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Ross Jeffries Get Laid/Persuasion Newsletter #09 (Sep/Oct 1995) The Two Key Formulas To Nail the Hottest Women

					Ross Jeffries'
			Get Laid/Persuasion NEWSLETTER!!!!
6245 Bristol Parkway, Suite 275					Sept/October
Culver, City CA 90230						1995
(310) 822-5771
World Wide Web Site:

The Two Key Formulas To Nail The Hottest Women, Anytime, Anywhere, As Easy
As 					Getting Wet In A Rainstorm!

From: Culver City, CA
	Wednesday, 2:43 P.M.

Dear Friend and Subscriber,

	If, within the last few days, you'e been reading my Internet discussion
group( or browsing my Web-page at, then you're probably already using the killer
secrets I'm about to tell everyone else.

	So there.

	But before we get to this INCREDIBLY powerful stuff, let me just say....

		Our Palo Alto Super-Speed Seduction Weekend Was INCREDIBLE!

	No doubt about it, this was the best one yet! But guess what...

			I Made A Big Boo-Boo YOU Can Profit From!

	See, I got kinda sick of being distracted in seminars by recording
equipment, microphones, etc. So I decided I WASN'T gonna tape this one.

	Problem is, it really was INCREDIBLE! And, I found MYSELF scribbling on
the handouts, with new ideas I was coming up with.

	In fact, these notes were SO damn good(all told, the handouts were about
40 pages of POWERPACKED stuff) that I'd like to give you, my newsletter
subscribers a chance to get your hands on them.

	Now listen: these notes are the concentrated essence of Speed Seduction;
no fat, no frills, just hard-hitting, real-world tested, proven stuff, Not
only that, but the copy you'll get INCLUDES my own, personal,  handwritten
comments and ideas in the margins and even on the otherwise blank back
sides.( I want you to get EVERYTHING you can out of these!).

	Look; this offer is open ONLY to newsletter subscribers, so call Yates now
at 703-791-6421 to find out how much, and hurry...I'm only keeping this
available to October 15!!

	So, now that we've got that outta the way, let's deal with....

	The Two Key Speed Seduction Formulas For Banging Babes Like CRAZY!

	Listen; these TWO major Speed Seduction formulas drive allthe other tools
and techniques.  Everything else I teach is designed to interlock and
function with these two algorithms.

 	Formula Number One:  For Pick-Ups/Initial Approaches and
			Breaking A Woman's Resistance!

1. Break the woman's current state/fixed belief set.

2. Focus her attention on you.

3. Take control of her internal representations.

				****Let's look at item #1*****:

	The best approaches to use here are humor and/or
unexpectedly powerful directness. In either case you are popping her out of
her current mindset at the moment, so you can lead her where you want her
to go.

	Let's talk about using humor for a minute. Not only do most women LOVE a
guy who can make them laugh; laughing shifts a woman's physiology and
mental focus, interrupting her thought patterns and creating a temporary
blank, which YOU can then fill in.

	Just think about it a second. Have you ever been in a rotten mood, and
then a friend suddenly makes you laugh?


	What happens? You start feeling a hell of a lot better, don't you?

	So, using humor as an interrupter, you could walk up to a woman and hit
her with any one of my favorite Ross Jeffries' lines.

	For example, the other day, I was at the beach, and spotted three hot
young women I wanted to meet, and they were all together playing in the

	How did I use humor to break the ice?

	I walked out into the water(that's "into"; not "on"; you guys only THINK
I'm God) and said, in my dumbest, imitation, Gomer-Pyle southern

		"Shucks..there SURE is a lotta water around here!"

	Of course, they all busted up laughing. I then followed it up with the
low-key, but powerful intro I'm about to tell you all about.


	See, one of the best approaches I've ever used for meeting women is just
to be incredibly direct, but also VERY low key. This combination exerts an
almost HYPNOTIC fascination.

 	So, for example, if I spot a woman I find attractive, in a low-key, but direct way, I'll walk up to her and say,

"Pardon me m'am. Forgive me for interrupting you, but I just wanted to tell
you.....(pause a second or two for effect...they will begin to wonder
"what???..what does he want to tell me?") I think you're absolutely
stunning....and I really wanted to meet you. (Pause again)

 "My name's Ross..." I then extend my hand and shake theirs!

  What makes this approach work?

  A. You are being DIRECT, with no excuses or apologies. This RADIATES

  B. It's done LOW KEY!  I talk rushing....I'm      radiating,
affinity, warmth and relaxed power instead of
need or horniness.

  When you do this, it doesn't matter that a moment before she was
obsessing on that overdue bill or her yeast infection.  You've got her
attention BIG TIME!

				******Item #2**********
			Get Her Attention Focused On You!

	Once you've broken her current train of thought, you've got to get her
attention focused on you or you'll just be wasting your time.  By taking
her hand and introducing yourself, looking her in the eye all the time,
you are alreadywell on your way.

  But here, to DRAMATICALLY accelerate this, I use what I call....


	What does this mean? need to intrude SLIGHTLY...and I do mean
S-L-I-G-H-T-L-Y on her personal space; not so much that she pulls, back or
runs or slaps you, but enough to make her wonder and get a bit excited.

	How do you do this? Well, when you take her hand to shake it...DON"T LET
GO AFTERWARDS!!!.  Keep holding on as you continue to talk to her, looking
straight in her eyes.
	Will SOME women pull their hands away? YOU BET! Maybe 30 to 40%; guess
what? These are the ones who are very uptight, and lacking in adventure
somewhat in any case. So what?

				******Item #3*********
			Taking Control Of Her Internal Representations

      	You now want to move to the most important step: TAKE CONTROL OF HER
INTERNAL REPRESENTATIONS.  This simply means to direct how she visualizes,
talks to herself and what she feels through the structured use of your

	You could say something like, "You know, I can tell you are a woman with
great taste!"

	And when she says, "How do you know?"

	Respond, "Because you laugh at what I say. And the more you laugh,
the	more you'll LOOK FORWARD to having the best time when we go out!".

	When she laughs at this, you say, "See...just like that."

 	Here's why this last part is SO important; you've now set it up so that
her behavioral response of laughing acts as a trigger for her to have
exactly the thought pattern you instal; to LOOK FORWARD to going out with

	To add to this you say, "Seriously...haven't you ever met someone, and you
just knew you were going to like this person(point to yourself), cause you
could just STOP, and IMAGINE BEING TOGETHER, feeling totally comfortable,
and absolutely connected, for all the right reasons?".

	As she sighs and says, "yeah" you say, "Well, see? So, as you think about
it  like that..." then just keep chatting.

	What have you done here? You've not only directed her thoughts, you've
BOUND them by giving her the suggestion to keep thinking along those lines
as you speak. let's get to the second Super-Formula for Speed Seduction Success,
which is:

1. Create the state

2. Bind/link it to you

3. Amplify

				Let's look at these one piece at a time.

				1. *****Creating The State******


	As you know, one of the key teachings of Speed Seduction is that there is
no such THING as such THING as such THING as

	Now, we AREN'T saying that people never experience these states, but hat
these feeling states are the RESULTS of internal mental processes that have
a structure and sequence.  As such, with skillfull description, these
states can be evoked AT WILL.

 	Generally speaking, we first elicit/evoke the state by naming
it/describing the experience, using weasel phrases such as

				****Have you ever...*****
				**What's it like when*****
		***Can you remember the last time(first time) you ever***

	(Let me disrupt my own flow here to make a VERY important side comment
that's CRITICAL to being a great Speed Seducer; in order to use the proper
congruent tonality, when creating states,  a Speed Seducer must know how to
evoke SOME of the states in himself that he wishes to install in others; he
thus uses the feelings as a guide for his tonality. Hence, SS REQUIRES you
to become aware of the
full spectrum of feelings/emotions/human experience.

	The principle here is:

					GO FIRST!

	Put yourself in some of the feeling states you want to install in others!)

	Now, I'm not going to belabor creating states any further; if you've read
any of the previous newsletters, you've already got the basics. So we need
to move to...

			2.*****Binding/Linking The State*******

	One of the early problems with Speed Seduction was what I call "the soap
bubble effect"; I found that sure enough, I could evoke states and
emotional responses could INDEED be evoked; but all too often the effect
was temporary. Once the description stopped, so did the state.

	Hence the importance of BINDER COMMANDS; these commands serve the purpose
of extending the states/processes through time, AND linking the
states/feelings/processes to the speed seducer. They also tell the
unconscious WHEN to carry out the commands.

	This last point is critical; you see, while the unconscious is VERY
suggestible, it has NO fixed conception of time. A minute is the same as a
year or a decade to it; unless you tell it WHEN to do something, it might
do it, or might do it 3 days later with some other guy, when you aren't
even around.

  	Why go to work fishing, when someone else lands your

		Binder commands include, but are not limited to:




  And various other combinations/permutations of the above words.

  Binding is ALSO accomplished through time distortion and presuppositions
of time; these function as post-hypnotic suggestions that cue the person to
continue to run the tape loops you've installed, even when you aren't

  In effect, you can bind her thinking NOT only when she's in your
presence, but when you're thousands of miles away as well.

	What you are doing is helping to construct a movie in her mind and then....

....... Hitting the endless play button!!!

	Other methods of binding/linking include touch anchors and gestures that
are self-referring. The smart move is to use ALL of them in combination;
don't give her ANY chance at all!

             		  3.*******Amplifying The State********

 Once you've got the woman mentally travelling in the direction you want,
it's time to step on the gas!  There are SEVERAL ways to do this, among

1. Zip anchors

2. Synethstesia

3. Sub-modality shifts

4. Commands such as, "Feel it building...focus in on those
feelings....surrender completely...."

5. Sexual metaphor.."Create an opening for it.....feel it
penetrate.....come over and over again to the same conclusion..."

      For more on this, check out the web-page at

							The Mail Bag

(Received via e-mail at 5:51 PM 8/14/95 -0700), wrote:

 Dear Ross,

	About 3 years ago, during a painfully dry period in my life, I joined
Great Expectations. After some rather disappointing results, I placed my
member- ship on hold. After studying the Speed Seduction tapes I came to
the conclusion that it (GE) would be a great place to meet and experiment.
I have spent a lot of time working on my "intro's" into the patterns,
person- alizing them to my personality.

	 I am currently re-doing my GE "profile". I have been beating my head
trying to figure out a strategy to imbedd patterns into the three fill in
areas. In my limited experience, I just cant see how I can use the
techniques in my answers. Any assistance you can give would be greatly
appreciated. I will fill in the detail if you could give some suggestions.

   	The three "fill in" questions for the profile are:

	What I like to do:
	Who I am:
	What I'm looking for:

	Any ideas, Ross?

Dear esxxx,

	Wow, G.E., huh? Did you know I was on a T.V. show with the founder and
president of that company? He was a bit of a knob, quite frankly.

	Anyway, give this a shot:

What I like to do:

"What I most enjoy is connecting with people. You know how with some people
you just don't connect at all, and other times you just feel that intense
connection...(pause) that click that just let's you know you're going to
like and trust this person(point to yourself) for a long, long
time....maybe as you just let the barriers fall and melt get a
sense that you already knew them you were meant to know

I think when a person can do that....and let that take place.....that's
when you get that total sense of the mystery and wonder of life...the
wonder that just goes beyond all time and space...and it's like the rest of
the world disappears and all you know is that link with that person(point
to yourself)"

Who I Am:

"It's so hard to describe. We all have a mask we wear, and then there's the
real person who you want to know deep inside.(Notice the you
want to know who the person is, deep inside, or do you want them deep
inside you?? ha ha ha!) But I will say this...I don't always know what is a
person thinks of when they go deep inside, and think of what they really
want in a relationship and the way they want to be treated, but I can tell
you this: when I'm with a woman like that, and they really start to see the
possibilites of having all that...WOW...what a thrill in the way they
think... and that's when they can open completely to discovering just who I
really am, changing and growing together."

What I'm looking for:

"A woman who already knows how easy it is to surrender to what she's been
looking for, for so so long. And I was talking to a friend about this, how
men and women are so different in what they dream of and imagine, even as

My little nephew who is only 7, tells me he dreams at night of being a
Power Ranger and fighting bad guys. But, my friend was telling me about how
when she was a little girl....curled up and dreaming of that ideal
man....and she told me it's like you can realize that you fell in love with
this person right at that moment...and carried that love in your heart your
whole life, looking for that perfect person(point to yourself) to release
it too....NOW...I wonder how wonderful that would be like to share with
someone when you know it's right."

	That ought to please the pussies out there in video-date land.

Seminar Schedule Update:

	Hey...the next Speed Seduction Weekend Seminar will be January of 1996.
Meantime, we got an ENTIRE three day seminar on VIDEO TAPE! 6 tapes, about
2 1/2 hours piece. Here's your chance to SEE how it all works;
submodalities, anchoring, gestures, etc. There's more info on the enclosed

								Piece and peace,


	P.S. Better hurry and call Yates NOW if you want to get in on that seminar
notes deal.

	P.P.S. It was my birthday, September 20. I forgive all you ungrateful,
selfish, rude snot-bags who didn't even write or e-mail good old Ross with
your best wishes.

	P.P.P.S. If you know ANYTHING about the Cellular Phone business, call me.
I'm thinking of doing a business marketing venture that's related to this
field and need to pick some brains.





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