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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter (Jan/Feb 1995) How to Induce A Hypnotic Trance in 3 Minutes or Less

Ross Jeffries'
Get Laid/PersuasionNEWSLETTER!!!!
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275					Jan/Feb.
Culver, City CA 90230						1995
(310) 670-6547

How To Induce A Hypnotic Trance In 3 Minutes Or Less And NEVER Get Caught!

From: Culver City, CA
	Tuesday, 12:30 P.M.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

	The other day I was reading a truly preposterous book on "classical
hypnosis".  According to this book, very few people could actually "be
hypnotized".  Even then, according to this book, it could only be performed
by a highly trained, competent "professional hypnotist".

	As you know by now, my opinion of these "academic" psychologists and
hypnotists is lower than a midget's kneecaps. In fact, to take it a step
further, let me give you Ross' rule #45:

Whenever An "Expert" or "Professional" Says Something "Can't" Be Done, What
They Are Really Saying Is..


	In fact, I would have to say that NOTHING impresses me less than a
"professional" holding court. Most academics couldn't think their way out
of a paper sack, much less get anything done in the real world.

	So today, my faithful and loyal reader, I'm a gonna show you how to induce
a hypnotic trance in VIRTUALLY anyone, in any situation.(Sorry, you won't
JUST be able to attract the hottest women with this; you'll also be able to
close impossible business deals, make tons of money, etc.  A shitty deal,
but their you are.  Live with it.)  Along the way, I'm going to change your
mind about just what constitutes hypnosis anyway.

Some Basic Understandings About Hypnosis And When, Where And Why You Should
Be Using It...

	Contrary to popular belief(which, by the way, is almost always wrong on
ANY subject) hypnosis does NOT give you any magical powers.  It does NOT
enable you to do anything you normally couldn't. Nor does it require
"animal magnetism" or "hypnotic eyes" or a "mystical voice".

	Nope nope nope nope and NO!

	It's far more useful to think of hypnosis and the hypnotic state as a
magnifier and an amplifier of what's already there.

	An example to help clarify: remember when you were a budding little
pyromaniac and liked setting things on fire by using a magnifying glass.
Now, there wasn't any inherent power in the glass.  The glass just
amplified and focused the light and heat of the sun which was all around
you anyway.

	In the same way, a hypnotic state simply amplifies and focuses abilities
and responses that are already there, as strange, even bizarre as they
might at first seen.

        For instance, take hypnotic deafness. If, in a trance state, I
commanded you to hear nothing but my voice, and told you all others sounds
would fade into silence, you'd think that would be pretty weird, right?

        But in fact, this is something we do all the time, anyway. If
you've ever been listening to a t.v. program, and your mind drifts off and
three minutes later you realize you didn't hear a word the announcer said,
then congratulations! You've achieved the "deep trance phenomenon" of
hypnotic deafness.

	What's my point in all of this? Simple: as I've said before...


        They go into trance all the time, anyway, so you might as well use
this "tendency" to your advantage.

Why Hypnosis Is So Damn Useful...

        As I've said time and again in my seminars and Home Study
Courses(ha ha ha..did you catch that "plug"?), people tend to make their
decisions in certain states. If you don't like the decision someone's made,
you need to BREAK the state

or mental set they are in. Equally important is to learn to put them in the
right mental set or state you want them in in the first place.  That way,
anyway behavior you want from them, rather than seeming forced will...

...Just Naturally "Flow" From The State They Are In!

	In other words, the silly fools will think it's their idea and never have
a clue they are being mind-fucked!

	As Bugs Bunny would say: "Ain't I a stinker?".

        Now, since we are writing this in the context of getting laid, let
me show you two ways to induce a trance. The first requires some use of
embedded commands and some control of your tonality, BUT THE SECOND DOES
NOT! In fact, I would say the second pattern is the single best, most
important persuasion pattern I have ever created, the most applicable in
every situation and context and THE EASIEST TO USE!

	So, without further adieu...

Hypnosis pattern #1:

     This pattern revolves around the larger pattern of describing another
person's experience as a way of embedding comands.  Basically, you'd say
something like this to the girl you are seeking to bamboozle:

You: You know what I find is so interesting, is how with some people you
just don't connect at all(point AWAY FROM YOURSELF!) and other people you

	Like my friend Colleen was telling me that when she starts to LISTEN
CAREFULLY and REALLY LOOK and HANG ON EVERY WORD, it's like the rest of the
enviroment just starts to DISAPPEAR, and the entire world becomes this face
YOU'RE SEEING, THIS VOICE YOU'RE HEARING...that's when she starts to FEEL

	Now, from here they are already in trance, and will respond to anything
else you suggest with much more intensity.  Whether you want to give
suggestions to feel connected, get horny, or BUY A TON OF STUFF, it really
doesn't matter.

	Having got that out of the way, let's move on to my favorite new pattern.
I have seen this work miraculously well where nothing else has. And the
real beauty of it is....


	Goddamn straight, Buckwheat. You can do this to a highly trained
"professional" hypnotist and they'll NEVER have a clue what you are doing
because it's TOTALLY conversational.

	No embedded commands. No special tonality required. It just seems like
you're asking a few, simple questions.

        Before I show you the pattern though, I need to give you a bit of

Maps And Models Of The World: Your Golden Key To Mind-Blowing Persuasion
Power In ANY Area Of Life!

        One of the central concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming is that
people have, inside their minds, a map or model of the world, and that
people respond from this map or model, rather than from the external world
or objective "facts".

	This map is comprised of a person's beliefs in the following areas:

1. Their identity. WHO they are.

2. Their abilities. WHAT they can do.

3. Their possibilities.  WHAT they believe it is possible to accomplish in
life. Is life a veil of tears, meant for suffering, a place to learn to be
your best, etc. etc.

4. Their deservingness. WHAT they believe they deserve to have and keep.

        Now, other NLP'ers might include other categories, but these will
do fine for our purposes. And, by the way, just by reading this, you are
probably already aware of what some of your beliefs are in these

	So, why is it so important of find out these beliefs? Simple:

1. MOST people have no clear, conscious idea of what their beliefs are in
these areas. And that means, in order to respond to questions about them,
they have to go inside, access who they are on a very deep level, which


        Yep. That be right, Cedric. You are about to become a master
hypnotist, without even putting on a black cape, top hat, or even owning a
crystal ball.

        See, the questions I'm going to teach you to ask require a
trance-state for the person to answer them. They are what I call "dope
questions"...the kinda thing you  normally only ask yourself when you are
very, very stoned.

2. Finding out these beliefs will give you an incredible amount of
knowledge to use when dealing with this person. You'll be able to
accurately predict their behavior and respons to virtually anything you do.
You can make them feel like you are the greatest thing since sliced bread,
or, when time comes, piss them off so bad they'll never want to deal with
you again.

3. Asking these questions creates an incredibly deep level of rapport. It
makes the person feel like they are deeply understood and connected. And we
all know where that can lead,don't we? Hee hee hee.

4. Finally, but certainly not least of all, in answering these questions,
people will emphasize and lean on certain words. These are what I call
personal trance words. They are words which, for that person, hold deep
meaning on a personal, symbolic, conscious and unconscious level. Repeat
these exact words back to them, and their brain thinks it's THEM talking,

...It Makes Your Communication As Damn Near Irresistible As Anything  Can Be!

        As you all are sick of hearing me say, "That sure beats a poke in
the eye, don't it?"

	So now that I got you hotter than a 13 year old hillbilly girl in a
roomful of her brothers, here's how you'd use this on a woman to get laid,
with the understanding that it can be used, with modifications, in ANY area
of persuasion and influence.

	As in any Speed Seduction method, the first trick is to bring the topic
up. So at a party or bar or any where you meet her, after the initial
fluff, you'd want to say something like this:

You: You know, I know in a situation like this, they typical thing is for a
person to ask "what do you do?". And, it's not that I'm not interested in
that, but I find I learn alot more about a person when I find out what the
challenges are in what they do. Because I know their are some aspects of
what you do that are easy, and others are more difficult. Some are a
challenge and others you can do in your sleep. With me, in my line of work
it's the same thing. So, if were to ask you, what's the one aspect of what
you do that's a challenge, either because you have to focus in to do it
well, or you just have to focus in to get yourself motivated to do it, what
would that be?


   (Ok. Let's pause here a sec. You'll note I've put the actual question in
bold face. All that stuff before it is necessary to set up the question,
and to define for them what you mean by "challenge" so they give you the
type of answer you are looking for.

	Now, you might ask, why ask about a challenge? Simple; it's where people
have their challenges that you find out who they really are.  No challenge,
no need to access themselves at a deep level. So if you were to ask, "What
do you find easiest about watching T.V.?" it's not likely they'd reveal too
much of who they are deep inside.)

        Now, that this point, you SHUT UP and listen to their answer. For
example, you might here something like this,(note I'm boldfacing the word's
this person is emphasizing. These are her personal trance words.):

Her: Well, I'm an artist rep. I love working with creative people, but I
hate having to push an artist on a buyer.  Sometimes it's hard to get their
attention unless they already know the artist, but some of these newer
artist have incredible talent and passion. They really deserve to have
their work seen and bought.  If I could sell, without being pushy, that
would be great.

	Now, let's stop right here for a sec. Already we have a lot of info. She
obviously admires talent and passion, and we can infer from that that she
likes being needed and useful and making a contribution to people she feels
are talented and passionate. She also is telling us that she doesn't like
pushy people, and somehow has a belief that, in order to sell, she has to
be pushy. So she's got a conflict, an "either/or" that we could potentially
show her how to turn

into an "and" if we choose to.

	An important side note: MOST people's maps have information missing, in
that they believe in an "either/or" choice, and the map leaves out or
"deletes" the possibility of an "and".  Examples: Either I'm pushy, or I
can't sell.  Either I do what people say, or I'm happy. Either I'm ethical
and honest or I'm successful financially.

        These false "either/or" choices cause people tremendous pain and
conflict. If you can show them a way out, they'll GIVE YOU VIRTUALLY

       You'll also probably be able to tell, in the above example,
depending on the words and the tonality she uses,  that this woman pretty
much seemsto believe in herself and life in general. She just is lacking a
skill: how to sell without being pushy.

        Ok. Throughout all this, if you have some curiosity or something
that needs clarifying, ASK! Say, "what do you mean by that...I'm not sure I

        Then, ask the second question, which is: "So what's your belief
about all this? Do you believe it will always be a challenge,or will it one
day be easy?".

        Now, this is DAMN important. Here's where we find out if the person
believes in their ability to change, if they deserve to get what they want,
and what kind of place they believe the world is. LISTEN FOR THE ANSWER!

        If you hear, "Gee, I dunno. I'll probably just end up flopping at
this like everything else I do", run like hell! This person isn't worth
playing with and they will just drag you down.

        You want to hear something like, "Sure...I'm not sure how yet, but
I'll figure it out!".

	Let's Take A Breather A Sec....



	Ok. Now that we've gathered all this information, there's a couple of
different directions we can go.

	First, keep in mind that you've already created an intense rapport and
connection just by virtue of the state she has to go into to answer you.
And, you've made her feel understood and listened to like no one ever has,
so you're already way more than half way home.

	One step would to be to make the natural transition to talking about
what's important to her in a relationship.  I explain this pattern in my
"Speed Seduction" Home Study Course, but basically, it involves doing a
simliar thing to the above exercise, but talking about what's important to
her in a relationship with a guy.

        Another possibility would be to use her personal trance words when
you ask her out.  Say something like, "You know, I don't know just how much
passion you could feel about this really creative idea I have for going out
and spend time with each other...but without being pushy, let me present it
to you..."

	I'm not kidding: when you talk this way they go right back into deep
trance, and find what you are talking about irresistible. Their brain
thinks it's THEM talking.

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