and for that
matter, so will reading from the frickin' phone book, because YOU have
created that conditioning!

            Now I ask you; where else are you gonna find such kick-ass
information, abso-fuckin-lutely free? Really, this just isn't right…….

Ross' Plug Corner:

            Ok, I mentioned him earlier in this newsletter. I'm mentioning
him again. Because his book, "Bishop's Journal" is a warehouse chock-full
of poems, stories, patterns and narratives that are astoundingly powerful
to get women to loop through, even if you DON'T modify them by using a
woman's personal trance words that you've discovered through the proper
questions.  Not only that, but Bishop is a master at spinning patterns on
the fly, incorporating, feeding back, anchoring and amplifying the answers
he gets from women, and this gigantic, 179 page book contains several of
his word for word seductions, all the way from initial walk-up and approach
right to the actual moist relief! Plus Bishy carefully outlines the
thought-processes behind what he does in extensive foot-notes in each
chapter so you can learn to think on your feet and come up with your own
stuff using HIS processes!

            As if that weren't enough, I sat down and interviewed the Bish,
in a gab-fest that runs a for three CDs, which are included in the price of
the course!  A lot of this newsletter came from my extensive study of
Bishy's work and what grew out of our interviews! So I'd recommend you pick
up the phone, give Yates a call at 703-791-6421 and ….

                              ….ORDER YOUR COPY TODAY!

The Mail Bag

From: "Tommy XXX" <XXXX>

To: <>

Hello Brothers,

I just completed the Basic course and have played around with the tools and
gotten some results, both small and the classic doggie dinner bowl as
well.  I screwed up on this one girl  though.  I know what I did, but I am
not quite sure how to back up and try it again.

Here's the situation:

I fumbled around with bits and pieces of patterns, but didn't really
present them as I should.  Lots of  "UMMMM----UHHHH".  Nevertheless, I got
a response even though it was small.  I got the girl to admit that she has
feelings for me even though one week prior she said.  "We've always been
great friends, but that's as far as it will ever go.".  I was pretty
amazed, so I went on to full patterns.  I experienced them for myself a
little more this time and had her calling me at all hours of the night.
Then, that's when I totally messed it up. I-----supplicated-------and she
lost the interest that I had built.

I then spoke to another friend that was an ex-girlfriend.  I did some
patterns on her and really got into the feeling and let my voice take on
the tone of what I was saying.  I did the "What's it like when you're so
attracted to a man' s voice" spiel.  When I got done, I asked her if she
had ever experienced that.......she was so fascinated that she literally
just sat silent....then she said, "I think I just did".  I took her from
talking casually, with her blabbering on about what she did that
total silence.

Now that I have gotten better at my approach and tonality, and have begun
to have the experience for myself as well, how do I back up and re-build
that state of connection with the first girl.  And do it in a way that it
doesn't "wear off".  I know that as I do this, I will NOT supplicate or
anything like it.  That's where I made the mistake, and I am very good as
learning from my mistakes---I have to be, I'm an engineer.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Tommy,

What's most interesting to me is the difference you experienced in the
power of what you do, when you added in a key element that has been
missing. As you stated, "I experienced them for myself a little more this

This is a key; you must have some of the feelings YOU want to lead the
woman into, if your "patterning" is going to have impact, power and effect.

Note again where you say that you "really got into the feeling and let my
voice take on the tone of what I was saying".

The key to rebuilding the connection is easy enough; the girl is anchored
in to your voice tonality! I would suggest you call her and casually
suggest a meeting for coffee! Then follow the precise instructions in this
newsletter you are reading right now to reinforce the power of your voice
in her mind and her responsiveness!

As far as supplicating even AFTER you've gotten a good result, I think this
often happens because guys are NOT prepared for their success! It so takes
them by surprise that they don't know what to do…and when you don't know
what to do guess what your brain falls back on! That's right…WHAT IT HAS

Therefore, you must mentally REHEARSE success and how you are going to
handle it/take it further. That is, in your mind, see the woman responding
positively…perhaps even mentally "step into her" and feel what she is
feeling, hear her own internal voice. Then rehearse what YOU will do next
to make sure you close the deal!

Special Note: We've got the dates and places for our Psychic Influence
Seminars!  June 23, 24, 25 in LA and July 7, 8, 9 in Orlando! So call Yates
at 703-791-6421 and sign up…NOW!

Piece and Peace,


P.S. We are getting increasing amounts of interest in doing a Speed
Seduction® seminar in London.  If you are an English customer, live in
continental Europe or would just like to visit Old Blighty, do email us and
let us know if attending a London SS seminar is something you'd definitely
be willing to do. YOU guys will decide, based on the interest you show, if
we do this or it remains a mere possibility to one day do.

P.P.S   Have you ordered your copy of BISHOPS JOURNAL yet? If not, why not?
This book and cd set is chocked full of what you need to get you going to
seduction super-success in a big, big way! Call up Yates and order NOW!

P.P.P.S  Yates has asked me to remind you that the ONLY way to learn what
I've outlined in this newsletter is to come to one of the remaining Speed
Seduction® seminars this year!  Like Washington, June 10, 11, 12! And I'll
even show you some more powerful steps that I am NOT going to teach, for
free, in a newsletter!  Imagine taking what you've learned in this issue
and super-charging it with a few steps I've left out!

P.P.P.P.S.  Wow, I just keep plugging…anyway, this year's amazing Speed
Life seminar will be in Maui…call Yates for more details!

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