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Ross Jeffries Get Laid Newsletter (Jul/Aug 1994) How to pick-up a truckload of women, anytime, anywhere!

Ross Jeffries' GET LAID NEWSLETTER!!!!!
------------------------------------------------------ 6245 Bristol
Parkway, Suite 275                                 July/August
Culver City, CA 90230                              1994
(310) 670-6547


From: Culver City, California Monday, 11:45 A.M.

      Dear Friend,

        A college girlfriend once said to me:"Ross, if you throw enough
        shit around, some's bound to stick somewhere!".

        Well, she was about as beautiful as she was elegant (translation:
        she was butt-ugly, but back then I just couldn't do any
        better!). But actually, she was right.

        So today, I want to talk about how you can generate lots of
        prospects by being able to meet women ANYWHERE.

        Now besides the more obvious reasons, there's another one that's
        very important, especially for you recovering "nice guys".

        You see, often when I do a radio talk show, I get a call from
        some poor schmuch who's really getting the run around from a
        woman. She's treating him like crap, he's getting nowhere and..


        I hope you've never found yourself in a similiar situation.

        Anyway, invariably when they ask me what they should do to win
        the bit..., uh, girl, over, I ask them a question that really
        makes them think.  What I ask them is,

        "If you knew you could go out tomorrow,and meet 10 women that
        are far hotter and much more interested in you than this one,
        would you put up with all her crap?".

        Of course, 10 times out of 10 there answer is, "HELL NO!".

        That's why being able to meet lots of women is so important.  It
        insures that you don't slip back into old "nice guy" ways and
        come off as being too hungry.  Because when your options are
        limited then you make the few options you do have way too
        important.  And, in any area of life, whether it be sex, love or
        business, if your choices are limited, and you make the few you
        do have too important........


        So now that I've got you convinced, let's move on to some meat.
        Let me start by talking about the very best places to meet
        women.  Places where women are friendly.  Places where women are
        jammed-packed.  Places where women aren't on guard and where
        you'll spend no money whatsoever to meet them.

        Just what are these magic places?  Any place where women go


        Yup.  I'm talking about gourmet ice-cream shops, gourmet cookie
        places, and especially, especially, gourmet coffee outlets!!

        You see, women have this thing about pleasing their mouths and
        taste buds(it's a well known fact that 80% of the people who
        suffer from eating disorders are female) and any place that
        caters to this hankering of theirs is where you'll find them

        Let me give you an example:  here in the Los Angeles area we
        have two major gourment coffee places: the Coffee Bean and The
        Tea Leaf, and Starbucks.  Both of these places are JAM-PACKED
        (or should I say gunch-packed?)with some of the best looking
        beaver I have ever seen.

        They are JAM-PACKED in the morning when these babes need their
        wake-up rush before going to work.

        They are JAM-PACKED at lunch time when they get their
        after-lunch cup of coffee.

        They are JAM-PACKED from 5 to 6:30 in the afternoon as the babes
        either have another cup or are buying coffee to brew at home.

        What's that you say?  That's not enough for you?  Well, how
        about this:  from 7P.M. to around 1 am the coffee places that
        are located near college campuses are....


        Now, think back a minute to when YOU were in college.  Did you
        enjoy studying?  Did you like cramming?  Or would you welcome
        virtually any opportunity to put the damn book down and do
        something more fun, like talk to an interesting, mesmerizing

        Here's  another cool thing about these "coffee-houses": they
        often have amateur "poetry reading" nights, where anyone (that
        means you, Buckwheat!) can get up and read a few lines.

        Of course, I wouldn't leave you hanging out there, expecting you
        to make up any old poem.  So here is a great Ross Jeffries get
        laid poem that you can read, and I guarantee the babes will want
        to fuck you, because it's filled with all sorts of hypnotic
        catch phrases and hidden commands to get them all hot and
        horny (much much more about this in my "Secrets Of Speed
        Seduction Tape Series" and the book by the same name that I've
        just finished). Here's the poem, and I hope you've got the balls
        to go for it!!

                                Fascination:  By Ross Jeffries

Have you ever been fascinated by someone who's words just seemed to

You FIND YOURSELF LOOKING and you can't look away and the more that you
try the more that GAZE STAYS

RIVETED HERE where you want it to be cause you know that there's
something you just have to see

As you LISTEN SO CLOSE and you START TO WONDER what would it feel like

A spell,  mmm so magic being spun by the sound of a voice whose rich
warmth was spreading on down

Have you ever experienced INSTANEOUS CONNECTION? To the point where your
thoughts moved in mmmm... Just one direction?

People sometimes ask, "Please...just a kiss!" Funny how you find

Your mind is amazing when you really LET IT GO As you FIND YOURSELF

As the warmth of that voice takes on a glow Spreading and pulsing where
you want it to go

I will tell you all you desire...

ME...I know.

You step out of what was Invited, slipped inside Feels like warm rain
Between your sighs

And it's not important that you find every inhibition is left far behind

As you recall how it feels To be SO IN LOVE And you SEE THAT IMAGE of us
(point to it) Up above

You see at last who  you've finally found what you've looked for and
longed for has finally COME round

        (By the way, if you don't have the balls to read this out loud,
        you can always send it in a "love letter" to some girl you
        really want.  It even makes for a good response to a personal
        ad.  Aren't I a genius?)

        Ok.  While coffee places are my favorites, because of their all
        around great hours, don't discount places like ice-cream or
        yogurt places.  These are best around lunch hour.

        Another good lunch hour spot is any type of trendy health food
        restaurant.  Not only are these places a virtual snatch magnet,
        but some of these women really take care of their bodies and are
        enough to cause a meat eater like me to actually gag down a
        sprout sandwich, just to get a chance to scam on their wondrous


        Well, if you want to waste you're money, go ahead.  Women in
        these places are far more "uptight", far more likely to be very
        picky about who'll they'll talk to, and plus you'll probably
        have to spend some money to get in or stay in.


        Are you into metaphysics?  Do you believe in astrology? Astral
        projection?  ESP?  Tarot cards?  What's that you say? You think
        it's all a bunch of crap?

        Well, so do I.  But guess what?   Women eat this stuff up like
        candy, so I PRETEND to be interested in all of it!!!

        Of course, my favorite gimmick of gimmicks is analyzing a
        chick's handwriting.  Do I have any training in this field?
        Have I even read a single book on the subject?


        But of course, just by coincidence, we carry the good old
        Grapho-Deck, the world's best gimmick for picking up women,
        right in the Ross Jeffries Catalog.

        All you need to do is walk into any bar or party with it, and
        corral the first girl you see.  Just walk up and say,
        "Excuse me, I know this might sound a little odd, but do you
        handwrite or do you print?".

        After she stares at you like a bug for a second, she'll say,
        "Both.  Why?".

        You say, "Well, I got this neat little deck of cards from a
        friend, and they're supposed to let you analyze a person's
        writing.  I've tried it a few times and it really worked, and
        you looked like a fun person to break the ice with.  Want to
        give it a go?".

        Almost always you'll hear yes, and the neat thing is other girls
        will be watching and then they'll come up to you and ask if
        you'll, "Do me!  Do me!".

        I'm serious, it's that easy.

Pick-Up Lines Made Easy:

        The key to any good pick-up line is to get a woman's attention
        and make her laugh. To that end, I try as best as possible to be
        unconventional in my approach. (To find an unconventional woman,
        use an unconventional approach!)   Let me give just a few of my

        1. (Delivered rapid-fire fast!) Hi! Do you have a boyfriend?
        Would you like a better one? Answer the second question first!

        2. (To a woman in a tight outfit at a party or bar!) Hi! That's
        a great outfit you're almost wearing!

        3.(Also to a woman in a tight outfit at a party or bar!) Hi! You
        know, if I were a girl, and I looked as good as you do, I'd look
        at myself in the mirror all day long til I worked up the courage
        to ask myself out!  Speaking of which, my name

        4. (To woman with great legs in any situation!)  Excuse, but I
        just wanted to tell you, if God made anything nicer than your
        legs,(or smile!) he's saving it for himself! My name

        5. (To a pretty woman, anywhere!) Hi, has anyone ever told you
        you're a shining example of genetic perfection?

        6. (The shy, sincere approach) Excuse me! I'm sorry to interrupt
        you here but I really wanted to meet you and I'm willing to make
        a total fool of myself to do it! My name is..........!

        Ok? Those are great for a starter!  We'll continue on this topic
        in future issues, and please feel free to send in your own!

Reader's Mail:

        Dear Ross Jeffries:

        What is your recommendation for a person that is willing to give
        you their name and phone number but then has an excuse every
        time you want to ask them out? Also, what about those broads who
        don't have the decency to cancel a date, they just plain out and
        out fake it and then don't show up?

                                                                J. N.

        Dear JN:

        Sounds to me that this girl is seriously gun-shy. You didn't
        tell me her age, but I'll bet she's quite young as well.  If you
        sense that she isn't teasing and is just fearful, you just need
        to ask her about it, calmly, without getting mad.  Just say
        something like, "Let me ask you something.  If I had a magic
        wand, and I could wave it and make anything we wanted to
        disappear, what would have to disappear in order for you to feel
        comfortable going out with me?".

        If after all that you don't get a date or a favorable response,
        move on! Never ask a girl out more than three times: she either
        just isn't interested in you or is so fucked up in her current
        situation that she's not worth a flip anyway!

        Dear Ross,

        Thanks so much for coming up with the idea for the newsletter!
        It's brilliant and I've put all my horny buds on your mailing
        list.  I've been putting your ideas into action and am amazed
        how well they work, especially with beautiful women.

        Could you please, in a future issue, talk a bit about how to
        break up with a woman?  Simply dumping them is pretty awful all
        the way around. I'd be interested in finding out how to keep
        things open for later reconcilement as well as taking the option
        of dusting her off for good.

        A tip I'd like to pass on to my fellow c**t hounds: The first
        piece of clothing to take off her is her shoes!  This is
        non-threatening to her, easy to accomplish, and it always works!

                                                        Matt M.
                                                        Greensboro, N.C.

        Dear Matt,

        Thanks for the disrobing tip!  I prefer to take her top off
        first, cause I like seeing titties better than feet, but to each
        his own!

        As to your question:  geez, my expertise is in getting them, not
        dumping them!  I usually just say, "Hey, it isn't there any
        more, for me! But I still care deeply for you...AS A FRIEND!"
        Ha! Isn't turn about always fair play?

        Any suggestions for Matt from you readers out there?

        Hey Ross!

        Thanks loads for your seduction manual. I have made good use of
        your ideas and suggestions; but that's not why I'm writing you.

        Could you please suggest some books, methods, ideas and
        techniques on hypnosis/self-hypnosis?  I'd really like to learn

                                                        Brooks E.
                                                        Philladephia, PA

        Hey Brooks!

        Thanks for the compliments; keep sending 'em cause we love 'em!
        As for books, tapes, etc. on hypnosis, well, we've got the HPP
        tapes by Lloyd Glauberman which are an excellent introduction
        into experiencing trance.  If you'd like to learn more about how
        to DO hypnosis to others, or how it works, you could try the
        following books:

1. Monsters and Magical Sticks: There's No Such Thing As Hypnosis  by
Steven Heller.

2. Trance-Formations by John Grinder and Richard Bandler

        You can order these from almost any psychology or New Age
        bookstore; sorry, we don't carry 'em.

        If you really want to learn about how to do hypnosis on others,
        call my good friend and teacher Kenrick Cleveland, at (206)
        696-5299. Tell him I sent you.

Ross' Plug Corner:

        Guess what? It's here! It's ready! My brand new book that I've
        been working on for years: Secrets Of Speed Seduction: How To
        Create An Instantaneous Sexual Attraction In Any Woman You Meet!
        I've actually created an entire home study course, and we're
        working on a video (one in a series) to go with it! Rather than
        plug any more, just check out the back page of this issue for
        more info/hype!


P.S. It looks like I'll also be hitting the T.V. talk show circuit all
over again to promote this new book, so be sure to keep in touch with us
so I can let you know of upcoming appearances. And, who knows; maybe you
can even be in the studio audience to cheer me on, so I won't have to
face the same old lynch mob of howling, neo-feminist geekoids!

P.P.P.S. Anyone out there know anything about marketing via computers,
BBS's, the Inter-Net, or pay services like America On Line,
Compu-Serve,etc? Anyone have any ideas how I can get this newsletter
posted electronically to these services?  If so I'd love to talk to you.
My number is (310) 670-6547.

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