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Ross Jeffries Get Laid Newsletter (Sep/Oct 1994) How to use Principles of Power, Marketing and Persuasion to Get Laid

Ross Jeffries'
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275					Sept/Oct.
Culver, City CA 90230						1994
(310) 670-6547

How To Use Princples of Power,Marketing and Persuasion To Get Laid Like
Crazy Every Day!

From: Culver City, CA
	 Saturday, 7:05 P.M.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

	The other day my good buddy and long time pal David S. called me for the
second time this week to tell me what an incredible genius I am.(He's using
my "Speed Seduction" methods on an unbelievably beautiful, sex crazed young
woman who is making his divorce a MUCH more pleasant experience.)

	"Ross", he says. "You are an incredible genius!".

	Now of course, when it comes to terms like "genius" and "incredible
genius" I'd be the last person to deny it! But one of my most important and
effective strategies for being innovative and creative(which is a large
part of genius, I think) is the ability to take information from one area
of life, like martial arts and apply it in another area, like getting laid,
that previously no one ever thought to link together.

	In this issue, I'd like to share with you some very powerful lessons I've
learned from the science of marketing, lessons that will not only
supercharge your love life but empower and improve your life in general.  I
firmly believe there is NO area of life where principles of marketing
cannot be applied and be of enormous benefit).

	The first rule of marketing that you should be applying in your love life
is this:



	Now listen: this principle is CRITICALLY important, because what it does
is switch you from a "hungry" to a "selective" mindset!! If there's one
thing you could do to improve your attractiveness to women it's to set
standards for yourself and what you're looking for and WALK FROM ANY WOMAN

	Let me give you an illustration of this principle in action. Recently,
just for kicks, I joined a local voice mail phone dating service.  I'll
spare you the technical details except to say the way it works is you post
your voice mail ad telling women who you are, what you are looking for,etc
and women can call in and respond to your ad.  Or, you can call the system
and listen to the women's ads and respond privately to them.

	Just for kicks, I decided I'd apply this marketing principle to see how
well it works.  So the first ad I posted was basically a cute little
"Mission Impossible" one minute phone drama. The women would call, hear the
theme music from Mission Impossible(it's on a CD called T.V. Tunes!!) and
hear a brief description about me.

	Now, I got a good number of responses, but the problem was THE WOMEN
WEREN'T QUALIFIED! Because I didn't tell them much but was amusing they
called outta curiosity but..but..but....


	That's right, Buckwheat. Plenty of women will call these phone lines(they
don't charge women but they DO charge us guys to join...doesn't that suck?)
cause they are bored and looking for a cute, fun way to waste guy's time
and have a little fun, unlike the "real" world where women are ALWAYS
serious customers.  Right.

	But guess what?  Then I decided to be a little(actually a lot!) more
picky, take a "this is who I am and get lost if you aren't interested
attitude!".  My message was something like this:
"Hi ladies. I like jumping rope in the nude, taunting barnyard animals, and
doing whatever Mommy tells me.  Aren't you sick of these boring, stupid
messages that guys leave on this system

Well, I won't waste your time with that. I'll just say my name is Ross, and
I'm looking for a lady with a great sense of humor who loves to laugh and
who is ready for first class treatement.  A bit about me: I'm 6 ft, 170,
tall and thin, so if you need a guy with big thick muscles, hang up now!

I'm handsome but I'm not pretty...if you need a pretty boy, someone you can
make up to look like a girl, hit that hang up button!  I'm Jewish
looking...people say I look like Harold Ramis from Ghostbusters, so if you
need a surfer type, hang it up!! Finally, I'm looking for a woman who is
ready for first class treatment so if you're looking for a jerk, hang up
please cause I'm not into that(Ha! What a great liar I am, huh?)

	Anyway, I got tons of responses to this ad, and the women were MUCH MORE
QUALIFIED! Why? Cause I told 'em who and what I was(with some fibbing!) and
those who weren't interested HUNG UP WITHOUT WASTING MY TIME! And those who
DID leave messages were incredibly impressed with my "direct, this is who I
am, do you want it or not attitude!".

	Now, I'm not suggesting you take voice mail dating too seriously, although
it IS an excellent and safe way to practice your "Speed Seduction" language
patterns.(What's that you say: you HAVEN'T ordered by new book or home
study course yet? Whattya waiting for pal....Christmas????)  I'm suggesting
that you take this principle of "this is me, take it or leave it" instead
of "please, please everybody...approve of me!!!" out into the world


	You most especially need to do this if you think you have some major
"appearance flaw" that's been holding you back. This attitude is INCREDIBLY
sexy, powerful and influential, primarily because we live in a society of
cowardly sheep who are trained to conform and go unquestioningly along with
ANYONE who displays the slightest authoritative attitude or air. Temper
this with a sense of humor so you don't come off as a TOTAL asshole and you
can write your own ticket in life!!!  Women who might otherwise reject
because of that "flaw" will now view it as part of your intricate, sexy,
complex personality and may even, in time, come to view that "ugliness" as
"character"!!! Ha! Nutso, aren't they?  I certainly could never see flabby,
droopy tits on a woman as having "character" but I guess that's the wonder
of the female mind, huh?

	The next marketing principle I'd like you to absorb is this: EXPECT

	Look: it's sure important to never look hungry and to use the first
marketing principle I've explained. But even so, sometimes women are going
to be hesistant and will procrastinate. You've got to be prepared for this
and have ways to handle it  and not let it throw your game cause if you can
combine this preparation with the "not hungry" attitude, you'll kick ass
like you wouldn't believe!(Again this applies in ANY area..not just getting
Winky wet!).

	Now, it's not hard to see why your "prospect" might procrastinate. Just
look at how frantic modern life is. Between working her little ass off to
pay the bills, doing errands, chatting with "the girls", going to the gym,
etc., many women don't even have time to piss! The solutions to this of
course are to use my "Speed Seduction" methods(plug, plug, plug)to make an
IMMEDIATE powerful impact, and also to be prepared for some procrastination
on her part nonetheless.

	I guess this can be summed up by in the words of the great basketball
coach John Wooden who used to tell his players, "Be quick, but don't

	Next principle is:


	Especially with women who are excellent excuse makers and bamboozlers. The
ONLY real key to a prospect's being qualified is THE ACTION THEY TAKE!

	If, for example, you were selling cars, and every weekend for 6 months the
same "customer" came around, looking at the same model of car and telling
you they really wanted to buy, but they NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT, you'd tell
that customer to take a walk!!!

	Now, a good corollary of this is:


	One of the primary differences between "jerks" and "nice guys" is what
they focus on.  The jerk is first and foremost focused on how he is being
treated and each move he makes is put through the test: "will this increase
or decrease the priority she gives me?".  If the answer is decrease.....


	Nice guys,(chronic masturbators)by way of contrast, focus on the
characteristics they like in the girl. They ignore or overlook rude
behavior from her.  They act to show their appreciation and interest in her
rather than to get respect which is why, like Rodney Dangerfield....


	If you'll just change the focus of what you look at and aim for and don't
do anything else, this alone will dramatically increase your success with
the split-tails.

The Mail Bag	

Dear Ross,

	I want you to now that I have seen you being grilled on stage by the Heinz
57 variety of pseudo-intellectual talk show hosts along with their hand
picked bun of man bashing, pro-feminist idiots.  I for one can testify to
the fact that you have a right to be confident because you know what the
hell you are talking about.

	I have used your techniques to get laid, to combat the telephone games and
silly mind games that women instinctively play in order to gain control. I
let my new girlfriend know that there will be no games and that she can
never control me and ever time she tried, she faced losing me and gave up.
This is the exciting part.  She admitted to me that she has had many boy
friends and they were wimps, they put up with her shit, and she did not
respect them and moved on to someone who would give her a challenge. ONE OF
back bone. This woman adores me, not because I am a hunk(because I am not),
not because I am rich(because I am not) but because I know what I want, I
go after it, and I don't put up with any shit! So there is no shit and a
life without shit is better for both of us. Now there are two people who
respect and love girlfriend and best of all ME!

						Pat McMillen
						Crestline, CA

Dear Pat,

	Wow! Preach on, brother! This is the birthright and destiny of any man who
is willing to stand up for himself and take control of his affairs.  I'm
proud of you and a hearty, "well done!".

Hello Ross,

	Greetings and Salutations, O Guru and Savior of the solo bedtime guy.

	I am 35 and in a relationship with a 29 year old woman, the only woman
with whom I've had a serious relationship. I met her when I was 29. She
chased me.  I wasn't interested.  If she hadn't, going by my past track
record, I would be still be in a position of repeating the mistakes I was
making with women.

 	I wish I had had your book when i was 14 or 15 years old.  What a
different life I would have had. Somewhere during our youth our parents or
somebody does a snow job on most of us guys and it takes years to realize
through mistakes what makes a woman tick.

	I had been sucked in at some stage into believing that what a woman said
was exactly what she meant.

	It used to bug me when I'd see a good looking woman on the arm of a guy I
knew wasn't worthy of her. Now I realize what these guys knew how to do and
I didn't.

								Keith D.
								Victoria, Australia

P.S. I like the way you write.  It seems it is the way you speak. You call
a spade a spade and don't talk like a college educated, dictionary for a
brain, verbal diahrrea speaking person with letters after their name!

P.P.S I have a new attitude toward women: I DON'T TAKE SHIT FROM
SHEILAS(sheila is an Aussie word for woman!)

Dear Keith,

  Wow! What a touching letter from a fan down under!(How come you guys
don't fall off into space when you're eating a girl out? Is is suction or
gravity that keeps you in place?)

  If I've said it once, I've said it a million-jillion times: NEVER PAY
Behavior IS the highest quality information.

  Yes, mom, dad, school and society in general sure does a good
brainwash(though for some it's just a light drizzle) on the subject of
women, pounding it in to our suggestive little  young minds to be
"gentlemen" "nice" "polite" and the dumbest one of all: just be yourself.
Right.  Honestly anyone who tries to spread this crap should be
horsewhipped and locked away, honestly hanging is too good for them!

	Now, I would certainly encourage you to get a little "side action" going
with regard to your girlfriend. Don't let these new tools go to waste! more thing. It's "Great and Mighty Guru and Savior", ok?


	First of all, let me say that the "Speed Seductoin" tapes are excellent!
Your treatment of the persuasive side of NLP was far superior to the
coverage of these same patterns in my NLP trainings.

	Are you considering doing a similar tape set of persuasion in sales? What
about a tape series on time distortion?

	Finally, is there anything in the new Speed Seduction book that isn't
already in the Speed Seduction tapes?

							Hugh T.
(Address unknown to me cause Yates didn't foward it to me with Hugh's
letter! Damnit..don't make me kick your ass, Yates!)

Dear Hugh,

	If there's one thing I can't stand it's a letter that not only  helps me
shamelessly  plug my current stuff but asks if I've got anything new
coming! Ten demerits, bud.

	To answer your questions:

1. No, I'm not currently planing to do a series on sales applications, but
ALL of the principles apply and MANY students report results in these other

2. I am planning on doing a video on using time distortion patterns to make
women fall madly in love with you on the spot! Will be ready in a month or

3. Geez, does this ever seem like a set up letter, but I swear it's real.
The Book/Workbook contains structured exercises and in-depth explanations
of the patterns given out on the tapes, plus it gives every pattern word
for word, plus a few that aren't even on the tapes. You should get both.


	What you say about women makes a lot of sense. Have you ever heard of an
18th Century English novel by Samuel Richrdson called Clarissa? The hero of
the book, Lovelace, makes many of the same points you do.

	Also, I know a beautiful babe who says that she met her husband when he
approached her at a party and said, "you really thing you're hot stuff,
don't you?"  She says that her immediate reaction was, "what a JERK!" But,
interestingly, she ended up marrying him-yet more evidence that being a
jerk pays!

								Your fan
								Ed Yarborough
								Grass Valley, CA

Dear Ed,

	Well, it's probably more accurate to say that interrupting a person's
expected pattern and approaching/treating them different to what they are
used to pays. Obviously this girl was used to having her ass licked instead
of kicked!

	With regard to your English novel: Lovelace? A guy named Lovelace could
get laid? It's gotta be fiction!
	Any of you out there in reader land want me to carry this one in the next
edition of my catalog?

Pick-Up Line Of The Month

	Of course, this one comes from yours truly, good old Ross. I was in the
Marina, and I spotted two GORGEOUS women sitting in a BMW convertible,
talking to some older guy. So I strolled up to them and said,

	"Excuse me. Could I use your car phone?"

	To which they replied, "Are you serious?"

	To which I answered, "Yeah. I gotta phone heaven and 	tell them I found
the missing angels!".

	God I'm slick, aren't I?

Ross's Plug Corner

	You boys have been bugging me for MONTHS now about when I'm gonna do
another "Speed Seduction" weekend seminar. Well, bug me enough and it
works: we'll be doing a bang-up, Grand-daddy of get laid, 3 DAY
SUPER-SEMINAR October 21,22 and 23rd,  here in the L.A. area!  It's gonna
be a can't miss event with my latest breakthroughs, top students revealing
their new secrets and my own teacher, Kenrick Cleveland, co-teaching an
afternoon of super-seduction patterns. Plus individual hot seats where me
and my top students work out immediate solutions, right then and there to
ANY get laid/dating problems or challenges you might be having.

	The first 25 people who pre-enroll will get a special discount so you
might want to PICK UP the phone and CALL YATES RIGHT NOW at
							Piece and Peace,


P.S. I am pissed that you guys aren't writing enough letters to me. This
newsletter will only work if YOU contribute. Don't make me come over there
and kick your ass, Beavis!

PPS:If you want to hear secrets from my "Speed Seduction" book and course
call 1-900-988-6666, $2.00/minute, touch tone phone only, must be 18!

PPPS: I thought some of you might want to order either your Delux or Basic
Speed Seduction Home Study Course, so I've enclosed a green order form
along with this issue of the newsletter!

PPPPS: Order the Basic or Delux Course and we'll renew your Get Laid
Newsletter Subscription for another year, FREE, a $39.95 value!!

PPPPPS: For you masochists who want to try voice mail dating, I've included
the chart on the next page to assist you in dealing with what you are
likely to encounter....

Female Voice Dating Self-Description Translation Chart

	When She Says:				It Really Means:

Pleasingly built....				Fat

Curvy...                                        F-A-T, FAT!

Full-figured....                                Amazingly fat!!

Heavy...........                                Mind-blowingly fat!!

Rubinesque..                                    Fat beyond description!!!!

Large......                                     Readings are off the scale
                                                Captain, we have not
                                                encountered this phenomena

Overweight.....                                 BLARFF!! Gag!!!
                                                Jenny Craig would
                                                run and hide!!!

PPPPPPS: Hey, if you are on the Internet,there is a raging discussion/flame
war going on in about yours truly, Ross Jeffries! Jump in there
and post,willya?(If you want to send me E-mail or otherwise electronically
correspond, for the time being anyway you can reach me at  E-mail always gets here and always gets answered first
and promptly!!!) And, you net junkies, get ready, cause we're gonna start! Yahoo! Pissing off people world wide...YEAH!!!!


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